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  • The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, Vol. 8 (light novel)

    de Saekisan, Hanekoto ...
    Traducción de Nicole Wilder ...
    Series Libro 8 - The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten
    With the hustle and bustle of the cultural festival finally behind them, normal life has returned. Amane confesses his feelings for Mahiru once again, leading them to make a vow for the future. Intent on getting the perfect gift to represent his feelings, Amane takes a step into unfamiliar territory and takes up a part-time job. Meanwhile, Mahiru also wants to demonstrate her love for Amane in ... Más información

    7,99 €


  • Wind and Truth

    Series Libro 5 - STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE
    The long-awaited explosive climax to the first arc of the Number One New York Times bestselling Stormlight Archive.Dalinar Kholin has challenged the evil god Odium to a contest of champions, and the Knights Radiant and the nations of Roshar have a mere ten days to prepare for the worst.The fate of the entire world - and the Cosmere at large - hangs in the balance. ... Más información

    16,99 €


  • The Shadows Rule All

    de Abigail Owen ...
    Series Libro 3 - Dominions
    This electrifying conclusion combines danger, action, and a heart-pounding romance wrapped up in a gorgeous cover package. ... Más información

    9,97 €


  • A Reign of Rose

    de Kate Golden ...
    Series Libro 3 - The Sacred Stones
    From Kate Golden, author of viral phenomenon A Dawn of Onyx, comes the unforgettable, epic conclusion to her pulse-pounding Sacred Stones trilogy.They must save the world—but can they also save each other?Kane Ravenwood, King of Onyx Kingdom, would go to the ends of the continent for Arwen Valondale, but what if she’s beyond even that? Broken in ways he never imagined he could be, Kane must ... Más información

    8,41 €


  • Memory and Bone

    de J. S. Bailey ...
    A troubled young ghost hunter. A vengeful spirit. They're the perfect match.Until they're not.By day, Jessica Roman-Dell is broke, unemployed, and newly evicted from her apartment. By night, she's the Friendly Neighborhood Ghost Hunter, an aspiring YouTuber and paranormal investigator hoping to find a real ghost so her channel can go viral.Following reports of paranormal activity behind the old ... Más información

    7,49 €


  • Life as No One Knows It

    The Physics of Life's Emergence

    An intriguing new scientific theory that explains what life is and how it emerges.What is life? This is among the most difficult open problems in science, right up there with the nature of consciousness and the existence of matter. All the definitions we have fall short. None help us understand how life originates or the full range of possibilities for what life on other planets might look like.In ... Más información

    11,53 €


  • A Perfect Story

    *Now an original series from Netflix**International bestseller*Two heartbroken people from totally different worlds go on a fake-dating vacation of a lifetime. What could possibly go wrong?Margot Ortega always struggled to be the princess in her own fairytale: a successful career, a huge salary, a gorgeous apartment, and a perfect fiancé. But on her wedding day, she suffers a major panic attack ... Más información

    8,52 €


  • Autocracy, Inc

    The Dictators Who Want to Run the World

    One of the world's most celebrated historians and journalists uncovers the networks trying to destroy the democratic worldAll of us have in our minds a cartoon image of what an autocratic state looks like, with a bad man at the top. But in the 21st century, that cartoon bears little resemblance to reality. Nowadays, autocracies are run not by one bad guy, but by sophisticated networks composed of ... Más información

    14,99 €


  • The Lost Victim

    The stunning new Kate Marshall crime thriller from the multi-million bestselling author

    Series Libro 5 - Kate Marshall
    When schoolgirl Janey Macklin disappeared from the seedy side of London in 1988, her case went cold, with no body and no witnesses. Now, thirty years later, private detective Kate Marshall has been approached by a true crime podcast producer with an intriguing question they need her help answering: What if Janey was killed by Peter Conway, the notorious Nine Elms Cannibal?The contract would be the ... Más información

    5,99 € o Gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Ascendance of a Bookworm: Part 5 Volume 11

    de Miya Kazuki ...
    Series Libro 32 - Ascendance of a Bookworm
    Striving to change Yurgenschmidt for the better, Ferdinand starts a revolution that will abolish the distorted royal family and put a true Zent on the throne. Not everyone is on board, however, and as the Grutrissheit transference ceremony draws near, Rozemyne continues to wrestle with divine interference. Unease spreads, but not for our resident bookworm; the future she envisions is much too ... Más información

    7,49 €

  • Unwrapping the Duke

    Series Libro 15 - Wayward Dukes' Alliance
    There were few people that Leopold Tilson IV, the Duke of Claybrook trusted. One of them being Lady Bethany Grey. It wasn’t simply trust, but also love. He had every intention of asking permission to court her until she, for no reason that he could fathom, pushed him into the Serpentine, and then refused to speak to him. That was a year and a half ago and nothing has changed.Lady Bethany Grey had ... Más información

    2,80 € o Gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Long Island Compromise

    A Novel

    An exhilarating novel about one American family, the dark moment that shatters their suburban paradise, and the wild legacy of trauma and inheritance, from the New York Times bestselling author of Fleishman Is in Trouble“A big, juicy, wickedly funny social satire . . . probably the funniest book ever about generational family trauma.”—Oprah Daily“Were we gangsters? No. But did we know how to start ... Más información

    10,08 €

  • The Game Changer

    de Lana Ferguson ...
    A hockey player and a baker shoot their shot in this steamy new romance by Lana Ferguson, USA Today bestselling author of The Nanny.This time they're both playing for keeps . . .When a very public breakup becomes a PR nightmare for Ian Chase's team, he hopes to focus on his game, but that suddenly seem less likely than a hat trick. With his career and the team's image in jeopardy, Ian is surprised ... Más información

