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  • Bloody Dominions

    The Conquest Trilogy:1

    by Nick Macklin ...
    58-56 BCE. As Caesar’s campaign unfolds, tests of courage and belief will confront the three protagonists, shaping them as individuals and challenging their views of the world and each other:Atticus – an impetuous but naturally gifted soldier, whose grandfather served with distinction in the legions;Allerix – a Chieftain of the Aduatuci, who finds himself fighting both for and against Caesar; ... Read more


  • Deep Water

    Dominions III

    by TW Iain ...
    Book 3 - Dominions
    Rodin’s old life is over. But before he can move on, he needs to understand his past. He needs to know how he escaped death in the bunker, and why he threw himself into the chasm. And he needs to know why others still want him dead.After a decade separated from society, Paskia’s life is finally back on course. But Correction has not worked, and she is still considered a threat. If Paskia is to ... Read more


  • Four Dominions

    The latest blockbuster thriller in the Testament series

    Book 3 - Testament
    The End of Days has been predicted for the last two thousand years, but now it is upon us.A secret war was raged for millennia, a bitter conflict as old as time itself: the battle between Good and Evil. Brother and sister Emma and Bravo Shaw now stand at the epicentre of the confrontation, for they possess the only copy of The Book of Deathly Things – the fallen Archangel Lucifer's first and last ... Read more


  • Dead Flesh

    Dominions II

    by TW Iain ...
    Book 2 - Dominions
    Who is Rodin?He thought he was a professional killer, paid for his expertise. But now, he no longer needs the money. He only kills to keep the nightmares at bay.He thought he could remain detached. But removing those he knows to be innocent no longer makes sense. Tracking down a target on the whim of a vengeful old man and his conniving son makes him question his own motives.He thought he only ... Read more


  • The Stolen Throne

    by Abigail Owen ...
    Book 2 - Dominions
    The hidden princess, now in the clutches of the king, must find a way to stop him—and the Shadowraith she’s fallen for—in the next installment of Abigail Owen’s sprawling, sexy upper YA fantasy.The Dominions series is best enjoyed in order.Reading Order:Book #1 The Liar’s CrownBook #2 The Stolen Throne ... Read more



  • The Liar’s Crown

    by Abigail Owen ...
    Book 1 - Dominions
    Paste Magazine Pick for Best New YA Books of August 2022“An addictive, action-packed, scorcher of a read!” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Alyson NoëlSome shadows protect you…others will kill you in this dazzling new fantasy series from award-winning author Abigail Owen.Everything about my life is a lie. As a hidden twin princess, born second, I have only one purpose—to sacrifice my ... ... Read more


  • Final Target

    Dominions IX

    by TW Iain ...
    Book 9 - Dominions
    Everything has changed.The Dome is no longer the safe haven its residents believed. The districts are in the hands of the enemy. And Authority is stronger in every way, with more warriors, more resources, and more information.The rebellion continues. While there’s life, there’s hope, and those rebelling against Authority won’t give up. They’ll fight to the death.The dark glass will shatter, and ... Read more


  • Fallen Domain

    Dominions VIII

    by TW Iain ...
    Book 8 - Dominions
    Can old adversaries become allies?Rodin knows Authority must be stopped, and that means returning to the Dome. But the only one who knows a way in is Cat, the one-time Authority agent who has been manipulating Rodin for years, playing with Rodin's life for his own suspicious ends.To the south of the Dome, Authority relentlessly push Genna back, forcing a retreat into the heart of her district. ... Read more


  • Unconscious Dominions

    Psychoanalysis, Colonial Trauma, and Global Sovereignties

    By the 1920s, psychoanalysis was a technology of both the late-colonial state and anti-imperialism. Insights from psychoanalysis shaped European and North American ideas about the colonial world and the character and potential of native cultures. Psychoanalytic discourse, from Freud’s description of female sexuality as a “dark continent” to his conceptualization of primitive societies and the ... Read more


  • Fading Control

    Dominions VII

    by TW Iain ...
    Book 7 - Dominions
    They might have won the battle, but the war is only just starting.Rodin heads west, into a fractured district, on the verge of collapse unless he can pull disparate forces together, once more putting his life on the line.Cat, to the north, walks a tightrope deep within Authority, where those above him surely know of his betrayal, where he can trust nobody and nothing, where any wrong move may be ... Read more


  • Dominions Box Set

    Books I-III

    by TW Iain ...
    series Dominions
    To confront the future, he must first conquer his past.Rodin, an assassin for hire in the chaos of the districts, is no stranger to death. He has the scars to prove it, each one a lesson, a mistake he won’t make again. But some scars hide beneath the surface.When Rodin takes a contract within the perfect society of the Dome, he is forced to confront threats that have lain dormant for over a decade ... Read more


  • Riled Dogs

    Dominions IV

    by TW Iain ...
    Book 4 - Dominions
    The only certainty in life is death.Genna can’t let her guard down, even for a moment. Running a district is hard work, and there are always those determined to undermine her. And now she has a fugitive from the Dome to protect, someone who is still seen as a threat to be neutralised.Then there is her old enemy to the east, an enemy who appears to have new, worryingly powerful weapons. Already, ... Read more