Reward and motivate with Kobo

Kobo offers access to over 5 million eBooks and complete range award-winning eReaders. If you're looking for a way to reward your employees or appreciate your clients, Kobo eReaders make the perfect corporate gift.

Hundreds of organizations use Kobo as an incentive/rewards solution.

Here are a few reasons why so many companies have come to kobo:

  • Read Anywhere

    Kobo is one of the top eReading solutions in the world with global reach to 190 countries.

  • Read Anything

    Kobo offers over 5 million eBooks globally, including bestsellers, indie classics, and tons of free titles.

    The eBookstore also offers newspaper and magazine subscriptions from many global publications.

  • Read Anytime

    The Kobo eBookstore is a 24/7 source of incredible reads. Plus, Kobo Glo has a built-in ComfortLight for comfortable reading, day or night.

  • Read Personally

    At Kobo, we pride ourselves on intuitive interfaces and personalized technology. Whether it's the dynamic, personal recommendations in Kobo Picks, or the ability to organize your content how you want with Tapestries for Kobo Arc, Kobo eReaders and tablets offer a more personal reading experience.

  • Read Beautifully

    Kobo eReaders are lightweight, portable, and beautifully designed to fit your life and your personal style. Plus, each page looks stunning thanks to the no-glare clarity of E Ink.

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