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  • Overlord, Vol. 6 (light novel)

    The Men of the Kingdom Part II

    Serie Overlord #6
    The human realm of the kingdom is headed for its greatest disaster yet! After failing to prevent a daring raid on the Eight Fingers' appalling brothel, the Six Arms are dying for a chance to defend their reputation as the criminal underworld's strongest enforcers. These criminals are notorious for their brutality as much as their strength, meaning the only people who stand a chance against them Read more

    7,99 €

  • The Soldier

    von Neal Asher
    Serie Rise of the Jain #1
    The Soldier is the first novel in the no-holds barred Rise of the Jain series, by bestselling science fiction author Neal Asher.Her mission is vital. Her failure is unthinkable.A corner of space swarms with alien technology, a danger to all sentient life. It’s guarded by Orlandine, who must keep it contained – as it could destroy entire civilizations. An alien intelligence shares her vigil. But Read more

    2,49 €

  • Kris Longknife's Maid Goes on Strike

    Life on Alwa Station

    von Mike Shepherd
    Serie Kris Longknife
    You knew it had to happen sooner or later.  Abby had a problem and she figures the only way to solve it is to bring everything to a roaring halt.  It had to happen. Read more

    0,89 €

  • Kris Longknife's Relief

    Grand Admiral Santiago on Alwa Station

    von Mike Shepherd
    Serie Sandy Santiago #2
    Sandy Santiago has problems coming out her ears. Granny Rita Longknife is on the warpath. All the workers are out on strike. Worse, the murderous alien raiders are testing Alwa's defense perimeter. Once she has her house in order, Sandy is strongly thinking of getting her own good look at what appears to be the alien home world. Last time Kris Longknife visited the place, she threw some serious Read more

    2,70 €

  • Leviathan Falls

    Book 9 of the Expanse (now a Prime Original series)

    Serie Expanse #9
    The biggest SF series of the decade comes to an incredible conclusion in the ninth and final novel in James S. A. Corey's Hugo Award-winning Expanse series.NOW A MAJOR TV SERIES FROM AMAZON PRIMEHUGO AWARD WINNER FOR BEST SERIES**'Interplanetary adventure the way it ought to be written' George R. R. MartinThe Expanse series:Leviathan WakesCaliban's War<br ... Read more

    8,49 €


  • Meikyuu: Labyrinth Kingdom, a Tactical Fantasy World Survival Guide, Vol. 1 (light novel)

    Serie Meikyuu: Labyrinth Kingdom, A Tactical Fantasy World Survival Guide (light novel) #1
    HARD-CORE SURVIVAL IN A FANTASY DUNGEONExpert soldier Taiga has just retired from the military after twenty years of service. Listless, he decides a visit to his homeland of Japan will help him figure out what to do next. But he never arrives. A strange earthquake in the airport seems to spell his demise, but instead it transports him to Million Dungeon, a labyrinthine world of caverns, kingdoms, Read more

    6,99 €

  • Perhaps the Stars

    von Ada Palmer
    Serie Terra Ignota #4
    The final instalment in Ada Palmer's award-winning, critically acclaimed Terra Ignota series.The year is 2454The leaders of the Hive – nations without fixed locations, now the default arrangement of humanity on Earth – clandestinely committed terrible deeds in order to maintain an outward semblance of utopian stability. But the facade could last only so long. The comforts of effortless global Read more

    9,30 €

  • No Turning Back

    Surviving the Evacuation

    von Frank Tayell
    Serie Life Goes On #5
    In a post-apocalyptic world where food is treasure, pirates will kill for a meal.A month after the nuclear war ended, Commissioner Qwong and her crew of scientists and soldiers head north. Following a clue found in the logbook of a sinking ship, they search Mexico for a community trading safety for oil. As they follow garbled radio messages and breadcrumb-clues northward from one small band of Read more

