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    Book 1/Voyeur Moon. Amazing win for Ravenna Tate!

    Kidnapped by a Warrior is the first in the Voyeur Moon series & is the story of Callie O'Doyle from Earth & Special Retrieval Commander Jakara from Voyeur Moon. Voyeur Moon's military conquered Earth with virtually no resistance, taking out Earth's satellites & the technology dependent on them. They've rendered Earth helpless & intend to keep it that way. There's no more global communication; commerce almost nonexistent. No banking or money? Government on every level is in complete chaos. Everyone is now dependent on their own resources which are running dangerously low. Utilities are slowly dropping off what little is left of the grid. Any kind of paid work is impossible to find. Food & water are getting harder to find every day. Earth is sinking into the past, day by day. The Voyeur Moon soldiers are now kidnapping Earth women. At first, entire families disappeared (including Callie's). But now, 6 months later, it's apparent that the Earthen females are the true targets. Callie is one of the fortunate. She has a job, a home & at least a bit to eat. A master's degree in art history hardly matters anymore. She's lucky to have a job at all at a dry cleaner's. She sees an ad for a job opening at an art gallery bit os skeptical. She goes for the interview & finds a joke of a gallery filled with cheap knock-offs from former big-box stores, run by a former genuinely well-known gallery owner. When Callie hears the woman's story, she realizes she can put her degree to some of use & help this desperate woman try to maintain some semblance of her former life. She accepts the job thinking this is the best thing that's happened since the invasion. On her way home after her first day, Callie hears & sees a drone flying her way. This isn't good! She's only a few hundred feet from her building when the drone flies directly overhead. Just as her mind kicks into overdrive & she's about to make a run for the front door, she hears a much louder roar. It sounded like an airplane. But there weren't any more airplanes, at least not Earth airplanes. She tries to make a run for it but now she's frozen in place. She watches in horror as an aircraft descends to the street & what looks like a human man emerges. He approaches Callie, pulls a syringe from his pocket & injects her. She's out in mere seconds. Just that quickly, Callie's life on Earth is over. Jakara hates what he does, despises it with every fiber of his being. But he doesn't have a choice. He's part of the Voyeur Moon military & even though there's a resistance to Voyeur Moon's ruling class, as well as the Regum, the ruling class of the other two planets in the Alpha Centauri system, it's covert & no one knows who they can trust. As much as he hates kidnapping women from other planets & bringing them for use as sex slaves, he has no choice, not if he wants to keep his position & remain alive. The history of the 3 planets of Alpha Centauri (Addo, Sera & Voyeur Moon) is long & complicated. Technology outstrips emotional maturity & empathy. The Regum & all they rule have developed space travel & technology that can take them hundreds of light years away to visit other planets. It's truly beyond incredible. But they have no balance or sanity. Their prejudicial laws show no compassion, leave no room for justice (unless you can afford to bribe the government officials in charge). The Regum decided centuries ago that sex for pleasure only weakens men. Sex is only for procreation & NOT for recreation. They have used military precision to educate all women of all three planets that sex is undesirable, not pleasurable, messy, disgusting, unpleasant. However, a large segment of the men & even a significant number of women, disagree with the Regum. Thus, the beginnings of a revolution. Jakara feels a strange attraction & affinity for Callie from the moment he sees her. He knows who she is, where her family is, what her entire life has been up to this point. What he doesn't count on is the connection he feels when he's finally in her presence. He makes a rash, impulsive, foolhardy decision that could get Callie thrown into the most horrific situation. If what he's done is found out, he too will suffer the most extreme consequences. Not only is his military career on the line but so is his life. Despite all the dangers & not understanding why he's taking these chances, Jakara keeps Callie with him. Will Callie & Jakara be able to escape not just the military of Voyeur Moon but the Regum? Jakara has to maintain his military cover. Callie has to remain hidden. What does this mean for the two ? Can Callie escape? If so, where will she go & what will she do? How can any of this work when there is constant surveillance? Thus begins a journey filled with mystery, terror, discovery, emotions of every kind. In the end, what will happen? If you enjoy an exciting mix of paranormal/sci-fi/romance/mystery& thriller elements with amazing characters & storylines, I highly recommend this book!

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