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    Super Intense Ending

    Talk about raising the stakes! Though like its predecessor, the events in KING OF FOOLS take their time to unfold. Most of the action gives way to characters, relationships, and world building. The characters spend a lot of time in their own heads and hearts, leaving plenty of space between dialogue tags. I found it interesting, especially since we're treated to three perspectives: Enne, Levi, and my beloved Jac. Their storylines all connected, yet diverged so each character got their time to shine. I sympathized with all of them and while I preferred Jac's story the most, I have to say that watching Levi and Enne scramble to control the events that will throw their lives out of order. We were also introduced to some new side characters that I hope to see more of in the future (looking at you, Sophia and Tock!). The world was built on, though most of the story focused on politics in all its nit and grit. I usually don't mind these kinds of plot lines, though this one didn't hold my interest as much as I hoped. Still, there were a fair amount of action scenes to keep me engaged, and the ending was absolutely crazy. There were more than a few twists and betrayals than I expected, though there was one MAJOR one that didn't click with me as much as it should have. Potentially because this book is very, very long. That said, I don't think it's a bad twist and really want to see where it goes! And the ending leaves so many questions that I need answered. I would love to go into more details but that would be delving into spoiler territory. All I can say is that the finale will be INTENSE, and I can barely contain my eagerness to see if all the broken things can be repaired, and who will still be alive at the end. This has been a really fun series so far and I can't wait to see the ending unfold!

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