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    4.5 stars- The excitement continues

    Reckless Behavior is the third book in the Bad Behavior series co-written by Miss Witt and Cari Z. I’ve really enjoyed the series, and this book was no exception. Because the series deals with the same couple and some continuing story arcs with little to no backtracking, I wouldn’t classify it as a standalone. Reckless Behavior picks up as Andreas is still recovering from the ankle injury he suffered in the second book, but the couple is not down for long as they’re swept into yet another intense case. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating- this series is anything but formulaic. Of course there were plenty of exciting action scenes, suspense-building moments, nose-to-the-grindstone running down of leads, and twists; however, this one was a bit more personal and emotionally driven right from the start. The book led with a couple significant scenes that advance that continuing storylines as well as the couple’s burgeoning relationship. There’s this quiet connection between Andreas and Darren that underlies the entirety of the book, giving the romance aspect of the Bad Behavior series a unique feel. The relationship is never in your face and sometimes it feels slow going, but the emotional chemistry and strength Andreas and Darren get from each other, especially in moments of crisis affirms the depth of their connection. Would I love there to be more physicality to their relationship, sure. In the same way I watch a favorite couple on film finally make their way to each other, I hope for the “payoff”, but truthfully it’s not necessary. The authors do a wonderful job expressing all those feelings in the subtle glances, light touches, and kind words, and I never end one of these books feeling like I don’t get these two as a couple. Though Reckless Behavior is full of emotional moments between Darren’s brother’s disease and Andreas’s kids being kidnapped, the authors again deliver the aspects I love: fun banter, fast- paced action, and some exciting twists which tie the series together. The climax of the book had me glued to my e-reader, and the resolution was almost more exhilarating and surprising then when we first learn who’s behind the kidnapping plot. The ending, especially the exchanges between Andreas and Darren had me teary- eyed but smiling…and that last line of the book- the perfect “until next time” tease. *Reviewed for Alpha Book Club*

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