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    Loved it

    'Destiny' by Faith Starr is the story of Noah Dorian and Jordin Turner. I have read Ms. Starr other book in this series called "Purity' and enjoyed that one too. Jordin is a psychology grad student and Intern who is doing research on the BDSM lifestyle. Jordin has been talking with Noah who is the co-owner of Hilltops which is a sex club. After several phone calls Noah set it up for Jordin to come into the club and watch a scene play out. Unfortunate or fortunately one of the participate wasn't able to show so Noah had to fill in. Both who were acknowleding to themselves that they were attracted to each other voice but to meet in person took their interest to another level. Noah doesn't do close in relationships and only trust his 'brothers' / co-owners of the club. Noah has a woman working at the club that knows the score and he only has sex with her no kissing or relationship activities at all. But once he meets Jordin...that women who he has sex with doesn't excite him anymore. All Noah can think of is Jordin but can he actually do are relationship or something more with Jordin? Jordin after having a boyfriend that seem to take away her self-confident has questioned her sexuality. So this project of researching the BDSM lifestyle has taken a personal turn for her. Loved their story and hope to read more of Ms. Starr's books! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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