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    2 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    A stellar romp through space...I love it!

    A stellar romp through space...I love it! Violet had been waiting until marriage to have sex with her fiancé, Joshua. After she catches him cheating, she cancels as much as she can and exchanges her honeymoon tickets for a soothing spa cruise. It is not exactly what she expected! See what happens when your expectations color everything you see? A pampering, women-only spa ship, indeed! I really got a kick out of Violet - she does finally figure out what's going on. She has a strong sense of self and isn't afraid to speak up for what she wants. She's also capable of getting a few good licks in during a fight; something quite unheard of in Cadoc's world. Cadoc, a Docadian warrior, places a female's safety above all else. He's a magnificent warrior. Watching these two get together is priceless, especially with all the assumptions Violet makes in the beginning. The authors' sense of humor is unrivaled, and had me chortling throughout! Villains. There are enough villains in this story to keep your head spinning to see who's attacking next! This is a very exciting novel, full of fun, fantasies-come-true, and furious fighting. Highly recommended!

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