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  • Murder on the Marco Polo … Well, Not Quite - A Cruise up the Amazon and the Orinoco … Well, Not Quite

    series Desert Island Travels
    Take an elegant, stately cruise ship ... Add 800 cantankerous pensioners ... Send them off to the Amazon for six weeks ... Ask the passengers to keep diaries ... Then publish those diaries! And what do you get? Murder on the Marco Polo - Well, Not Quite. On 10 January 2011 the cruise ship Marco Polo sailed from Tilbury for six weeks to the Amazon and the Orinoco. The ship was old, the passengers ... Read more


  • The Virgin Whore and Other Chinese Characters: Tiananmen, Travels and Traumas

    series Desert Island Travels
    Priscilla Wong had had six boyfriends. Because she did not marry the first or second, her classmates called her a prostitute. Yet she was still a virgin. A virgin whore. Perhaps the contradiction could only exist in China. I grew fond of the idea, for it seemed a perfect caricature of China as a whole - rich history coexisting with drab modernity, corruption with innocence, membership of the ... Read more


  • To Dream of Pigs: Travels in South and North Korea

    series Desert Island Travels
    The scariest place on earth.' So said President Bill Clinton on his visit to the no-man's land between South and North Korea. The minefields and barbed wire mark the jagged edge of world peace. If the world is to see a nuclear war, Korea is the likely flashpoint. The contrast between the two Koreas - the dynamism of the South confronting the oppression of the North - could not be more stark. Yet, ... Read more


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  • Paradise...My Ass!

    One minute you’re relaxing by the pool in a luxury Thai resort and the next you’re a gringo with a donkey on an isolated island off Brazil!When Tony and his wife Sue were caught in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that devastated hundreds of thousands of lives, they wanted more than to return to the rat race of suburban life, they wanted to ‘live the dream’. After careful consideration, or possibly in ... Read more


  • Two Clowns Cross the Pacific in a Small Boat

    by John Champion ...
    Tells of a sailing journey from San Diego to Australia in a 40 foot sailing boat. Covers Mexico, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga and Fiji. Also has a chapter on various events "that were too much fun," for the crew. Includes useful detail on various formalities required in the respective ports of call. Chapters on each of the destinations mentioned above and a final chapter on comical (in ... Read more


  • Casting Off

    How a City Girl Found Happiness on the High Seas

    As a journalist for the Independent, Emma Bamford is swept along with the London rat race, lost amongst the egos of Fleet Street. Surrounded by budget cuts and bullies, the thrill of a breaking news story is no longer enough. And at 31, still struggling to get to a fourth date and surrounded by friends settling down to married life and babies, Emma decides to grasp her life by the roots and ... Read more

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  • Narrow Dog to Wigan Pier

    At seventy-five, Terry and Monica Darlington had done everything they could think of doing, including starting a business and becoming athletes and running a literary society.Lately they had become boating adventurers and Terry a bestselling writer. But in their Midlands canal town in November, life was looking dull and short on surprises.Then their famous canal boat was destroyed by fire. Within ... Read more


  • Full Circle

    by Michael Palin ...
    Michael Palin's terrific account of his journey through 18 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, published by Phoenix for the first time.For almost a year, Michael Palin travelled through 18 countries on the perimeter of the world's largest ocean, in a spectacular journey of contrasts, drama and beauty.From head-hunters in Borneo to a meal of maggots in Mexico, his route takes him to some of the ... Read more


  • Attention All Shipping

    A Journey Round the Shipping Forecast

    This solemn, rhythmic intonation of the shipping forecast on BBC radio is as familiar as the sound of Big Ben chiming the hour. Since its first broadcast in the 1920s it has inspired poems, songs and novels in addition to its intended objective of warning generations of seafarers of impending storms and gales.Sitting at home listening to the shipping forecast can be a cosily reassuring experience. ... Read more


  • Complete Notes from Singapore

    All-in-one collection of Neil Humphreys Best-selling trilogy

    An all-in-one collection of Neil Humphreys trilogy: Notes from an even Smaller Island, Scribbles from the Same Island and Final Notes from a Great Island. ... Read more


  • Return to a Sexy Island

    A must-read for every resident and visitor in Singapore!

    Singapore got sexy and the countrys best-selling author got jealous. After five years chasing echidnas and platypuses in Australia, Neil Humphreys returns to Singapore to see if the rumours are true. Like an old girlfriend getting a lusty makeover, the island transformed while Humphreys was away. Singapore is not just a sexier island, its a different world. So Humphreys embarked upon a nationwide ... Read more


  • Titanic, A Very Peculiar History

    by Jim Pipe ...
    Book 5 - A Very Peculiar History
    It boasted libraries, palm trees, swimming pools, a 50-phone switchboard and was nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower… No, she's not a skyscraper, she's the Titanic! Marking the centenary of the sinking of the White Star Liner RMS Titanic in 1912, 'Titanic, A Very Peculiar History' delves into the human stories of both crew and passengers and the incredible feats of engineering and design involved ... Read more