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    Slow Burn Cowboy

    Finn and Lane have an incredible friendship. They depend, heavily, on each other for everything, helping each other out without being asked. I was amazed they weren't lovers already, or hadn't crossed that line yet. The way the clicked and complimented one another was a reason why they were great friends, and that's often reason enough for a couple similar to them to venture beyond the Friend Zone. One kiss was all it took for their relationship to turn, and it was surprising to see the push and pull between them, more so who pushed and who pulled. Neither Finn nor Lane had stellar childhoods. Finn's past is more front-and-center than Lane's; his half-brothers move in with him, bringing their lives into his, ruining what he's worked so hard to build and maintain. The peaceful life he had no longer exists. The people living with him have an opinion about everything he's done, does, and is doing. This isn't what he signed up, this isn't what he wants. Lane's past is more of a mystery. Little clues are given by her reaction to Finn's push for more between them after that first kiss. Her hesitation and attempts to pull away are futile because Finn doesn't let her retreat far. But when her past is finally revealed, I was confused as to why it was such a big ordeal. To hold onto what happened and what she did afterwards for so long seemed unreasonable. For such an accomplished woman, this particular piece of baggage was something she should have dealt with years ago. Despite their opinions of his life and what he should be doing with the ranch, I grew to like Finn's brothers. They were, undoubtedly, annoying when I first met them, and my irritation with them grew throughout the story. But, honestly, by the end, they'd grown on me. Their relationship with Finn and each other isn't the best; distance and life choices have made them different from the boys they were once upon a time. But they offer perspectives that Finn can't see. They give advice Finn hasn't heard. I hope their stories come. It'll be nice to see them happy after the upheaval of their former lives. I enjoy friends to lovers stories, and I enjoyed Finn and Lane's. There is a lot to overcome, understandings to be reached, feelings to be stated, declarations to be made, before they can really enjoy their newfound love and happiness. At times it felt like Finn was being a self-serving ass. At times it felt like Lane needed to get over herself. But other times felt like their world was right and they were good and where they needed to be. The ups and downs of their relationship made this a good read for me and has me curious about Finn's brothers and what lies in their futures. Complimentary copy received from publisher

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