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    Fun read!

    Emma lived a semi-normal life as a foster kid. Sure she moved around from family to family never truly having a place to call home. She kept sane by keeping little note books labelled “things I should of said” and the newspaper “The Emma Daily” where she made up newspaper headlines to advertise what was happening to her. Her life did a flip when she finds out about her twin sister Sutton, and even more when she learns that Sutton was murdered. With Sutton killer after her, Emma has to play the part of her twin, while finding out who killed her. It had to be either Charlotte, Madeline, or Laurel. It also had to be on August 31st, as that day Sutton wrote her last post on Facebook, and never returned any of her miss phone calls. So who did it? Emma and Ethan (who now knows about Emma and that the real Sutton is dead), do some detective work in order to clear Sutton’s best friends/sister names. Do to the stealthiness of their work, Ethan and Emma find themselves spending a lot of their time alone together, and you can tell there is a hint of romance in the air. With even ghost Sutton rooting, Emma and Ethan might be able to share that kiss they’ve been aiming for since book one. Emma learns even more that Sutton wasn’t always the nicest person, as the train prank she pulled really turn the gears of her friends when Emma brings it up. The Twitter Twins were a big part of that prank, leaving Gabby with some scares that can chill even the most collected Lying Game members. It seems as if Emma might have found two more suspects in the case of who killed her twin. Sara Shepard continues on with the Emma and Sutton story, making even more turns for the girls to follow. The plot thickens as she brings The Twitter Twins into full view showing how badly Sutton had messed with their lives. Emma stumbles through Sutton’s life, learning a bit more about who her twin really was, and how she Emma do not fit the moral code of Sutton. Emma and Ethan relationship develops, but Emma is scared due to the fact her killer is on to her. With new character introduced at the end, it seems as if the hunt for the killer isn’t over yet. Check out more of my book reviews at
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    0 persone hanno trovato utile questa recensione

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    This book was awesome. I couldn't stop reading it.

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