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Free Will & Determinism eBooks

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  • Elere Omo: The Spirit Child

    by Wale Owoeye ...
    Elere-Omo (The Spirit-Child) is a monograph made to espouse an aspect of Yoruba culture relating to persons fated to have alliance with spiritual confraternity that have influence on their corporeal existence on earth.Alternatively referred to as Abiku, Emere or Elegbe-Omo, the phenomenon of persons having predetermined ties with extra-terrestrial confraternity that exacts devotion and ... Read more


  • Brave Enough

    A Mini Instruction Manual for the Soul

    Bold, brave and beautiful, Brave Enough is a gem-like collection of thoughts and aphorisms from Cheryl Strayed, the inspirational author of the bestselling Wild.'Everyone should have at least two copies of Brave Enough: one to keep near the bath, and one to give out, generously, to whoever needs the help.' -- The PoolAcross the world, millions of people have found life and depth in the words of ... Read more


  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    by Milan Kundera ...
    'A cult figure.' Guardian'A dark and brilliant achievement.' Ian McEwan'Shamelessly clever ... Exhilaratingly subversive and funny.' Independent'A modern classic ... As relevant now as when it was first published. ' John BanvilleA young woman is in love with a successful surgeon; a man torn between his love for her and his womanising. His mistress, a free-spirited artist, live... ... Read more


  • Existential Physics

    A Scientist’s Guide to Life’s Biggest Questions

    Do we have free will? Is the universe compatible with God? Do we live in a computer simulation? Does the universe think?Physicists are great at complicated research, but they are less good at telling us why it matters. In this entertaining and groundbreaking book, theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder breaks down why we should care. Drawing on the latest research in quantum mechanics, black ... Read more


  • Conscious

    A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind

    by Annaka Harris ...
    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER"If you’ve ever wondered how you have the capacity to wonder, some fascinating insights await you in these pages.” --Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of OriginalsAs concise and enlightening as Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, this mind-expanding dive into the mystery of consciousness is an illuminating meditation ... ... Read more


  • One unbounded ocean of consciousness

    Simple answers to the big questions in life

    World renowned leader at the core of the Maharishi Foundations, a Harvard graduate neuroscientist, renowned Vedic scholar and world reference in Transcendental Meditation, Dr.Tony Nader formulates in this book a series of fundamental existential questions (what is our purpose in life, do we have true control over our destinies?) and, through the study of Consciousness, brings us answers with ... Read more


  • On Liberty (Mobi Classics)

    On Liberty is a philosophical work by 19th century English philosopher John Stuart Mill, first published in 1859. To the Victorian readers of the time it was a radical work, advocating moral and economic freedom of individuals from the state.Perhaps the most memorable point made by Mill in this work, and his basis for liberty, is that "Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is ... Read more


  • Gray's Anatomy

    Selected Writings

    by John Gray ...
    From the author of Straw Dogs, John Gray's Gray's Anatomy is a pugnacious and brilliantly readable collection of essays from across his career.Why is progress a pernicious myth?Why do beliefs that humanity can be improved end in farce or horror?Is atheism a hangover from Christian faith?John Gray, one of the most iconoclastic thinkers of our time, smashes through civilization's most cherished ... Read more


  • The Soul of the Marionette

    A Short Enquiry into Human Freedom

    by John Gray ...
    TLS BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2016'Gray must be one of the best read of contemporary philosophers, trawling insouciantly through high-, middle- and low-brow literature with the sharp-eyed eclecticism of a magpie of genius' John Banville, Guardian'Like Isaiah Berlin with a thing for sci-fi' Tibor Fischer, SpectatorEveryone thinks they want to be free - or do they? John Gray's thought-stirring new b... ... Read more


  • I Am a Strange Loop

    One of our greatest philosophers and scientists of the mind asks, where does the self come from -- and how our selves can exist in the minds of others. Can thought arise out of matter? Can self, soul, consciousness, "I" arise out of mere matter? If it cannot, then how can you or I be here? I Am a Strange Loop argues that the key to understanding selves and consciousness is the "strange loop"-a ... Read more

    £8.99 £3.99

  • A Thousand Brains

    A New Theory of Intelligence

    by Jeff Hawkins ...
    A bestselling author, neuroscientist, and computer engineer unveils a theory of intelligence that will revolutionize our understanding of the brain and the future of AI.For all of neuroscience's advances, we've made little progress on its biggest question: How do simple cells in the brain create intelligence?Jeff Hawkins and his team discovered that the brain uses maplike structures to build a ... Read more


