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    Second book in Series

    I really loved The Mime Order. It is well written and the plot follows along at a good pace. If you like mystery and a bit of fantasy I highly recommend it. Now the big wait for number three.
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    YES YES I KNOW. SERIES BINGES NEVER END WELL (#WithdrawalSymptoms), ESPECIALLY WHEN THE SERIES IS NOT EVEN HALF OVER, BUT I’M ADDICTED AND IT WOULD TAKE THE APOCALYPSE TO STOP ME NOW. In a nutshell, HELLO NEW FAVOURITE SERIES. Like I explained in my review of The Bone Season, I initially read the book over three years ago and being the YOUNG INEXPERIENCED SOUL THAT I WAS, I barely focused on the plot and instead skipped forward to ANY AND ALL #Paiden scenes. (I WAS FIFTEEN. SPARE ME YOUR JUDGEMENT.) and during my re-read of this LOVELY, I fell in love (once again) with Paige, Warden and also EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THIS BOOK. So, in the span of a few hours after I finished The Bone Season, I read BOTH novellas that the lovely Samantha Shannon has released (The Pale Dreamer and On The Merits of Unnaturalness) and the JUMPED into The Mime Order. I had to give this book a 4.5 stars and not a four PURELY because the beginning frustrated me a little, with Paige being indecisive about going back to the Seven Dials (when me, you and every Voyant in London knew she would) – it just seemed like a very pointless first few chapters, even though I LOVED THE FACT THAT I WAS STILL A TEMPORARY MEMBER IN THIS WORLD. THINGS THAT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO DIVE INTO THIS SERIES: 1. THE ORDERS OF CLAIRVOYANCE: You will NEVER see a more brilliantly thought out plot than the orders (types) of Clairvoyants and also all of their different powers. Even though I read the guidebook, there are SO MANY and their powers are ALL BRILLIANT IN SUCH DIFFERENT WAYS, I loved slowly getting to know them and also bring immersed in their world. 2. A POWERFUL, REAL HEROINE: I loved Paige in this book, but NOT AS MUCH as in The Bone Season. She seemed to gain this sort of… Special Snowflake complex (you know, the one where the protagonist believes that he/ she is THE ONLY PERSON who can save the day.) but not so much that it got to me. I LOVED HOW SHE EXPLORED THE CONFINES OF HER DREAMWALKING ABILITIES, and how much better the got at it. While she was a slight special snowflake, it honestly didn’t matter because she was GENUINE, AFRAID AND ALSO FEARLESS and I couldn’t help but love her. 'We looked at each other for a long time. So much had happened in the weeks since the escape. We'd never met on neutral ground before.'" 3. ALL THE PAIGE AND WARDEN AWESOMENESS: While Warden was in Paige’s thoughts some of the time, IT NEVER EVER FELT LIKE PINING or some unrequited crush. They are unapologetically opposites that have this alliance that EVERYONE knows is turning into something more, but it is so BRILLIANT as they fight for their individual causes, and then also together and FOR EACH OTHER. *swoons* 'It's not that I don't want you. Only that I might want you too much. And for too long.'" 4. THE POLITICS AND THE CRIMINALS AND JAXON HALL: THIS BOOK IS SET IN THE CRIMINAL SYNDICATE OF LONDON. Have I NOT said that? If you loved Six Of Crows and Crooked Kingdom and ALL OF THE BRILLIANT Dialogue, this series is EVEN BETTER. Jaxon Hall, the Syndicate and the Unnatural Assembly with their politics, greed, murder and power will have you ITCHING FOR MORE. I will now stop my rant where I’ve used the word ‘Brilliant’ one time too many, but seriously, THIS SERIES IS SO WORTH DIVING INTO. Power, Greed, Freedom, Politics and Betrayal come together to form this MARVEL of a book that will suck you in and make you want to stay.

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