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  • Dragon Dance: Let This Be Our Last Battleground

    Book 24 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 12 (2.12) - The exciting conclusion to season 2Ahiana, dragon-shifter and sister of Drage's deceased mate, believes he killed her. She will stop at nothing to see him punished and arrived at The Manor determined to challenge him. However, he initially refused to fight her, but when she attacked Oli, all be it by mistake, Drage's fury has given her exactly what she ... Read more


  • Fire and Ice: Dragons at War

    Book 23 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 11 (2.11)After Oli helps increase The Manor's defences with the assistance of Josh and Lucy, Drage insists on giving him a reward for all his hard work while Josh finds himself in a similar situation with Pippa. It is a time of love and relaxation amid the stress of the dangers on the horizon.Unfortunately, the peace cannot last. When the warnings those at The Manor ... Read more


  • Consolidation: Magic in the Water

    Book 22 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 10 (2.10)With The Manor in danger, the most powerful in the Council have come together to initiate a plan to defend it. Learning everything about the Council and knowing he is there only because his mate is a dragon-shifter has brought up many of Oli's old insecurities as he feels useless among them. However, a chance meeting with Josh may change that as half-fae and ... Read more


  • Call to Defence: Magical Convergence

    Book 21 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 09 (2.09)It is the full moon and Josh and Pippa are feeling adventurous. However, their attempts to explore the events that occurred while Oli was helping Josh understand his sexual preferences bring to light further revelations.Josh takes this news to Lucy. There are decisions to be made and possible dangers looming on the horizon for The Manor and its residents. It ... Read more


  • Lasting Bond: The History of Dragon & Succubus

    Book 20 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 08 (2.08)Oli is feeling curious and asks Drage about the first time he met Lucy. While Drage has told him the basics in passing, he has never gone into detail and Oli finds he wants to know everything his mate is willing to share.Drage and Lucy's first meeting was in a very different time when Drage was hobbled by a collar that indiscriminately blocked most of his ... Read more


  • Warning of Snow: The Dreams of a Vampire

    Book 19 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 07 (2.07)Fuyuko finds herself in a very confusing dream. Given that her inhuman mind does not usually stir when she sleeps, this is a noteworthy event. However, it is more baffling than anything else.Going to Lucy, Fuyuko shares the revelations of her unconscious mind, and together they try to understand if this is a warning or an unexpected aftereffect of some of the ... Read more


  • Level Up: Werewolves & Dragons & Fae, Oh My!

    Book 18 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 06 (2.06)Oli is surprised when Drage brings up Josh and Josh's potential career change since it was the topic that caused them so much stress. However, now they are mated, and their bond is secure, Drage wishes to know if Oli still feels the same way about helping his friend.This leads Oli to offer to assist Josh in discovering if his bi-curiosity is more than simple ... Read more


  • Solo Games: Payment of Power

    Book 17 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 05 (2.05)The magical spike that escaped the protections around Drage and Oli was felt by more than Lucy and she needs to find out how far away it was picked up. First stop is her mis-matched family, but she cannot simply halt there and hope.Once she has her answers at home, Lucy must look further afield to an acquaintance in London. There she may find the information ... Read more


  • Taking a Mate: A Dragon's Passion

    Book 16 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 04 (2.04)Drage and Oli have taken every precaution so they may join together as mates without allowing the greater supernatural world to discover the precious secret of Drage's dragon-shifter nature. However, while the protection magic settles they have a few more personal things to sort out, things that bring Oli's self-doubts to the surface.Oli loves Drage with all ... Read more


  • Safety Net: Magic to Protect & Obscure

    Book 15 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 03 (2.03)Drage has apologised to Oli for frightening him so badly. Oli had accepted the dragon-shifter's apology and more, but with Drage's need to remain off the general supernatural radar, there are obstacles to taking the next step in their relationship.Lucy is there to help them choose and implement magical protection so they can complete what they have started. ... Read more


  • Apologies: Fae Trust & Dragon Fire

    Book 14 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 02 (2.02)Lucy must find out what has happened between Oli and Drage to leave Oli in such a distraught and vulnerable state. What she discovers has far more ramifications than she could have guessed for the half-fae and dragon-shifter.Drage has damaged the trust between himself and Oli and does not even understand why he did it. Only Lucy's perspective can help him to ... Read more


  • Training Day: Drawbacks of Werewolf Demonstrability

    Book 13 - The Manor
    The Manor - Season 02 Episode 01 (2.01)Josh is still dealing with an overactive libido as well as unpredictable magic thanks to joining with Lucy and the pack to save his sanity. It has been months and it is clearly not lessening. The obvious solution is to give up being a bartender and join the sexier side of the business at The Manor.Unfortunately, there are two questions he needs to ask first ... Read more