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  • Jargoiden

    The Kaerling, #13

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 13 - The Kaerling
    The companions have reached the shores of Jargoiden in pursuit of their abducted friends, but how do they even start tracking the kaerlings?"The relatively peaceful opening moves through a series of escalating peaks of tension, culminating in an intense and frightening conclusion. There's a great mix of characters who stand out from one another and even contrast ‐ eg. Tari's vulnerability versus ... Read more



  • Vampirical Verse

    Dragonscale Delvings, #4

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 4 - Dragonscale Delvings
    This book is for the broken, the damaged and scarred.This book is for the walking dead who have learnt to live as best they can with hollow hearts and gaping wounds."They (the poems) are straight from the heart, soul and gut. They are never trite, never overblown but wonderfully, articulate and rich in imagery." S MooreBroken people get through the experience of brokenness and then have to adapt ... Read more

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  • Woodbine

    The Kaerling, #12

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 12 - The Kaerling
    As Clay and Lally adapt to life in Orosturbe, Lored and his companions find themselves trapped on a desert island.Freya Pickard's style is fresh and lively, rhythmic and cadenced, in step with the development of the story, with the dialogues and the peculiar traits of the characters. Her imagery is decidedly rich and vivid, capable of taking the reader on a tangible, real journey. C MesselodiWhen ... Read more

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  • Prince Silas

    The Kaerling, #11

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 11 - The Kaerling
    After escaping from the Isle of Kiros, the companions face a long ocean voyage together …"The writing is tight and skilful and I really enjoyed the descriptions. Each character is well described and they are all very different to each other. There's lots of going on and lots of different viewpoints and these work well together without becoming confusing. I especially liked the climax with the ... Read more

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  • Dead Man's Witness

    The Kaerling, #10

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 10 - The Kaerling
    Lored finally has enough evidence to clear the herb woman, but can his claims absolve Rue of the charges of murder?Although the focus changes between characters and places, it all flows well from one chapter to the next. The overall effect is very satisfying. I think this is the most accomplished instalment so far. Well-structured, great character- and world building. Can't wait for the next book! ... Read more

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  • This Is Me

    Dragonscale Delvings, #3

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 3 - Dragonscale Delvings
    Another biographical offering from Freya Pickard, tracing her development both as a person and a poet from her early twenties to mid-forties.Freya Pickard is a cancer survivor, whose fight for life has forever changed her. These changes are reflected in a variety of poems she permits to be published here.Initially determined to be single, Freya reveals what it was like to discover her soulmate. ... Read more

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  • Elkadanu

    The Kaerling, #9

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 9 - The Kaerling
    As Lored attempts to investigate the truth of the charges brought against Rue, the herb woman, Tari tries to hide her insecurities and doubts behind a facade of serenity."This is a fantastic read. The characters are all well drawn and the landscape through which the characters move is familiar and easily imaginable, yet quite magical as well." W ThomasLored and Tari must keep the twins' presence ... Read more

    £2.25 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Fair Wind

    The Kaerling, #8

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 8 - The Kaerling
    Lored and his companions are on a rescue mission but first they have to endure a sea voyage."I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It's a beautifully written story and I find all of the characters interesting. The descriptions, particularly of the sea voyage, were fabulous. I can feel myself being present in the places described. There are lots of hints of problems to come and foreshadowing ... Read more

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  • Uneasy Allies

    The Kaerling, #7

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 7 - The Kaerling
    Five disparate people drawn together in pursuit of one goal.I so enjoyed the latest instalment of The Kaerling. The action was pacy and compelling. The characters had really settled into themselves and were well-rounded. I read it all in one sitting and was totally engrossed! Jenny PoulterTheir mission was simple – to rescue Lally and Derri from the evil kaerlings.But catching up with the ... Read more

    £2.25 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Aura Vere

    The Kaerling, #6

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 6 - The Kaerling
    Five disparate paths converge in the mountain city of Aura Vere."I enjoyed reading Aura Vera immensely and look forward to the next installment!" J PoulterOtta and Erl must face the kaerling, Jas, before they can ascend the long road to Aura Vere and find the child Derri once more.Lored, the taku-kevir, must seek out the sister he's never met in the Temple in Aura Vere, before the kaerlings find ... Read more

    £2.25 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Hidden Lands

    The Kaerling, #5

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 5 - The Kaerling
    With faceless pursuers behind him, Lored must reach the Hidden Plateau before they catch up."Beautifully written and it held my attention from start to finish." E BaxterDisillusioned and disappointed with the way Olin Heon now conducts itself, Lored, a powerful taku-kevir, leaves the place he once called home and journeys in search of a new purpose in life.Tari, an acolyte in the Temple, is forced ... Read more

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  • The Butterfly Tree & Other Stories

    Dragonscale Diffusions, #2

    by Freya Pickard ...
    Book 2 - Dragonscale Diffusions
    Five tales from the wondrous world of Nirunen!Oppressed women and men who aren't yet heroes; journey with five individuals across the three Ages of Nirunen.From the deep oceans to the high settlements and ancient cities of the First Age, through the Hidden Land of the Second Age and into a time of immigration and fear in the Third Age; these stories are riveting reading.If you've not yet started ... Read more

    £2.10 or Free with Kobo Plus