    3,99 €

  • Big Ship, Lots of Trouble

    von John Wilker
    Serie Space Rogues #9
    At least it's not mechanical calamari!Wil and the crew of the Ghost have been hired as security consultants for the galaxy's newest, biggest, and most luxurious cruise ship's maiden voyage.Sounds perfect, relax in the lap of luxury on someone else's dime.Except, of course, that's not what happens.While a war rages on the outer edges of the Galactic Commonwealth, something more base is taking shape Read more

    3,49 €

  • The Galaxy, and the Ground Within

    Wayfarers 4

    von Becky Chambers
    Serie Wayfarers #4
    *FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR AND HUGO AWARD WINNER FOR BEST SERIES*****The stunning finale to the award-winning Wayfarers series by Becky Chambers, author of the beloved The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.When a freak technological failure halts traffic to and from the planet Gora, three strangers are thrown together unexpectedly, with seemingly nothing to do but wait.Pei is a Read more

    11,99 € 7,99 €

  • A Guy Walks Into a Bar

    von John Wilker
    Serie Space Rogues #7
    Sometimes your customer is a galactic mega-corporationSometimes your customer is a Galactic Commonwealth politicianAnd sometimes, your customer is a guy who approaches you in a bar.Life is never boring for the crew of the Ghost Read more

    3,60 €

  • Honor Harrington: Der letzte Befehl

    Bd. 26. Roman

    von David Weber
    Serie Honor Harrington #26
    Seit Honor denken kann, sind das Sternenkönigreich Manticore und die Republik Haven verfeindet. Und jetzt geht auch noch ein unaufhaltsamer Moloch, die Solare Liga, auf Kollisionskurs mit Manticore. Die Millionen, die bereits ihr Leben ließen, sind vielleicht nur ein bitterer Vorgeschmack auf die künftigen Opfer. Diesmal sind Honors schlimmste Alpträume nichts im Vergleich zum drohenden Krieg. Sie Read more

    8,99 €

  • Il lato oscuro della Kronos

    Ciclo: Kronos

    Fantascienza - romanzo (135 pagine) - Viaggi nel tempo, universi paralleli e una misteriosa razza aliena nel seguito del romanzo "Kronos". Con due racconti vincitori del Premio ItaliaAppropriatasi della tecnologia per navigare nel tempo, la spietata multinazionale Kronos ora insegue la possibilità di accedere agli infiniti universi paralleli. Per raggiungere i suoi scopi non esita ad allearsi con Read more

    2,99 €

  • The Dispatcher

    von John Scalzi
    One day, not long from now, it becomes almost impossible to murder anyone—999 times out of a thousand, anyone who is intentionally killed comes back. How? We don’t know. But it changes everything: war, crime, daily life.Tony Valdez is a Dispatcher—a licensed, bonded professional whose job is to humanely dispatch those whose circumstances put them in death’s crosshairs, so they can have a second Read more

    5,40 €

  • Honor Harrington: Die Fackel der Freiheit

    Bd. 24. Roman

    Translated by Ulf Ritgen
    Serie Honor Harrington #24
    Queen Berry, die Königin vom jüngst befreiten Sklavenplaneten Torch, ist in Gefahr. Anscheinend haben es Attentäter auf sie abgesehen. Jeremy X stellt ihr einen Sicherheitsoffizier an die Seite, der sie beschützen soll. Keine leichte Aufgabe - vor allem nicht bei einer jungen Monarchin, die so gar nichts davon hält, bewacht zu werden... Read more

    8,99 €

  • Overlord, Vol. 5 (light novel)

    The Men of the Kingdom Part I

    Serie Overlord #5
    In the kingdom of Re-Estize, a sinister organization known as the Eight Fingers holds sway of the criminal underworld. Ainzs orders Sebas to infiltrate the capital to gather intel on this shadowy group sucking the marrow from the kingdom's bones. At the same time, a young soldier named Climb struggles to hone his skills to better serve the "Golden Princess" while the once great warrior Brian Read more

