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  • If You Believed Moses (Vol 2): The Conversion of the Jews as the Close of History

    New Old, #5

    Book 5 - New Old
    Why has God allowed a long delay until the close of history for the conversion of the Jews en masse to Jesus Christ?This book seeks to answer difficult and sensitive questions concerning relations between Catholics and Jews.It offers three suggestions of what Catholics can do to serve the final reconciliation of Jews with the Church. ... Read more

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  • The Great Divorce

    by C. S. Lewis ...
    C.S. Lewis’s dazzling allegory about heaven and hell – and the chasm fixed between them – is one of his most brilliantly imaginative tales, as he takes issue with the ideas in William Blake’s ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’.In a dream, the narrator boards a bus on a drizzly afternoon and embarks on an incredible voyage through Heaven and Hell. He meets a host of supernatural beings far removed ... Read more


  • The Book of Atheist Spirituality

    An Elegant Argument For Spirituality Without God

    Can we do without religion? Can we have ethics without God? Is there such thing as 'atheistic spirituality'? In this powerful book, the internationally bestselling author André Comte-Sponville presents a philosophical exploration of atheism - and reaches startling conclusions.Atheists, Comte-Sponville argues, are no less interested in a spiritual life than religious believers. But by allowing the ... Read more


  • The Fatherhood of God in John Calvin's Thought

    Against the backdrop of feminist critique, Karin Spiecker Stetina gives us a thorough study of John Calvin's ideas on the fatherhood of God. After looking briefly at Calvin's own experience of fatherhood, the author looks in depth at his epistemology and then his imagery for God as Father against the background of the biblical and historical doctrine. This intriguing study allows us, through the ... Read more


  • Till We Have Faces

    by C. S. Lewis ...
    Fascinated by the myth of Cupid and Psyche throughout his life, C. S. Lewis reimagines their story from the perspective of Psyche’s sister, Orual. c‘I saw well why the gods do not speak to us openly, nor let us answer . . . Why should they hear the babble that we think we mean? How can they meet us face to face till we have faces?’Till We Have Faces is a brilliant examination of envy, betrayal, ... Read more


  • He Came To Set the Captives Free

    A Guide to Recognizing and Fighting the Attacks of Satan, Witches, and the Occult

    by Rebecca Brown ...
    For seventeen years, Elaine served her master, Satan, with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S., clashed with Dr. Brown, who stood against her alone. In the titanic life-and-death struggle that followed, Dr. Brown nearly lost her life. Elaine, finding a power and love greater than ... Read more


  • The Universal Christ

    How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For and Believe

    by Richard Rohr ...
    'I cannot put this book down' - BONO'One of the most influential speakers in the world' - OPRAH WINFREYIn his decades as a globally recognized teacher, Richard Rohr has helped millions realize what is at stake in matters of faith and spirituality. Yet Rohr has never written on the most perennially talked about topic in Christianity: Jesus. Most know who Jesus was, but who was Christ? Is the word ... Read more


  • En quête d'identité

    Les grandes étapes de l'histoire des croyances adventistes

    by George Knight ...
    L'Église adventiste a été fondée par des gens à l'esprit indépendant qui auraient désavoué plusieurs des 28 croyances fondamentales actuelles de l'Église. Mais au fil des années, la force a surgi de la discorde, et le consensus est né du débat.De William Miller à Desmond Ford, George Knight dresse l'inventaire des personnalités hautes en couleur qui ont nourri la discussion, et montre comment Dieu ... Read more


  • Did Adam Have a Bellybutton?

    And Other Tough Questions About the Bible

    by Ken Ham ...
    These concise, relevant topics answer questions on the minds of Christians and seekers everywhere. Ham has discovered that multitudes of people want to know the answers to key questions like, “Where did Cain get his wife?" and “How could Noah fit all of those animals on the ark?” The Bible does have answers to tough questions such as these, so there’s no reason Christians can’t defend their faith ... Read more


  • Meeting God in Paul

    Fresh insights into Paul's revolutionary message by one of the world's greatest living theologians. Rowan Williams explores the essentials of Paul's thought for complete beginners - as well as for those who've read Paul's letters many times before and want to see them in a fresh light. Written at a highly accessible level, this book would make a perfect gift for anyone thinking about confirmation, ... Read more


  • The Air We Breathe

    How We All Came to Believe in Freedom, Kindness, Progress, and Equality

    Is Christianity history? Or is Christian history the deepest explanation of the modern world?Today in the west, many consider the church to be dead or dying. Christianity is seen as outdated, bigoted and responsible for many of society’s problems. This leaves many believers embarrassed about their faith and many outsiders wary of religion. But what if the Christian message is not the enemy of our ... Read more


  • Venus and Virtue

    Celebrating Sex and Seeking Sanctification

    Venus and Virtue are a match made in heaven. While popular culture often tends to think of Christianity as negative about sexuality and sexual pleasure, the fact is that Christians have the best of reasons to joyfully celebrate sex as a gift. Unfortunately, there is as much confusion about sex in Christian circles as there is in the culture at large. The authors of this book believe that this ... Read more

