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    Interesting read

    Interesting read. This book gives readers the feeling that they have been gifted a diary and the privilege to delve into another's life. The only difference between this and a real diary is that this book is told from different perspectives -- more like a shared diary, I guess. LOL! Also, this book is very much in the supernatural world. So witches and vampires and how they make up the universe -- not just one planet. It is a world entirely of the author's creation, and in a style like nothing else you have ever read. The author truly works hard to make her world realistic, relatable, and entertaining.
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    A rich fantasy full of romance

    The WynderMyre Memoirs is set in a fantasy world named The Seventh Heaven Universe consisting of a multitude of different fantasy creatures, namely witches exist in this world among others. The story tells us the lives of The WynderMyre family throughout the years, as we get to read stories from different character perspectives. The story also has moments set in the real world; for example Cheshire and Scotland are locations in this story, so it is very similar to the likes of Harry Potter or Twilight, where the fantasy world exists in secret, within our own reality. The Novel focuses on giving us romantic storylines as well as developing the characters in creative and fun ways. There are a lot of characters here and almost all of them are funny and likable, the one's who aren't likable are like that on purpose as there are also a lot of villainous characters in here too, which leads to some interesting drama among the characters. The Seventh Heaven Universe is also a very interesting Sci-Fci/Fantasy world full of magic and spacecraft, The Author has mixed Sci-Fci and Fantasy here and the cocktail tastes delicious! These two genres work surprising well together in my opinion. The book is also extremely well written and easy to understand. However, there were times where I felt like the plot dragged on a little, as there were moments where I felt like there wasn't much happening. These moments do take the time to develop the characters more, so the good comes with the bad. In the end we have a well written book, with a lot of interesting characters, a rich fantasy world with a decent amount of Romance. I felt like it could have done with a little more action, but overall it's a nice little book that's easy going, laid back and fun to read. If you're looking for an escape from reality and into a exciting fantasy world full of romance, then The WynderMyre Memoirs is for you. Positives: Beautifully written easy to follow Interesting characters with good back stories Decent Character Development intriguing SciFci/Fantasy World Good Romance Negatives: Slow narrative (at times) can be a little confusing sometimes Recommended for: People who want to read a chilled out fantasy novel with romance and good characters. Not Recommended for: People who would prefer a more action packed story with danger and suspense
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    Engrossing read

    The WynderMyre Memoirs is a uniquely written story in that it takes the reader through memories of past family members in order to tell the full story. There is uniqueness to the idea that vampires aren't the "undead" but come from another realm entirely ! That's different and not the same trope used in so many popular Hollywood films and popular books. There's a real sense of family with the main characters as well and just like real families there's also the occasional rivalry. Now you may not be used to reading a story that references outtakes from diaries, but these books are necessary to the story for the reader to get the full picture. I'd say more but I detest spoilers and wont give anything away. This is a trope that is out of my genre totally but i wanted to give it a chance and an honest review. I received a free copy with the guarantee that I would be fair and unbiased. To readers looking for something out of the norm, this book and story are just up you alley! GG

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