Troubleshooting audiobooks

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    Having trouble trying to listen to audiobooks? Try the steps below to see if it solves your problem.

    How do I cancel my audiobooks subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription from our website at any time. Click here to learn more about cancelling your subscription.

    Why can't I find the audiobook I just purchased on my Kobo App?

    There could be a few reasons:
    • If you have more than one Kobo account, make sure that you're signed in to the correct account on the Kobo App.
    • Make sure you're connected to Wi Fi, and then sync your Kobo App.
    • You can only listen to audiobooks on iOS and Android devices using the Kobo App. You cannot listen to audiobooks on Kobo Desktop, Kobo eReaders, Kobo Vox, or Kobo Arc tablets.

    I purchased an audiobook from Kobo. How do I listen to it?

    You can listen to your audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet using the Kobo App for iOS or Android.

    After you’ve installed the Kobo App on your iOS or Android device, you'll need to sync the Kobo App to get the audiobook.

    To sync your Kobo App:
    • on iOS, tap the Refresh icon a the top of the screen
    • on Android, tap the Menu icon, then tap Sync.

    I got an email about audiobooks. How do I start listening?

    You can visit our audiobooks page to learn more about the service. The easiest way to start listening is to browse our catalogue and find the audiobook you want to listen to. Before you start, you'll need the latest version of the Kobo App for iOS or Android device to listen to audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet. You'll need the latest version of iOS (iOS 9 or later) or Android (version 4.4 or higher) to listen to audiobooks with the Kobo App.

    Audiobooks are available to customers living in:
    • Canada
    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • New Zealand

    I can see my audiobook on my Kobo App but I can't listen to it. Why?

    After you've purchased your audiobook, you'll need to download the audiobook onto your smartphone or tablet. To download your audiobook, just tap on the cover and the download will begin. It may take a few minutes for the download to finish. If your audiobook cover shows the download icon on the cover, it means that you need to download the audiobook. To conserve your data plan, it's best to download audiobooks using a Wi Fi connection.