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  • The Railway Angel

    by Julie Day ...
    Meet the ‘Teen Guardian Angels’. They’re on a mission to stop teenagers from self-destructing their lives by killing themselves. And you’d better listen to them because they know what they’re talking about as they have already paid the price for doing exactly that – they are dead.Railway Angel is Lizzie Hammond’s story of how she became a Guardian Angel and what she did to pass her test to join ... Read more


  • A Friend in Need

    by Julie Day ...
    Faith is visited by her late Aunt Geraldine after more verbal abuse from her boyfriend, Darren. Geraldine says she needs a friend in deed to confide in, so Faith talks to her colleague, Jenny, who suggests she takes self-defence lessons with their other colleague, Ben. As Ben teaches Faith, they fall in love. She begins to come out of her shell and grabs life with enthusiasm again. Being a victim ... Read more

    £2.48 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Birds Flock Together

    by Julie Day ...
    This is Geraldine's last mission on Earth, and her most difficult one. Sister, Helena, is trying to organise her 50th celebrations but without success as she upset her family by stealing her daughter's boyfriend. Geraldine comes along and tells her not to give up and say to the family 'Birds of a feather flock together'. Curious, they visit Helena, and finding out that she has also been visited by ... Read more

    £2.31 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Endocarditis - My Journey

    by Julie Day ...
    From 2020 to 2021 Julie Day had an unknown serious illness involving weight loss, muscle pain and tiredness. Despite various tests and scans, no one seemed to know what was wrong. Until a blood test in 2021 revealed an infection in the blood which was life threatening. But where? Following advice Julie admitted herself to her local hospital. After an echocardiogram it was discovered her heart had ... Read more

    £3.99 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • A Trouble Shared

    by Julie Day ...
    Christmas is meant to be a fun and happy time at work but for workaholic and workaholic Harry Chambers, it is a hectic and stressful time full of deadlines. So when he finds he can’t complete a job in time for the new year, he gets stressed. Until his aunt Geraldine comes along and tells him a trouble shared is a trouble halved. Harry finds out what she means when colleague, Carol, sees him upset ... Read more

    £1.56 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Valentine's Card

    by Julie Day ...
    series The Secrets of Singleton
    Faith decides to visit her friend, Angel, after another relationship goes wrong as yet again because they don't understand her Asperger's Syndrome. She meets Stan, the local mechanic. He stands up for her when the local residents start criticising her work. Then magical and ghostly things happen: her pictures are seen as misty to 3D to beautiful, and the people who criticise her are scared by ... Read more


  • One Good Turn

    by Julie Day ...
    series Geraldine's Gems
    55 year old Geraldine Simmonds dies of cancer and ends up in heaven. But to actually get through the gates to join her old lover Keith, she has to prove her worth – by showing that she isn’t the uncaring relative she used to be and getting Keith to be the happy, loving man she used to know. Can Geraldine fulfil her promise to do the 'one good turn'? What will happen when she does? Is there a ghost ... Read more


  • The Racing Angel

    by Julie Day ...
    Seventeen-year-old Danny Usborne is killed on his motorbike when a race against his mate's car goes wrong. Danny then finds himself in the School for Lost Angels. Here he meets teacher, Richard, who sends him back to Earth to stop teenager Cassandra from crashing her mum's car on a joyride, and possible causing injury or worse. With persuasion and newly found magical abilities, Danny manages to ... Read more

    £0.79 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • More Fish in the Sea

    by Julie Day ...
    series Geraldine's Gems
    25 years-old Mandy Burrows is heartbroken after the betrayal of her boyfriend and her mum, then the heartache of losing her baby, because of this. She decides to move for a fresh start. But after several months, she sees the two people whom she loved once and now hates, bringing back the painful memory. Then along comes her aunt Geraldine's ghost, who tells her that there is ‘Plenty More Fish in ... Read more


  • The Railracing Angels

    by Julie Day ...
    series The Guardian Angels
    Danny and Lizzie have passed their individual tests, and now it’s time for their pair test. Helped by their guides, Tom and Barney, who’ve also died following crashes, they set out to stop two teenage boys from doing a dare to race against a tram, with one of them sticking to the front of it with suckers and the other racing it, to become part of a gang. With persuasion and practice of their new ... Read more


  • The Friend

    by Julie Day ...
    Single mother Fiona knows that her seven-year old son Eddie has autism, but doesn't know much about it and how it affects him, so doesn't know how she can help him. Then Tom appears at the door saying he has come to help them find out about autism and make their life easier. He helps Eddie tell Fiona how autism affects him and how she can help, then helps Fiona by letting her know what autism is ... Read more

    £0.76 or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Life in the Old Dog

    by Julie Day ...
    series Geraldine's Gems
    Dolores Weybridge has been married 35 years to Roger, and in all that time they've bonded and have always made up after arguments, until now. Roger isn't talking to her after a row, only Dolores can't remember what it was about, so she can't mention it and can't work out how to put it right. Her tears bring her dead sister, Geraldine, to visit her. Geraldine suggests that Dolores bring some oomph ... Read more