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  • Odiya Bhasha ki Pratinidhi Kahaniya

    हरि सिंह सरकारी कामकाजों में अब तक कई छोटे-बड़े कस्बों में स्थानांतरित हो चुके थे। अब वह दस साल से कटक हेड पोस्ट-ऑफिस में काम कर रहे हैं। अच्छी कार्यशैली होने के कारण उन्हें प्रमोशन मिलते रहे। अब वह हेड चपरासी हैं। मासिक वेतन नौ रूपए। कटक शहर में सब कुछ खरीदना पड़ता है। आग जलाने के लिए माचिस की पेटी भी खरीदनी पड़ती थी। पेट काटकर जितना भी बचाओ, मगर पाँच रूपए से कम खर्च नहीं आता था। किसी भी हालत में घर ... Read more


  • Chin Me Saat Din

    चीन की साहित्यिक यात्रा मेरे लिए अत्यंत ही महत्वपूर्ण थी। जैसे ही चार-पांच महीने पूर्व डॉ. जय प्रकाश मानसजी की इस बार चीन में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हिन्दी सम्मेलन के आयोजन किए जाने की घोषणा अंतरजाल पर पढ़ी, वैसे ही मन ही मन ह्वेनसांग व फाहयान के चेहरे उभरने लगे, दुनिया के सात आश्चर्यों में से एक आश्चर्य चीन की दीवार आँखों के सामने दिखने लगी और चीन की विकास दर का तेजी से बढ़ता ग्राफ मानस-पटल पर अंकित होने ... Read more


  • Mastering in windows 7 ultimate 2017 ebook

    Introduction to Mastering in windows 7 ultimate 2017.

    Mastering in window 7 eBook elements.Explore Window 7 ultimate, configure, control, and customize, windows 7 basic and advanced features.Learning about computer, computer fundamental, computer working system, and basic information technology, first look & new window 7 interface.Explore windows operating system journey, how window 7 install, configure and customize window & its settings.Explore ... Read more


  • Apache open office writer 4.1 eBook.

    Introduction to open office writer

    Introduction what is Apache open office writer 4.1Explore Apache open office & it’s all application in detail name text document writer, spreadsheet calc, presentation impress, database base, drawings draw, formula math, step of installation Apache open office suits in windows.Free of cost, open source, support all platform, versatile application allow dealing with many license and open source ... Read more


  • Microsoft office 2016 & 2013 ebook

    Learn microsoft office all application

    Microsoft office 2016 introduction eBook highlight.All Microsoft office 2016 update in year 2017 you find in this book.Learn everything from start to end about Microsoft office suites 2016 & 2013.Install, configure, get application description, control, dialog information.Each Microsoft application tab, menu, command, dialog theory first time add in this book.All Microsoft modern and legacy ... Read more


  • Fasciolosis: Causes, Challenges and Controls

    This book provides an up-to-date review of fasciolosis, a disease caused by Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica, including its biology, transmission, epidemiology, host distribution, economic impact, and novel approaches for its diagnosis, treatment and prevention.It first offers a brief overview of the history of the disease, the genetic diversity of the parasite and its distribution, and ... Read more


  • Expertise Your C

    This book is intended for anyone, who is interested in knowing about computers and basics of C. We are extremely happy to come out with this book on " Expertise your C" for students of all the streams in Computer Applications. I have divided the syllabus into the small chapters so that the topics can be arranged properly. The topics within the chapters have been arranged in a proper sequence to ... Read more


  • Mobile Radio Communications and 5G Networks

    Proceedings of MRCN 2020

    series Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems #140
    The book features original papers by active researchers presented at the International Conference on Mobile Radio Communications and 5G Networks. It includes recent advances and upcoming technologies in the field of cellular systems, 2G/2.5G/3G/4G/5G and beyond, LTE, WiMAX, WMAN, and other emerging broadband wireless networks, WLAN, WPAN, and various home/personal networking technologies, ... Read more


  • Nanocellulose and Its Composites for Water Treatment Applications

    Biological materials and their applications have drawn increasing attention among scientists. Cellulose is an abundant, renewable, biodegradable, economical, thermally stable and light material and has found application in pharmaceuticals, coatings, food, textiles, laminates, sensors, actuators, flexible electronics, and flexible displays. Its Nano form has extraordinary surface properties like ... Read more


  • PostgreSQL High Performance Cookbook

    Get to know effective ways to improve PostgreSQL's performance and master query optimization, and database monitoring.About This BookPerform essential database tasks such as benchmarking the database and optimizing the server's memory usageLearn ways to improve query performance and optimize the PostgreSQL serverExplore a wide range of high availability and replication mechanisms to build robust, ... Read more


  • Artificial Intelligence for a Sustainable Industry 4.0

    This book outlines the recent advancements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and addresses how useful it is in achieving truly sustainable solutions. The book also serves as a useful reference literature in developing sustainable engineering solutions to various social and techno-commercial issues of global significance. This book is organized into two sections: section 1 is focused on ... Read more


  • Medicinal Plants for Lung Diseases

    A Pharmacological and Immunological Perspective

    This book summarizes experimentally-supported research on the therapeutic efficacy of plant extracts and their constituents on a range of respiratory diseases including infections. It discusses the pharmacological, cellular and molecular factors involved in the pathogenies of respiratory diseases and their modulation by plant-derived compounds. Additionally, it underlines the growing relevance of ... Read more