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  • STARGATE SG-1 City of the Gods

    series SG1 #4
    My enemy's enemy...When a Crystal Skull is discovered beneath the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, it ignites a cataclysmic chain of events that maroons SG-1 on a dying world.Xalótcan is a brutal society, steeped in death and sacrifice, where the bloody gods of the Aztecs demand tribute from a fearful and superstitious population. But that's the least of Colonel Jack O'Neill's problems. With Xalótcan ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 Relativity

    by James Swallow ...
    series SG1 #10
    Future imperfect...When SG-1 encounter the Pack - a nomadic space-faring people who have fled Goa'uld domination for generations - it seems as though a trade of technologies will benefit both sides.But someone is determined to derail the deal. With the SGC under attack, and Vice President Kinsey breathing down their necks, it's up to Colonel Jack O'Neill and his team to uncover the saboteur and ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 Sunrise

    series SG1 #17
    Feel the burnOn the abandoned outpost of Acarsaid Dorch Doctor Daniel Jackson makes a startling discovery - a discovery that leads SG-1 to a world on the brink of destruction.The Elect rule Ierna, ensuring their people live in peace and plenty, protected from the planet's merciless sun by a biosphere that surrounds their city. But all is not as it seems and when Daniel is taken captive by the ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 ATLANTIS Points of Origin

    series SGX #3
    Open the gate...From Ronon's pre-culling days on Sateda to Colonel Carter's first weeks in command of Atlantis, from the fallout of George Hammond's encounter with SG-1 in 1969 to strange goings-on in Minnesota, Stargate: Points of Origins brings you another fantastic collection of stories from across the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies.So come step through the gate with ten of our fantastic ... Read more



    series SGX #1
    Step through the gate...From the early days of "Todd" the Wraith to Teal'c's first experience of the SGC, from Atlantis' past and future to good old-fashioned SG-1 adventures, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis: Far Horizons brings you a wealth of exciting stories from across the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies.Whether you're a fan of STARGATE SG-1 or STARGATE ATLANTIS, there's something for everyone in our ... Read more



    series SGX #6
    In our third volume of Traveler's Tales short stories, journey with Teyla Emmagan to the ruined city of her ancestors or travel with Sam Carter as she returns Selmak's remains to the Tok'ra. Join John Sheppard as he guides the Atlantis team through the streets of New York City, or follow SG-1's gate-hopping pursuit of an escaped mass-murderer...STARGATE SG-1 ATLANTIS: Homeworlds is packed with ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 Female of the Species

    by Geonn Cannon ...
    series SG1 #31
    Here come the girls...Vala Mal Doran, SG-1's newest recruit, simply can't ignore the plea for help she receives from her old friend, Tanis Reynard. And with vital intel up for grabs, Vala ensures SG-1 can't ignore it either...However, as the mission quickly unravels, Colonel Carter and Vala find themselves bound for the 'inescapable' prison world Viaxeiro Caldera, leaving Colonel Mitchell, Teal'c, ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 Oceans of Dust

    series SG1 #19
    Terror awakes...Something lurks beneath the ancient sands of Egypt. It is the stuff of Jaffa nightmares, its name a whisper in the dark. And it is stirring...When disaster strikes an Egyptian dig, SG1 are brought in to investigate. But nothing can prepare them for what they find among the ruins. Walking in the dust of a thousand deaths, they discover a creature of unimaginable evil - a creature ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 The Power Behind the Throne

    by Steven Savile ...
    series SG1 #15
    The enemy within...When the Tok'ra ask SG-1 to save a tortured creature from the clutches of Apophis, how can they refuse? But the Mujina is no ordinary being - devoid of face or form, it draws its identity from those around it. All things to all people, it is a creature with terrible potential - for both good and evil.Their pursuit of the Mujina takes the team to a nightmarish world where human ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 Kali's Wrath

    series SG1 #28
    Hell hath no fury...When the only surviving member of SG-7 brings Kali's injured First Prime back to Stargate Command, Colonel O'Neill and his team are called on to investigate an attack by the Reetou on one of Kali's homeworlds.But when a sabotaged Stargate leaves O'Neill, Carter and Daniel trapped off-world, Teal'c must team up with Jacob Carter, Bra'tac and Kali's First Prime to rescue his ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 Permafrost

    by Sally Malcolm ...
    series SGX #2
    Buried secretsA week before Christmas, Dr. Daniel Jackson discovers that archaeologists in Iceland are excavating a Norse burial site that might have connections to the recently encountered Asgard race.Concerned about what they might uncover, Daniel persuades General Hammond to let SG-1 travel to Iceland - much to the annoyance of the field archaeologists. But as the weather closes in, tensions ... Read more


  • STARGATE SG-1 Two Roads

    by Geonn Cannon ...
    series SG1 #24
    The spoils of warThe Goa'uld have been defeated, and the Jaffa are free. In the power vacuum left behind, the dark underbelly of the galaxy is fighting over the spoils.Among these thieves and rogues is Vala Mal Doran, on the trail of the fabulous treasure left behind by the System Lord Kali.But Vala is not the only one seeking the hoard. Back at Stargate Command, Dr Daniel Jackson has made a ... Read more