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  • One Nation without Law

    The Rise of Lawlessness, the End Times and the Power of Hope

    Dynamic, Practical, Faith-Filled Response to the Evil Rising Around UsIt's difficult to hear the growing daily reports of evil in our society without a degree of fear. Seen from a human perspective, things appear hopeless. But as we consider the spiritual perspective of those same events, we can--and will--see what purpose those struggles serve in God's plan.In these pages, pastor and author Phil ... Read more


  • Reasons We Believe (Foreword by John MacArthur): 50 Lines of Evidence That Confirm the Christian Faith

    50 Lines of Evidence That Confirm the Christian Faith

    Reasons We Believe will reinforce your personal faith and will provide you with a clear, concise, evangelistic tool to help you share that faith with others.In an age of cynics and skeptics, Christianity is constantly under attack. Believers need resources that defend the veracity of their faith. They are searching for clear, concise, and credible answers to both doubts of their own and objections ... Read more


  • Miracles

    God's Presence and Power in Creation

    Miracles are not confined to the stories of Scripture; these signs of God's presence and power in creation are experienced throughout our daily existence. Yet cultural challenges and modernity's skepticism have marginalized belief in them as unreasonable and irrational, says Luke Timothy Johnson.In this excellent resource for church professionals, Johnson reclaims Christian belief in miracles as ... Read more


  • Enriching our Vision of Reality

    Theology And The Natural Sciences In Dialogue

    In this exceptional volume, Alister McGrath writes for scientists with an interest in theology, and Christians and theologians who are aware of the importance of the natural sciences. A scene-setting chapter explores the importance of the human quest for intelligibility. The focus then moves to three leading figures who have stimulated discussion about the relationship between science and theology ... Read more


  • Paul Was Not a Christian

    The Original Message of a Misunderstood Apostle

    Pamela Eisenbaum, an expert on early Christianity, reveals the true nature of the historical Paul in Paul Was Not a Christian. She explores the idea of Paul not as the founder of a new Christian religion, but as a devout Jew who believed Jesus was the Christ who would unite Jews and Gentiles and fulfill God’s universal plan for humanity. Eisenbaum’s work in Paul Was Not a Christian will have a ... Read more


  • Cell's Design, The (Reasons to Believe)

    How Chemistry Reveals the Creator's Artistry

    by Fazal Rana ...
    series Reasons to Believe
    Armed with cutting-edge techniques, biochemists have unwittingly uncovered startling molecular features inside the cell that compel only one possible conclusion--a supernatural agent must be responsible for life. Destined to be a landmark apologetic work, The Cell's Design explores the full scientific and theological impact of these discoveries. Instead of focusing on the inability of natural ... Read more


  • 50 Key Concepts in Theology

    In fifty brilliant short essays one of the UK's liveliest young writers on religion introduces the key themes, movements and thinkers in theology. ... Read more

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  • The Case for Christ

    A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

    by Lee Strobel ...
    series Case for ... Series
    Is there credible proof that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God? In The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel, former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and New York Times bestselling author, retraces his own spiritual journey from atheism to faith and builds a cap****tivating case for Christ's divinity.In this revised and updated edition of The Case for Christ, Strobel cross-examines a dozen ... Read more


  • God

    A Human History

    by Reza Aslan ...
    THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERIn God, Reza Aslan sheds new light on mankind’s relationship with the divine and challenges our perspective on the history of faith and the birth of religion.From the origins of spiritual thought to the concept of an active, engaged, divine presence that underlies all creation, Aslan examines how the idea of god arose in human evolution, was gradually personalized, ... Read more


  • Christification

    A Lutheran Approach to Theosis

    by Jordan Cooper ...
    The doctrine of theosis has enjoyed a recent resurgence among varied theological traditions across the realms of historical, dogmatic, and exegetical theology. In Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis, Jordan Cooper evaluates this teaching from a Lutheran perspective. He examines the teachings of the church fathers, the New Testament, and the Lutheran Confessional tradition in ... Read more

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  • Death's Angel: Lost Angels Book 3

    Book 3 - Lost Angels
    For fans of J. R. Ward, Nalini Singh and Charlaine Harris, the third novel in The Lost Angels from New York Times bestselling author Heather Killough-Walden. Are you ready to meet the angels of your dreams?As the former Archangel of Death, Azrael has always stood apart from his brothers. Cursed to rule from the darkness, he is not only one of the four favored archangels, but the very first vampire ... Read more


  • Called to Love

    Approaching John Paul II's Theology of the Body

    A thoughtful, accessible work on the beauty of love and the splendor of the body, inspired by Pope John Paul II.Christianity has long been regarded as viewing the body as a threat to a person's spiritual nature and of denying its sexual dimension. In 1979, Pope John Paul II departed from this traditional dichotomy and offered an integrated vision of the human body and soul. In a series of talks ... Read more