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Ihre persönlichen Empfehlungen
Ihre persönlichen Empfehlungen
  • Touch of Utopia

    Zeiten ändern sich - Menschen jedoch nur selten.Die Errungenschaften der modernen Wissenschaft scheinen die Tore in eine aufregende Zukunft zu öffnen. Doch alle Technik des Universums kann die Menschen nicht vor ihren Sehnsüchten befreien.Um seine Schwester zu retten, lässt sich ein Polizist auf einen Handel mit einem wortwörtlich 'unmenschlichen' Verbrecher ein. Die irrationale Sehnsucht nach Mehr lesen

    4,99 €

  • A Touch of Darkness

    Buch 1 - Hades X Persephone
    From bestselling author Scarlett St. Clair comes a dark and enthralling reimagining of the Hades and Persephone Greek myth."Let me worship you," he said.She remembered the words she had whispered to him in the back of the limo after La Rose. "You will worship me, and I won't even have to order you." His request felt sinful and devious, and she reveled in it.She answered, "Yes."Persephone is the Mehr lesen

    7,69 €

  • Kirinyaga

    A Fable of Utopia

    von Mike Resnick
    Buch 1 - A Fable of Utopia
    Hailed for his grandeur of imagination and superb worldbuilding, winner of and nominee for more than fifty awards for his outstanding work, Mike Resnick has rightfully won a place as one of science fiction's master storytellers. Now, in Kirinyaga, Resnick presents the haunting and utterly compelling tale of one man's utopia.By the twentieth second century in the African nation of Kenya, polluted Mehr lesen

    9,73 €

  • An Agent of Utopia

    New and Selected Stories

    von Andy Duncan
    In the tales gathered in An Agent of Utopia: New and Selected Stories you will meet a Utopian assassin, an aging UFO contactee, a haunted Mohawk steelworker, a time-traveling prizefighter, a yam-eating Zombie, and a child who loves a frizzled chicken—not to mention Harry Houdini, Zora Neale Hurston, Sir Thomas More, and all their fellow travelers riding the steamer-trunk imagination of a unique Mehr lesen

    8,44 €

  • Voyage

    The Coast of Utopia, Part I

    von Tom Stoppard
    Buch 1 - Tom Stoppard
    Comprising of three sequential plays, The Coast of Utopia chronicles the story of romantics and revolutionaries caught up in a struggle for political freedom in an age of emperors.The Coast of Utopia is Tom Stoppard’s long-awaited and monumental trilogy that explores a group of friends who come of age under the Tsarist autocracy of Nicholas I, and for whom the term intelligentsia” was coined. Mehr lesen

    8,55 €

  • Visions of Utopia

    Serie New York Public Library Lectures in Humanities
    From the sex-free paradise of the Shakers to the worker's paradise of Marx, utopian ideas seem to have two things in common--they all are wonderfully plausible at the start and they all end up as disasters. In Visions of Utopia, three leading cultural critics--Edward Rothstein, Martin Marty, and Herbert Muschamp--look at the history of utopian thinking, exploring why they fail and why they are Mehr lesen

    19,25 €

  • The Coast of Utopia Trilogy

    von Tom Stoppard
    The Coast of Utopia is an epic but also intimate drama of romantics and revolutionaries in an age of emperors. The three sequential, self-contained plays, Voyage, Shipwreck and Salvage, span the lives and loves of a group of Russian friends at home and abroad in the tumultuous years between 1833 and 1866. This new fully revised edition of the trilogy contains an introduction by the author. Mehr lesen

    14,43 €

  • The Anthropology of Utopia

    Essays on Social Ecology and Community Development

    von Dan Chodorkoff
    How can we avert ecological catastrophe? How can we build community? What is the practical relevance of utopia? These are some of the questions anthropologist Dan Chodorkoff explores in his essays on social ecology and community development.The Anthropology of Utopia surveys alternative ways of life that can help us create an ecological society. The solutions to our crises, Chodorkoff argues, lie Mehr lesen

    9,62 €

  • Black Mass

    Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia

    von John Gray
    Our conventional view of history and human progress is wrong. It is founded on a pernicious myth of an acheivable utopia that in the last century alone caused the murder of tens of millions. In Black Mass John Gray tears down the religious, political and secular beliefs that we insist are fundamental to the human project and shows us how a misplaced faith in our ability to improve the world has Mehr lesen

    9,49 €

  • Utopia: On The Best State Of A Republic And On The New Island Of Utopia

    On the Best State of a Republic and on the New Island of Utopia

    von Sir Thomas More
    Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia in 1516 in Latin. His Utopia is a fictional island, whose society, religion and politics he explores. Critics do not believe that the island depicted More's idea of the perfect society, but rather that he hoped to throw the politics of his own time into a new light by contrasting them with his imagined island society. The work references Plato's Republic. Mehr lesen

    2,99 €

  • Transhumanism

    Evolutionary Futurism and the Human Technologies of Utopia

    von Andrew Pilsch
    Transhumanism posits that humanity is on the verge of rapid evolutionary change as a result of emerging technologies and increased global consciousness. However, this insight is dismissed as a naive and controversial reframing of posthumanist thought, having also been vilified as “the most dangerous idea in the world” by Francis Fukuyama. In this book, Andrew Pilsch counters these critiques, Mehr lesen

    17,00 €

  • Towers of Utopia

    Bat Hardin #2:

    von Mack Reynolds
    The enemy has no face. It does not show on the scanners. It avoids the world's most sophisticated surveillance system. But it leaves a wake of profitless crime and motiveless murder...and puts the future of mankind's paradise-on-earth in peril! Mehr lesen

    2,68 €