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  • Kingdoms of Elfin

    series Handheld Classics
    “A book for anyone who has heard the horns of Elfin in the distance at twilight.” – Neil GaimanOriginally published in The New Yorker, this evocative collection of adult fairytales consists of sixteen sly and enchanting stories. Warner explores the morals, domestic practices, politics, and passions of the kingdoms of Elfin by following their affairs with mortals, and their daring flights across ... Read more


  • Kingdoms of Sand: Books 1-3

    Game of Thrones meets Spartacus in an epic saga of sand and splendor. This bundle contains the first three novels of Kingdoms of Sand, a fantasy series from a USA Today bestselling author. That's over 1,000 pages of battles, intrigue, and magic.Sweeping from snowy forests to cruel deserts, from bazaars of wonder to fields of war, here is a tale of legionaries and lepers, priests and paupers, kings ... Read more


  • Unlit

    by Keri Arthur ...
    series A Kingdoms of Earth & Air Novel #1
    Winterborne has long been a city divided between those who have magic, and those who do not. Between those who are free, and those who are not…Though classified as having no magic, Neve March can hear the whispers of the wind and sometimes even control her. But it’s a secret she must hold close if she wishes to continue as Nightwatch—the soldiers who guard Winterborne against those who roam the ... Read more


  • Cursed

    by Keri Arthur ...
    series A Kingdoms of Earth & Air Novel
    Whomsoever draws the sword from the ancient seat of this land shall rule her, and they shall bring peace and prosperity to her people.For nearly a thousand years, the firstborn son of every Cannamore king has drawn the sword, and the land and her people have indeed prospered. Princess Nyx Bel-Hannon is neither male nor firstborn, but it’s her hand that draws the sword rather than her twin brother ... Read more


  • Burn

    by Keri Arthur ...
    series Kingdoms of Earth & Air #3
    Will a woman with no memory be the salvation of her people… or the means of their final destruction?Nara Velez wakes in a prison pod with no idea how she got there. She quickly learns that things have drastically changed during the time she can’t remember—and not just with her situation. The Mareritt—an ancient enemy—now control most of Arleeon and treat her people little better than slaves.Worse ... Read more


  • Crowns of Rust

    Kingdoms of Sand Book 2

    series Kingdoms of Sand #2
    The noble House of Sela is shattered. Its five children, once heirs to a bustling port, are scattered around the Encircled Sea. Their kingdom, the ancient land of Zohar, lies in ruin following a devastating invasion.As the dust settles, new fires kindle.In a shattering world, the pieces are up for grabs. Here fleets clash at sea, and desert warriors battle among dunes and ancient ruins; cloaked ... Read more


  • The Kingdoms of Ruin Vol. 2

    by yoruhashi ...
    series The Kingdoms of Ruin #2
    Witches were long the shepherds of all mankind, but the scientific Redia Empire rose up to exterminate them, one by one. When they murdered his mentor, the Ice Witch Chloe, Adonis swore revenge on the entire human race. But now, ten years after the Witch Hunts, a revelation stays his hand. Some small number of witches have survived in hiding. They may even hold the key to Chloe's resurrection. ... Read more


  • Temples of Dust

    Kingdoms of Sand Book 4

    series Kingdoms of Sand #4
    The sadistic Empress Porcia rules over a shattering empire.Enemies are everywhere. Risen from misty forests, a barbarian horde sweeps toward her capital. Across the southern sea, her brother builds an armada to slay her. In the cold north, young Princess Valentina seeks allies to destroy the Empire and rebuild the Republic. As the noose tightens around Porcia's neck, the empress musters her armies ... Read more


  • Halls of Shadow

    Kingdoms of Sand Book 5

    series Kingdoms of Sand #5
    The world reels from a shocking assassination. The Aelarian Empire is cracking. From the ashes of a burnt world, warlords, barbarians, and rebels emerge to claim the remains.Outside the walls of Aelar, different factions converge. Tribal warriors prepare to shatter the gates. Valentina, a senator's daughter, seeks to enter the city and rebuild the Republic. Prince Seneca, the last scion of a ... Read more


  • Echoes of Light

    Kingdoms of Sand Book 6

    series Kingdoms of Sand #6
    Zohar, an ancient land of sand and splendor, rallies for its last stand. The genocidal Aelarian Empire sends its legions to destroy the small desert kingdom. King Epher and his band of rebels stand against a fire they cannot extinguish. And it is Claudia herself, once Epher's paramour, who leads the legions tasked with killing him.Across the sea, in the Empire's capital, a cruel new emperor has ... Read more


  • Kings of Ruin

    Kingdoms of Sand Book 1

    Game of Thrones meets Spartacus in a new fantasy saga from a USA Today bestselling author.In an ancient world of sand and splendor, an empire awakens.Aelar, a mighty nation, spreads its tentacles. Its oared galleys storm the seas, and the waters run red with blood. Its legionaries swarm desert ruins, smiting barbarian hordes. Its crosses line the roadsides, displaying the dying flesh of heroes.The ... Read more


  • The Kingdoms of Ruin Vol. 1

    by yoruhashi ...
    series The Kingdoms of Ruin #1
    For ages, humanity flourished through the power of magic, a gift from Witches to aid mankind. But times have changed. The scientific Gear Expansion has made both magic and witches obsolete. In order to liberate humanity from the blight of magic, the mighty Redia Empire began a ruthless hunt to exterminate all witches. Adonis was only a boy when the hunt began, apprentice to a witch he dearly loved ... Read more