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  • The Hidden Geometry of Life

    The Science and Spirituality of Nature

    Encompassing nature, science, art, architecture, and spirituality, and illustrated with over 700 photographs and line drawings, "The Hidden Geometry of Life" illuminates the secret underpinnings of existence. In her trademark easy-to-understand style, mathematician Karen French shows how sacred geometry permeates every level of being, manifesting itself in simple shapes and numbers, music and ... Read more


  • Gateway to the Heavens

    How Geometric Shapes, Patterns and Symbols Form Our Reality

    Book 1 - Gateway Series
    Simple geometric shapes and symbols combine to make the universal, powerful, sacred model Karen French calls Gateway to the Heavens. In this book, French explains the meaning and purpose of these shapes, how they mold our reality and perception of it and how they have a direct bearing on what you are and why you are here. These shapes and symbols contain messages that have been consistently ... Read more


  • French Connections

    Cultural Mobility in North America and the Atlantic World, 1600–1875

    French Connections examines how the movement of people, ideas, and social practices contributed to the complex processes and negotiations involved in being and becoming French in North America and the Atlantic World between the years 1600 and 1875. Engaging a wide range of topics, from religious and diplomatic performance to labor migration, racialization, and both imagined and real ... Read more


  • Detroit's Hidden Channels

    The Power of French-Indigenous Families in the Eighteenth Century

    French-Indigenous families were a central force in shaping Detroit’s history. Detroit’s Hidden Channels: The Power of French-Indigenous Families in the Eighteenth Century examines the role of these kinship networks in Detroit’s development as a site of singular political and economic importance in the continental interior. Situated where Anishinaabe, Wendat, Myaamia, and later French communities ... Read more


  • Connecting Teaching and Learning

    History, Evolution, and Case Studies of Teacher Work Sample Methodology

    As accountability in education has become an increasingly prominent topic, teacher preparation programs are being asked to provide credible evidence that their teacher candidates can impact student learning.Teacher Work Samples, first developed 30 years ago, have emerged as an effective method of quantifying the complex set of tasks that comprise effective teaching and documenting the ... Read more


  • Dixie's Daughters

    The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture

    by Karen L. Cox ...
    Wall Street Journal’s Five Best Books on the Confederates’ Lost CauseSouthern Association for Women Historians Julia Cherry Spruill PrizeEven without the right to vote, members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy proved to have enormous social and political influence throughout the South—all in the name of preserving Confederate culture. Karen Cox traces the history of the UDC, an ... Read more


  • The Secret Revelation of John

    by Karen L. King ...
    Lost in antiquity, rediscovered in 1896, and only recently accessible for study, The Secret Revelation of John offers a firsthand look into the diversity of Christianity before the establishment of canon and creed. Karen L. King offers an illuminating reading of this ancient text--a narrative of the creation of the universe and humanity and a guide to justice and salvation, said to be Christ's ... Read more


  • Goat Castle

    A True Story of Murder, Race, and the Gothic South

    by Karen L. Cox ...
    In 1932, the city of Natchez, Mississippi, reckoned with an unexpected influx of journalists and tourists as the lurid story of a local murder was splashed across headlines nationwide. Two eccentrics, Richard Dana and Octavia Dockery—known in the press as the "Wild Man" and the "Goat Woman"—enlisted an African American man named George Pearls to rob their reclusive neighbor, Jennie Merrill, at her ... Read more


  • The Fates Revelations

    Life as the gods and goddess was changing and a new religion was taking over. Magic was practiced by heretics and were considered devil worship. Temples fell into ruins and churches were built over the top of them. Christians took the known holidays and made them theirs. Samhain became Halloween, Yule became Christmas and Ostara and Bealtain became Easter. This made it easier for Christians to ... Read more


  • Fear and Courage: Fourteen Writers Explore Sime~Gen

    series Sime~Gen
    Welcome to the first Sime~Gen Anthology written by the fans. This Anthology is a compilation of stories and poetry written by people who have been influenced by the published works of Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, in such a powerful way that they felt compelled to explore this universe in their own writing. Here are:Forewords, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah"Moonlight Sonata," ... Read more


  • The Faerie Summer

    A Twenty Ebook Box Set

    Book 1 - A Procession of Faeries
    Enter the world of Faerie!*The summer sun bathes the earth in warmth and light,Faeries dance under the moon at night.Cross through the portal into a land ancient, beautiful, and wild.See the wonders that enticed the stolen child.Come away, O reader! To the Realm of Faerie.But if you want to make it back home, you had better be wary…*This collection includes twenty tales of faeries and magic set in ... Read more


  • Special Elections

    The Backdoor Entrance to Congress

    Most members of Congress begin their careers through regularly scheduled elections, but terms may be cut short due to death, scandal, or different career opportunities. In these cases, special elections are held to fill vacancies. In fact, a number of prominent political figures, including Lyndon Johnson, Nancy Pelosi, and John Dingell, began their long and distinguished careers through special ... Read more