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  • Alphius Prime - Of Beasts and Monsters (Book 1)

    Book 1 - Alphius Prime
    "Meylon City was known to have been a jewel, home of the enlightened Vu'kno, yet it was not the only great city on Alphius Prime. There was another city, a city where life was not so idyllic. High in the Northern Mountains, in the cold wastelands of the Horik range of volcanoes stood the city of Eralon. It was a cold brutal place where nearly two million Usha lived, scraping a meagre existence ... Read more


  • Proteus - New Horizons (Book Nine)

    Book 9 - Proteus
    "Time is running out as Razon forces his captors to finish his ultimate weapon, the dreadnought class Harbinger, a weapon designed to face the might of the Avorans which is now being perverted to his own cause of ruling the Apeyron Empire and restoring its glory for himself.With the Proteus fleet desperately searching the galaxy for Razon and the Emperor, things are not progressing well. With ... Read more


  • Proteus - Evolution (Book Eight)

    Book 8 - Proteus
    "With Loren and Lunar reunited, everyone is overjoyed at the resurrection of the youngest Proteus ship however she is not the youngest anymore with four new wilful and slightly potty new members of the Proteus family to deal with. As Terrik, Koli and Lunar return to Earth with the goal to ease Lunar through her trauma and help Terrik try to find her inner peace, the team on Beletrix is stretched ... Read more


  • Proteus - Ghosts (Book Seven)

    Book 7 - Proteus
    "Life is starting to settle down once again. With the help rendered from the Alphians the Apeyron civilisation is starting to rebuild finding new worlds to resettle their population. As the Seleke Council approve the creation of new ships, tension grows at the Proteus family rebel against the Grand Council in an effort to earn their rights.However when technology on Beletrix starts to malfunction, ... Read more


  • Dystopian Detective - The Tourist (Book 2)

    Book 2 - The Dystopian Detective Agency
    "Things are quiet at the Dystopian Detective Agency which suits Ella just fine as she looks after Sabine who is struggling to come to terms with her own symbiotic alien partner's injuries at the hands of the Apeyron.For Shae and Amy, after the events in Tokyo they have decided to have a few days off, travelling over to Symbitek's facilities in Japan enjoying good food and excellent shopping ... Read more


  • Proteus - Of Darkness and Light (Book Six)

    Book 6 - Proteus
    "The Apeyron have returned to our galaxy with the threat of wiping out all intelligent life on Earth and the Demon home world of Aemus to reclaim what they see as their Empire however thing have taken a surprising turn with the defection of the young Apeyron warrior Tath now providing his insights and assistance to stop this madness before it begins.With the creation of new defensive and offensive ... Read more


  • Symbiotica - Monsters of Tokyo (Book 6)

    Book 6 - Symbiotica
    "Following on from the tragic events of Proteus Dark Empire, the team from the Tatara return back to Tokyo heartbroken however things never relent as the Earth is struck by a global volcanic event with earthquakes and tsunami that are threatening to send the world in to a nuclear winter.With the arrival of Grand Council Solais and Regent Namah of the Aemon races aboard Miras to try to warn the ... Read more


  • Pentalore - Awakening (Book 2)

    Book 2 - Pentalore
    "For the Aemon it is something they have dreamt of for thousands of years, a way to return to their home world of Aemus, although with the threat of the imminent return of the Apeyron to our universe and the warning of the dire consequences both Earth and Aemus face it is not the home coming they had hoped for. Regent Namah travels with their new Alphian allies back to her home world of Aemus to ... Read more


  • Proteus - Dark Empire (Book Five)

    Book 5 - Proteus
    "Our friends are licking their wounds after the events of Dark Universe, the Apeyron having inflicted a price on everyone with Saya heavily damaged and Loren and Lunar in critical condition. They need to know who these Apeyron are and where they came from and with them threatening to return to our Galaxy to reclaim their dark empire, they must find a way to stop them.As everyone on Beletrix fights ... Read more


  • Pentalore - Darkseed (Book 1)

    Book 1 - Pentalore
    "For Doctor Callisto Darkholme, Essauberg was supposed to be her perfect home. Having moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city to the sleepy mountain town in the wilds of New Hampshire, she had quickly settled in to her new life making new friends and enjoying the slower pace of life. Not everything is perfect in her world though as she tries to come to terms with the car accident that ... Read more


  • Proteus - The Neo Alphius Saga Boxset (Books 1 to 3)

    series Proteus
    The Neo Alphius Saga Box set give you Proteus The Lost World, The Long Way Round and The Last Survivor as a single work.Book 1For Zenni Quinett, all she wanted was a quiet life. After a horrific accident she retired from her life as a test pilot, growing borra and healing her host's injuries. With the news that their world was coming to an end, she finds herself thrust in to her old life, dealing ... Read more


  • Dystopian Detective - The Ancient Girl (Book 1)

    Book 1 - The Dystopian Detective Agency
    "Ella Carr for all intent and purpose is a fairly average woman with a fairly extraordinary secret. She is host to a gentle and kindly alien symbiote call Shomis Bhor, a former warrior and protector from a world now long gone. Leaving the Foundry in the United States, their base of operations for their global business, Ella has returned to her home city to establish the Forge, their industrial ... Read more