    7,99 €

  • All Systems Red

    The Murderbot Diaries

    von Martha Wells
    Serie The Murderbot Diaries #1
    Winner: 2018 Hugo Award for Best NovellaWinner: 2018 Nebula Award for Best NovellaWinner: 2018 Alex AwardWinner: 2018 Locus AwardOne of the Verge's Best Books of 2017A New York Times and USA Today BestsellerA murderous android discovers itself in All Systems Red, a tense science fiction adventure by Martha Wells that interrogates the roots of consciousness through Artificial Intelligence.</strong. Read more

    3,06 €

  • Winter's Orbit

    von Everina Maxwell
    A Sunday Times Bestseller!“Sparks fly” (NPR) in Everina Maxwell’s gut-wrenching and romantic space opera debut.Prince Kiem, a famously disappointing minor royal and the Emperor's least favorite grandchild, has been called upon to be useful for once. He's commanded to fulfill an obligation of marriage to the representative of the Empire's newest and most rebellious vassal planet. His future husband Read more

    12,62 €

  • Nimue Alban: Die Eiserne Festung

    Nimue Alban, Bd. 7. Roman

    von David Weber
    Translated by Ulf Ritgen
    Serie Nimue-Reihe #7
    Cayleb Ahrmank hat die größte Seeschlacht der Menschheitsgeschichte gewonnen und die stärkste Seemacht von Safehold aufgebaut. Sein Land Charis ist ein Ort des Friedens. Wenn nicht die Kirche wäre: Ihre mächtige Flotte wird bald mit neuen Waffen gegen Charis auslaufen. Doch weiß die Kirche nichts von Caylebs Berater und Wächter, dem geheimnisvollen Kriegsmönch Merlin Athrawes. Merlin weiß alles Read more

    8,99 €

  • The Adventures of Wil Calder

    A Space Opera Adventure

    von John Wilker
    Serie Space Rogues #1
    ★★★★"If you're looking for a lighthearted space saga, then this is definitely a book you're going to want to pick up." - Literary TitanHe’s been stranded beyond the stars for years. When he buys himself a down-and-out squad, he crash-lands into a whole galaxy of trouble…Lone human Wil Calder is bored out of his freakin’ mind. So when he gets word of a couple of criminals being hauled to a penal Read more


  • Honor Harrington: Wie Phoenix aus der Asche

    Bd. 11. Roman

    von David Weber
    Translated by Dietmar Schmidt
    Serie Honor Harrington #11
    Honor ist gerade rechtzeitig von den Toten auferstanden, denn der Krieg zwischen Manticore und Haven spitzt sich zu. Wieder steht sie, vom Feind respektvoll Salamander genannt, im Brennpunkt des Geschehens. Doch diesmal könnte das Pflaster selbst für einen Salamander zu heiß werden ... Read more

    8,99 €

  • Honor Harrington: Um jeden Preis

    Bd. 17. Roman

    von David Weber
    Translated by Dietmar Schmidt
    Serie Honor Harrington #17
    Der Krieg mit Haven ist erneut ausgebrochen - ein Desaster für das Sternenkönigreich von Manticore. Admiral Lady Dame Honor Harrington, die einzige Kommandantin der Alliierten, die in der ersten Phase des Kriegs Erfolg hatte, wurde aus dem Sidemore System zurückgerufen. Sie soll die Achte Flotte befehligen - die wichtigste Offensivstreitkraft der Allianz und daher wie geschaffen für die Frau, Read more

    8,99 €

  • The Office of Mercy

    A Novel

    von Ariel Djanikian
    A thrilling debut of a postapocalyptic world for fans of The Hunger GamesWeaving philosophy and science together into a riveting, dystopian story of love and adventure, The Office of Mercy illuminates an all-too-real future imagined by a phenomenal new voice in fiction.Twenty-four-year-old Natasha Wiley lives in America-Five—a high-tech, underground, utopian settlement where hunger and money do Read more

    5,15 €

  • Frankenstein

    von Mary Shelly
    Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley (1797–1851) that tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a hideous sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. Shelley started writing the story when she was 18, and the first edition was published anonymously in London on 1 January 1818, when she was 20. Her name Read more

    1,79 €