Products no longer manufactured or supported by Kobo: Common questions

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    To see a list of devices and software that are no longer supported by Kobo, visit the page here:

    Products no longer manufactured or supported by Kobo.

    I got a message from Kobo about updates to my device. Am I affected?

    The following devices are NOT affected and will continue to work as normal:

    • Kobo Forma (Model N782)
    • Kobo Clara HD (Model N249)
    • Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2 (Model N867)
    • Kobo Aura ONE (Model N709)
    • Kobo Aura Edition 2 (Model N236)
    • Kobo Touch 2.0 (Model N587)
    • Kobo Glo HD (Model N437)
    • Kobo Aura H2O (Model N250)
    • Kobo Aura (Model N514)
    • Kobo Aura HD (Model N204B)
    • Kobo Glo (Model N613)
    • Kobo Touch (Model N905, N905B, N905C)

    Not sure where to find your model number? Follow the steps in this article: eReader Model numbers.

    Can I still download books from the public library?

    Yes, you can continue to use Adobe Digital Editions to add books to your eReader. Follow the steps in this article to learn more: Borrowing books from the public library

    If your eReader supports the built-in OverDrive feature, you can continue to borrow books on your eReader.

    Follow the steps in this article to learn more: Borrowing books with OverDrive

    What software version should I have?

    If you received a message about a required update before February 28th, your device should have these software versions to continue to keep working.

    If your device doesn’t have the software version below, you’ll need to update your device software.

    • Kobo WiFi - Software version: 1.9.12
    • Kobo Vox - Software version: 5.3.1
    • Kobo Mini - Software version: 3.19.5760.
    • Kobo Arc - Build number: JRO03L.781
    • Arc 7 - Build number: WiFiOnly.303
    • Arc 7 HD - Build number: WiFiOnly.339
    • Arc 10 HD - Build number: JDQ39.932

    What does this mean for my Kobo WiFi (model numbers: N647 and N47B)?

    After February 28th, 2019, you'll need to use the Kobo Desktop app to sync books to your Kobo WiFi eReader (model numbers N647 and N474B only. Follow the steps in this article to verify your eReader model).

    What does this mean for my Kobo Mini?

    You'll need to install the mandatory update on February 28th, 2019 to continue to:

    • Buy eBooks on your Kobo Mini
    • Sync your Kobo Mini through WiFi and Kobo Desktop to get your latest book purchases

    If you don't install the mandatory update, your Kobo Mini won't connect to Kobo servers. This means that you won't be able to add new eBooks to your Kobo eReader with Wi Fi or Kobo Desktop.

    Is this the last software update for Kobo Mini?

    As of February 28th, 2019, the Mini will no longer be supported by Rakuten Kobo. This means it will no longer receive software updates, and will not be able to connect to the Kobo Store.

    Kobo Mini requires a mandatory software update by February 28th, 2019.

    To stay aligned with global internet security standards, we are releasing a mandatory software update for all Kobo Mini eReaders. Without this update, the Kobo Mini will no longer be able to exit the setup process after a factory reset is performed.

    Will my eBooks or Kobo library be affected?

    No items in your Kobo library will be affected.

    How do I update my Kobo Mini's software?

    To update the Kobo Mini’s software:

    Follow the prompts on your Kobo Mini to install the update before February 28th, 2019. If you are unable to do this before February 28th, 2019, you will need to install the update manually using the Kobo Desktop Application for Windows or OSX.

    1. Connect your eReader to your computer using a Micro USB cable and tap Connect.
    2. Open the Kobo Desktop on your computer.
    3. If you're not already signed in to your Kobo account, click the Profile icon at the top of your screen and sign in.
    4. Click the Sync icon.

    Your eReader will sync and update the software and add the latest books.

    I have an older Kobo eReader. Can I exchange it for a new model?

    For information on your exchange options, please contact us.

    Does this mean I can't buy eBooks anymore?

    You can continue to buy books on and read them on the Kobo Desktop app, the Kobo Books app, and any of our newer Kobo eReaders.

    You can continue to read your eBooks with:

    How can I download books to my computer for later use?

    Follow the steps in the article below to download your eBooks:

    I got an email asking me to complete a software update by February 28th, 2019. I don’t have a computer, and only an iPad. Does this mean I will no longer be able to download books after this date?

    You can download and install the mandatory software update via any WiFi connection. It is important to update your Kobo eReader or tablet (except KoboVox) to ensure you have continued access to the Kobo Store and your library.

    I've just received the message about no more wifi updates for my Kobo as I have an older model. Does this mean that I can only read books on my laptop, tablet or phone?

    You can continue to add books to your Kobo eReader using the Kobo Desktop app.

    Tablets like Arc, Arc 7, Arc 7HD and Arc 10 HD need to be updated to the latest software to continue to work, after February 28th.

    You can continue to read your eBooks with the: