Using promo codes

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    Using a promo code on

    Promo codes offer special discounts that can only be applied to some books and audiobooks in the Kobo Store. You can usually only use a promo code once.

    If you receive an email that includes a promo code, your promo code will work for a select list of titles only, and only for the duration of the promotion mentioned in your email. This is because not all publishers allow discounts, so promo codes cannot be used for every book in the Kobo Store.
    • About promo code valid dates:Please refer to the promo code email for details about when the promo code is valid, and when it expires. Details about the valid dates for the promo code can be found at the very bottom of the email in fine print.
    • Note: Some promo codes can't be redeemed on the original Kobo Wi Fi and the Kobo Mini, but you can redeem your promo code on, and then sync your eReader to see your new purchases.
    1. To get to the Checkout screen to enter your promo code:
      • For each item you want to purchase, click Add to Cart, then click the Shopping Cart icon, and then click Checkout.
      • Click Buy Now if you're purchasing a single book or audiobook.
      You'll be taken to the Checkout screen. Note: If you're not signed in, you'll need to sign in to continue to the Checkout screen. If you've never shopped with Kobo before, click New? Sign up here. Follow the prompts to create a Kobo account, and complete your billing and payment information.
    2. Click Add promo code.
    3. Enter your promo code, and click Apply. If the promo code applies to the item(s) you're buying, your order total will change to show your discount. Repeat this step for any additional promo codes you want to apply.Note: Promo codes are case-sensitive. Make sure that you enter upper and lower case letters if you see it in the promo code.
    4. Enter any additional payment details you may have (for example, credit card information, gift card information).
    5. Click Save and Continue.
    6. Click Complete Purchase.
    Notes about promo codes:
    • Some promo codes only work specifically for Kobo eReaders-only, and some promo codes only work on the Kobo website only (
    • Promo codes that can be redeemed on your eReader cannot be redeemed for an eBook on the Kobo website ( The opposite is also true--- promo codes that are redeemable on the Kobo website cannot be used on your Kobo eReader.

    Resolving problems with a promo code

    Promo codes can only be applied to eligible eBooks, since not all publishers choose to take part in promotions.

    If you're experiencing problems redeeming your promo code, here are some reasons a promo code might not apply to an eBook or audiobook:

    • The promo code has expired, or isn't active yet.
    • You or someone you share your account with may have already redeemed the promo code (promo codes are usually good for one time only).
    • The promo code may have been entered incorrectly (promo codes are case sensitive).
    • The promo code may not be valid for your chosen eBook due to publisher restrictions.
    • The promo code may not be eligible in your region.
    • You've already applied the maximum ten promo codes to a single purchase.
    • You may be using your Kobo eReader to apply a promo code. Try using the promo code on the Kobo website instead.

    If you continue to have issues, please contact Kobo Customer Care. Let them know which item you were trying to buy, the promo code you were trying to use, and the date and time you tried to make your purchase.