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    Enjoyable quick reads by a must-click author

    I enjoy Collette Cameron and to get these five stories in one is a fantastic bargain. They are quick reads. I had already purchased the stories individually, but I wanted to share my thoughts on a couple here. A Kiss for Miss Kingsley: This is a second chance at love. Olivia followed her family loyalty while Allen nursed his hurt feelings over being rejected. Despite the time that has passed, Olivia's hopes build but she worries about how she is seen by others. Allen follows his heart, not his head, when he sees her. I loved their honesty as they speak of their feelings. Bride of Falcon: Second in the series, you meet characters from the first book, but this story stands alone. Ivonne loves only one man, Chance, but he left without contacting her. Six years later, they have a chance at love again. Both have become "damaged" in that time which plays upon their conscious awareness of others and gives rise to doubts. Chance/Falcon has a tender soul although he can be gruff. I liked both Ivonne and Chance, and enjoyed their reunion.
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    Wonderful Collection!

    This is a wonderful collection of novellas by Collette Cameron. When you read the first one, you will not stop until you have read the last! A Kiss For Miss Kingsley I truly loved this novella! Short but sweet and it kept me holding my breath from the first page to see what happened!! Olivia Kingsley and Allen Wimpleton almost were in love at first sight. But circumstances pulled them apart for three years. Brought back together, can the find that spark they had? In usual Collette Cameron style, you become quickly engaged with the characters and love this story!!! Bride of Falcon What is not to love about life a wounded hero returning home to find the woman he has loved? Chancy Faulkenhurst returns to England after being away for six long years. He has abstained some terrible wounds from his time at war in India. Ivonne Wimpleton has had 5 seasons and has yet to find a suitor she cares about. Her heart went with Chance when he left six years ago. This is a delightful story of two people brought back together and their journey to reconnect. It warmed my heart and left me smiling! Another great story Collette Cameron! Her Scandalous Wish Another heartwarming story by Collette Cameron. Philomena Pomfrett has determined she will never marry and become a spinster. Three years ago she was in a fire that took her parents and left her scarred. Here brother Bradford is all the family she has left, yet he is dying from a weak heart and it is just a matter of time. Trying to make her brother happy because she would be left destitute she agrees to attend the balls to try to find a husband. Bradford, Viscount Kingsley, returns to London after several years. He and Phil had been in love years ago and but he believed she had perished in the fire. When he comes face to face with her, what can a man do? Almost faint dead away? Will she be brave enough to again be tied to Bradford when she feels she is scarred an undesirable? To Tame A Scoundrel's Heart How do two people from totally different backgrounds come together? By chance and it is totally unexpected. Katrina Needham is almost betrothed but Is just waiting for her handsome major to ask her father. Meanwhile, Dominic St Monte’, newly named a Duke enlists her help to find him a suitable wife and teach him Town manners. Dom has been at sea most of his life and thought himself a by blow, but learns when his father dies, he is his heir and inherits two sisters. What he finds is an attraction to Katrina who fits his ideal as a wife. But she is to be married. Or is she? Love Katrina and her open and feisty personality and cannot help to admire Dom who hides a kind heart. A must read to be holding your breathe to see how all turns out! The Wallflower's Wicked Wager This is my favorite trope in a story. Wounded scarred souls fated to find each other. Shona, Lady Atterbury, finds herself at a house party, feeling alone and ridiculed due to her voluptuous figure and shy countenance. She has grown up with true verbal and physical abuse from her mother and had no confidence at all. Captain Morgan Le Drago, scarred from an accident and forced from his commission, is trying to survive when he cannot do as his father asks. After an unfortunate accident when Shona finds herself falling in a lake, Morgan rescues her from drowning. Talk about fate stepping in with these two wounded hearts? You will need to read to find out what happens!!
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    Full of Laughter and Tears

    A Kiss for Miss Kingsley Collette Cameron offers some very witty comments - had me laughing! Long ago love that never died. Unsure of her reception Olivia agrees to her aunt's "addlepated" scheme to show up uninvited to a ball where her unattached love will be attending. Will he give her the cut direct or does he still love her. Allen thinks he knows who he plans on making his bride until his long ago love shows up unannounced at the ball he's attending. Has she come to rub it in that she refused him all those years ago or does she still love him. Bride of Falcon Six years = five seasons. Five long seasons for Ivonne Wimpleton to accept that she is an undesirable. Six long years to realize & accept that the one man she has loved since she was 15 does not love her. Six long years - that's how long Chancy Faulkenhurst, Falcon, has been away from England. Six years since he's seen the one girl he wants for a wife, one that whose father refused him six years ago. Now he's home, poor & disfigured, with little prospects to woe the girl he wants & to gain her father's approval. Her Scandalous Wish Philomena Pomfrett has endured much in her two and twenty years having lost her parents in a fire, a fire which has left her scarred, the betrayal of the love of her life & now her brother is dying from a heart ailment. She would love nothing more than to live a life of solitude but her brother’s dying wish is for her to marry before he passes so he will know she is taken care of. Which is why she is enduring a London season. Waiting in the garden for her brother Philomena escapes further in to avoid a would be suitor only to run into the one man she hoped to never see again. Bradford, Viscount Kingsley, has returned to London after seven long years. Seven years in which he has tried to forget the devastation of losing the only woman he will ever love. At least he thought he had forgotten until he catches a glimpse of a beauty while at a ball that brings it all back. Escaping into the gardens to avoid matchmaking mommas Bradford is captivated by the golden haired beauty making the same wish he has made on a falling star. To Tame a Scoundrel’s Heart A heroine planning to marry the man she loves, if he ever asks; a hero who only wants a wife to care for his sisters so he can return to sea, a harpy, eccentric aunt, three sisters and the return of Katrina’s almost fiancée and you have a great story. The Wallflower’s Wicked Wager There are three things about Shonna Atterberry: she’s emotionally scarred, she knows she’s socially inept, and she has no illusions about her beauty. Captain Morgan Le Draco – a war hero with a face no one wants to look at and no prospects for the future (courtesy of his hated father) – despises what his life has become. I'm a huge fan of Collette Cameron's & she never fails to entertain - complete with laughter & tears. Cameron’s ability to draw you into the characters will have you traveling the same roller coaster as her characters.

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