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    If you've charged your Kobo eReader or tablet for at least four hours and it does not turn on, it might mean that your battery is not working.

    If your device is still covered by Kobo’s limited warranty:
    • Please contact Kobo Customer Care to find out if you are eligible to exchange it.

    If your device is not covered by Kobo's warranty:

    • Kobo may still be able to replace the battery. Click here to find out if Kobo’s battery repair or replacement service is available in your region.

    Please note that if you are sending an eReader or tablet to Kobo for replacement or repair, you may receive a different device, model, or colour. Your replacement device will be of equal or greater value to the current value of the device you own now.

    Device return checklist

    Kobo is not responsible for any loss of your accessories, data, software, or files, nor the cost of replacing or recovering them. Before sending your device to Kobo for replacement or repair, please follow the steps below.

    • If possible, back up any data, software, or files on your device.
    • Remove any external accessories (covers, gel skins, SD cards, etc.).
    • Keep your USB cable.

    Identifying a damaged screen

    If your Kobo device has been physically damaged, it is no longer covered by Kobo’s limited warranty.

    On a Kobo eReader, a physically damaged screen will look like it’s been shattered, or you may see vertical or horizontal lines on the screen with a frozen image. If you haven’t dropped or otherwise damaged your Kobo eReader, but the screen is showing vertical or horizontal lines, or is blank in some areas, you should try to reset your device. If a reset doesn't work, please contact Kobo Customer Care.

    On a Kobo tablet, physical breaks or cracks in the device indicate that your device has been physically damaged. If your Kobo tablet screen is blank or is displaying straight vertical lines, please contact Kobo Customer Care.