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Add Kobo to Your Facebook Timeline

  • Share your entire library, or just a few of your favourite titles, to Facebook.
  • Let your Facebook friends know when you start or finish an eBook, and share notes and highlights.
  • Track your Reading Life over time, including eBooks read, awards won, and changes in your reading habits.

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  • Kobo Pulse

    Join the world’s biggest book club! Find out how many people are reading with you, see what they think of the passage you just read, and leave comments for the rest of the Kobo community.

  • over 4 million eBooks

    Browse and shop over 4 million eBooks by visiting Kobo.com. Choose from new releases, NYT® bestsellers, and more.

  • Free eBooks

    Discover free eBooks, with romance, history, classics, and everything in between.

  • Manage Your Library

    Download your entire eBook collection, or stick to just a few of your favourite titles. Plus, create your own shelves with custom labels.

  • Customize Your Experience

    Multiple font sizes and styles, as well as the option to read in day or night mode, makes eReading easy for all types of eyes.

  • Pick Up Right Where
    You Left Off

    Automatically syncs highlights, annotations across iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and Kobo eReaders. Plus, Kobo bookmarks your eBooks so you always return to the last page you read.

Kobo App for iPhone and iPad

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