  • Midlife

    A Philosophical Guide

    by Kieran Setiya ...
    Philosophical wisdom and practical advice for overcoming the problems of middle ageHow can you reconcile yourself with the lives you will never lead, with possibilities foreclosed, and with nostalgia for lost youth? How can you accept the failings of the past, the sense of futility in the tasks that consume the present, and the prospect of death that blights the future? In this self-help book with ... Read more


  • Letters From A Stoic

    All Three Volumes

    by Seneca ...
    Like the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca’s Letters are a treasure of practical wisdom on how to live and enjoy life. The focus is on living a simple, stress-free life through the use of rationalism. The letters provide practical steps for people to deal with the human suffering that comes with life’s problems. Topics featured range from discussions on the shortness of life and anger to ... Read more


  • The Philosophy of Freedom

    With linked Table of Contents

    'The Philosophy of Freedom' is Rudolf Steiner's most important work. In it he explains the two aspects of free will: freedom of thought and freedom of action. This landmark book explores free will from a completely fresh and unique perspective. "If an idea is to become action, man must first want it, before it can happen. Such an act of will therefore has its grounds only in man himself. Man is ... Read more


  • At the Feet of the Master

    Jiddu Krishnamurti (12 May 1895 17 February 1986) was a writer and speaker on philosophical and spiritual issues including psychological revolution, the nature of the mind, meditation, human relationships, and bringing about positive social change. Krishnamurti lived next to the Theosophical Society headquarters at Adyar in Madras in his early adolescence. At Adyar, he encountered prominent ... Read more


  • When Bad Things Happen to Good People

    20th Anniversary Edition

    There is only one question which really matters: why do bad things happen to good people?'Out of a faith-shaking and senseless waste of a life comes this remarkable and caring book, which will help many. It has sensible and unorthodox and mind-opening things to say about God - and about ourselves. Its author has wisdom and no bitterness. We can learn from him, about acceptance and guilt and ... Read more


  • Dez Reflexões Sobre o Nada

    'Dez Reflexões Sobre o Nada' é uma compilação de observações poéticas, onde o nada é o tema recorrente. É um exercício de experimentação, concretização e sintetização que explora como temática o nada que em tudo existe.A autora Valeska Magalhães foi surpreendida com a reação do público a esta versão original escrita em sua língua materna. Um ano após o seu lançamento, e apesar de não ter feito ... Read more


  • Philosophy

    The Latest Answers To The Oldest Questions

    The work of the great philosophers of the past is well known. From Aristotle and Plato to Kant and Wittgenstein, the answers to life's biggest questions have been discussed and debated endlessly. But, as philosophy itself teaches, there is never a final solution to a philosophical problem.In the search for higher meaning, Nicholas Fearn has travelled the globe to interview the world's most ... Read more


  • The Essential Schopenhauer

    Key Selections from The World As Will and Representation and Other Works

    series Harper Perennial Modern Thought
    “We should be grateful to Schopenhauer for managing to express the truth about life so beautifully.” —Alain De Botton, author of The Consolations of Philosophy“Schopenhauer’s philosophy has had a special attraction for those who wonder about life’s meaning, along with those engaged in music, literature, and the visual arts.” —Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyThe Essential Schopenhauer delivers ... Read more


  • The Spinal Step

    How can an anxious, fearful, unhappy humanity ever find heaven in life? Sadhguru tells us that all it takes is the realization that we determine the nature of our own experience. The fundamental possibility of determining one's inner experience in human life is the spine, which is why it is seen as the axis of the universe in yoga. An understanding of and mastery over it frees us to explore the ... Read more


  • Freedom Evolves

    Dennett shows that human freedom is not an illusion; it is an objective phenomenon, distinct from all other biological conditions and found in only one species - us. There was a time on this planet when it didn't exist, quite recently in fact. It had to evolve like every other feature of the biosphere, and it continues to evolve today.Dennett shows that far from there being an incompatibility ... Read more

    £8.99 £7.99

  • The Satanic Witch

    The late Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, may be the most notoriously familiar for his Satanic Bible, but The Satanic Witch best reflects the discoveries Anton made in his younger days working the carny shows and Mitt Camps. This is undiluted Gypsy lore regarding the forbidden knowledge of seduction and manipulation.The Satanic Witch is not designed for Barbie Dolls, but women ... Read more


  • Sickness Unto Death

    Man is spirit. But what is spirit? Spirit is the self. But what is the self? The self is a relation which relates itself to its own self, or it is that in the relation [which accounts for it] that the relation relates itself to its own self; the self is not the relation but [consists in the fact] that the relation relates itself to its own self. Man is a synthesis of the infinite and the finite, ... Read more


  • Franz Kafka: The Complete Novels

    by Franz Kafka ...
    This book contains the complete novels of Franz Kafka in the chronological order of their original publication. - The Trial - The Castle - Amerika ... Read more