    6,49 €

  • Seas and Greetings

    A Christmas Notch in July Novella

    Cowritten by #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Murphy and USA Today bestselling author Sierra Simone—a steamy Christmas in July rom-com set on a cruise ship where a Twilight inspired musical is being produced...The Rules:No roaming off alone.No secrets.No bodyguard/client fraternization.No olives.This is Krysta Morton’s last job. She’s done with being a bodyguard and is r... ... Más información

    9,56 € 3,74 €

  • The Joy of Actually Giving a F*ck

    How Kindness Can Cure Stress and Make You Happy

    ‘This book should be the thought for the day every single day.’Dr. Julie Smith, Sunday Times bestselling authorFar from being fluffy sentiments, acts of kindness – whether given, received or witnessed – are potent elixirs that have a profound and lasting impact on our mental and physical health.From boosting happiness to soothing the soul, kindness isn’t just a feel-good notion – it’s a powerhouse ... Más información

    8,73 €

  • Dragon Born

    de Donna Grant ...
    Series Libro 8 - Dragon Kings
    She’s the most dangerous being alive…and the only one I crave.I feel her across realms. Through the vast emptiness of space, weaving among the stars. She is the Queen of Violets. Powerful, shrewd, defiant. Utterly exquisite. Feared among her own and pursued by all.She is the Dragon Queen.I was an ordinary MI5 agent before being thrust into the world of Dragons Kings, Fae, Reapers, and magic. But ... Más información

    5,99 € o Gratis con Kobo Plus

  • First Wife’s Shadow

    de Adele Parks ...
    ‘Devious and dizzying, with twist after twist after twist – I loved it’ Louise CandlishHIS FIRST WIFE DIED. NOW THERE'S A VACANCY…When Emma meets Matthew, a kind, handsome widower, he seems to be just what she needs.Yet as their relationship moves fast, Emma’s friends worry Emma might be exploited. She’s a rich woman after all.Emma doesn’t care Matthew has no money. But as the memory of his ... Más información

    12,57 €

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People

    de Dale Carnegie ...
    The most famous confidence-boosting book ever published; with sales of over 16 million copies worldwide Millions of people around the world have improved their lives based on the teachings of Dale Carnegie. In How to Win Friends and Influence People, he offers practical advice and techniques, in his exuberant and conversational style, for how to get out of a mental rut and make life more rewarding ... Más información

    2,99 € o Gratis con Kobo Plus

  • Penric and the Bandit

    Series series Penric & Desdemona
    Strange company…When Rozakajin, road-weary bandit and army deserter, spots a hapless blond young man in a country inn with an intriguing treasure map, he thinks he’s scouted an easy and lucrative victim. Attaching himself to odd traveler Penric seems simple enough, but when Roz’s old enemies catch up from behind, his plans take a turn for the much worse. When Pen’s claim that I never travel alone ... Más información

    3,74 €

  • The Cliffs: Reese's Book Club

    A novel

    **REESE'S BOOK CLUB PICK • A novel of family, secrets, ghosts, and homecoming set on the seaside cliffs of Maine, by the New York Times best-selling author of Friends and Strangers“A stunning achievement, and J. Courtney Sullivan’s best book yet. Sullivan weaves a narrative that’s fascinating and thought-provoking. I literally could not put this book down.”—Ann Napolitano, New York Times best ... Más información

    10,81 €

  • GMAT All the Quant + DI: Effective Strategies & Practice for GMAT Focus + Atlas online

    Effective Strategies & Practice for the New GMAT

    Series series Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep
    Fully updated for the GMAT Focus! Manhattan Prep’s All the Quant + DI guide is an updated version of the All the Quant guide (7th Ed). This guide now includes all of the quant-based content and question types covered in both the Quantitative and Data Insights sections of the GMAT Focus. Online bonus materials include an exclusive ebook with harder content and additional practice problems.All the ... Más información

    67,09 €

  • Reckless

    TikTok Made Me Buy It! The epic romantasy series not to be missed

    Series series The Powerless Trilogy
    THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING SERIES! OVER A MILLION COPIES SOLD.Praise for Powerless:**‘Nothing short of epic’ Rosie Talbot, bestselling author of Sixteen Souls'A thrilling fantasy with the most delicious slow-burn romance' M.A. Kuzniar, bestselling author of Midnight in Everwood‘A masterpiece’ Goodreads Reader Review‘Everyone needs to read it’ T... ... Más información

    10,20 €

  • GMAT All the Verbal

    Series series Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep
    Fully updated for the GMAT Focus! Manhattan Prep’s All the Verbal guide covers all of the Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension question types, logical analysis, strategic approaches, and trap-answer strategies you need to get a higher score on the GMAT. It also includes all of the CR and RC content from the GMAT Foundations of Verbal book. Online bonus materials include additional practice ... Más información

    67,09 €

  • Body Check

    A Spicy Hockey Rom-Com

    de Elle Kennedy ...
    New York Times bestselling author of the Briar U series Elle Kennedy’s first hockey romance, Body Check, is now released in an expanded version, with both new and enhanced scenes by the author! More story, more hockey—and more heat!After a childhood spent being dragged around the country by her hockey coach father, Hayden Houston intends to take some time to figure out her future. Whether that ... Más información

    6,65 €