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  • El Ministerio del Futuro

    Tradotto da Simon Saito ...
    serie Biblioteca Kim Stanley Robinson
    El Ministerio del Futuro es una obra maestra de la imaginación. Narra a través de testimonios ficticios cómo nos afectará a todos el cambio climático. Su visión no es la de un mundo desolado y apocalíptico, sino la de un futuro que ya se nos echa encima… y cuyos desafíos tal vez consigamos superar por los pelos.Es una novela actual e impactante, descorazonadora y esperanzadora a partes iguales, y ... Continua

    9,99 €

  • Il ministero per il futuro

    In un prossimo futuro, un’ondata di caldo insopportabile uccide in una sola settimana quasi tutti gli abitanti di una città indiana. Il governo decide di inviare aerei per spruzzare anidride solforosa nell’atmosfera imitando l’effetto di attenuazione delle prime eruzioni vulcaniche. Una scelta che non incontra l’approvazione assoluta in tutto il mondo. Nasce dunque un nuovo organismo per la difesa ... Continua

    14,99 €

  • Audiolibro

    The Ministry for the Future


    20 ore e 41 min

    Chosen by Barack Obama as one of his favourite reads of 2020Established in 2025, the purpose of the new organisation was simple: To advocate for the world's future generations and to protect all living creatures, present and future. It soon became known as the Ministry for the Future, and this is its story.From legendary science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson comes a vision of climate change ... Continua

    23,42 €

  • Audiolibro

    The Ministry for the Future

    A Novel


    20 ore e 42 min

    From legendary science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson comes a remarkable vision of climate change over the coming decades.The Ministry for the Future is a masterpiece of the imagination, using fictional eyewitness accounts to tell the story of how climate change will affect us all. Its setting is not a desolate, postapocalyptic world, but a future that is almost upon us—and in which we might ... Continua

    23,99 €

  • Nueva York 2140

    serie Biblioteca Kim Stanley Robinson
    Año 2140. El agua ha sumergido la ciudad de Nueva York. Los habitantes se han adaptado a la nueva situación y la ciudad sigue tan bulliciosa y llena de vida como siempre. Aunque trastocada para siempre. Cada calle se ha convertido en un canal, cada rascacielos en una isla. A través de los ojos de los habitantes de diferentes edificios, Kim Stanley Robinson nos muestra cómo una de las ciudades más ... Continua

    4,99 €

  • Galileo's Dream

    A Novel

    At the heart of a provocative narrative that stretches from Renaissance Italy to the moons of Jupiter is the father of modern science: Galileo Galilei. To the inhabitants of the Jovian moons, Galileo is a revered figure whose actions will influence the subsequent history of the human race. From the summit of their distant future, a charismatic renegade named Ganymede travels to the past to bring ... Continua

    4,56 €

  • Cyberpunk

    Before email,before the world wide web,before hackers,Before sexting,before always-on GPS,before titanium implants,before Alexa, Cortana, and Siri,before the computer in your pocket was more powerful than the one that sent astronauts to the moon,there was cyberpunk.And science fiction was never the same.Cyberpunk writers—serious, smart, and courageous in the face of change—exposed the naiveté of a ... Continua

    9,49 €

  • Blue Mars

    The final novel in the worldwide bestselling Mars trilogy, now part of the Voyager Classics collection.Mars has grown upIt is fully terraformed – genetically engineered plants and animals live by newly built canals and young but stormy seas.It is politically independent. A brave and buzzing new world. Most of the First Hundred have died. Those that remain are like walking myths to Martian youth ... Continua

    8,62 €

  • The Ministry for the Future

    ONE OF BARACK OBAMA'S FAVOURITE READS OF THE YEAR'If I could get policymakers and citizens everywhere to read just one book this year, it would be Kim Stanley Robinson's The Ministry for the Future' Ezra Klein, Vox'A great read' Bill GatesThe Ministry for the Future is a masterpiece of the imagination, using fictional eyewitness accounts to tell the story of how climate ch... ... Continua

    5,99 €

  • Audiolibro


    Narrato da Ali Ahn ...


    16 ore e 56 min

    A major new novel from one of science fiction's most powerful voices, Aurora tells the incredible story of our first voyage beyond the solar system.Brilliantly imagined and beautifully told, it is the work of a writer at the height of his powers.Our voyage from Earth began generations ago.Now, we approach our new home.AURORA. ... Continua

    26,99 €

  • Green Mars

    The second volume in the bestselling Mars trilogy – and now part of the Voyager Classics collection.Mars can be plundered – for the benefit of a ravaged Earth. It can be terraformed to suit Man’s needs – frozen lakes form, lichen grows, the atmosphere slowly becomes breathable. But most importantly, Mars can be owned. On Earth, countries are bought and sold by the transnationals. Why not Mars too ... Continua

    7,79 €

  • 2312

    Tradotto da Thierry Arson ...
    Vision audacieuse et brillante du futur de l’humanité couronnée par le Nebula du meilleur roman, 2312 est sans doute le roman le plus accompli de Kim Stanley Robinson et assurément l'une des oeuvres de science-fiction les plus ambitieuses de la décennie. ... Continua

    10,99 €