Changing your credit card or billing information

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    You can change your payment details at or during checkout.

    Before updating your Kobo account with a new credit card, here are a few things to remember:
    • Enter your billing address and postal code exactly like it appears on your credit card statement.
    • If you have trouble purchasing a book using a new credit card, try entering abbreviated and full versions of the street names. For example 'Street' and 'St.', or 'Drive' and 'Dr'.
    • If you're a U.S. customer, enter the postal code in full. For example, 00000-0000.
    • Ensure that you're entering the address that's associated with your new credit card.
    • Make sure that your new credit card has been activated.
    1. Go to
    2. Sign in to your account, depending on what you see:
      • Click Sign in.
      • Click the Menu icon.Click Sign in.
    3. Enter your username and password.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. Open your account details with one of these options, depending on what you see:
      • Click My Account next to the Profile icon at the top right of the page.
      • Click the Menu icon at the top left of the page, then click My Account next to the Profile icon.
    6. Click Account Settings.
    7. Click Payment Information.
    8. Enter your credit card information and the billing address associated with that credit card.
    9. Click Save.