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    eBooks you purchase from Kobo in PDF format aren't automatically synced to your Library, and is protected with encryption. This means you'll need to use a software called Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to load the protected PDF onto your eReader.

    If you have a PDF file with no encryption (for example, a free PDF you found online), you do not need to use Adobe Digital Editions to load the file onto your eReader.

    For PDFs that are not protected, simply connect a USB cable to your eReader and computer, then tap Connect on your eReader. Next, drag the PDF file onto your eReader. After you eject your eReader, the PDF file will appear on your eReader's Home screen.

    To manually add a protected PDF to your eReader using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), follow these instructions:

    1. Go to kobo.com
    2. Sign in to your account, depending on what you see:

      • Click Sign in.
      • Click the Menu icon.Click Sign in.
    3. Enter your username and password.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. Open your account details with one of these options, depending on what you see:
      • Click the Profile icon at the top right of the page, then click My Books.
      • Click the Menu icon at the top left of the page, click the Profile icon, then click My Books.
    6. Find the eBook in PDF format you'd like to add to your Library.
    7. To the right of the eBook's name, or under 'Actions', click the menu icon.
    8. Click Download PDF. The PDF will open in your web browser.
    9. Save the PDF to your computer.
    10. Add the PDF to your Kobo eReader using Adobe Digital Editions.