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  • Ivan Illich

    An Intellectual Journey

    di David Cayley

    serie Ivan Illich: 21st-Century Perspectives #2
    In the eighteen years since Ivan Illich’s death, David Cayley has been reflecting on the meaning of his friend and teacher’s life and work. Now, in Ivan Illich: An Intellectual Journey, he presents Illich’s body of thought, locating it in its own time and retrieving its relevance for ours.Ivan Illich (1926–2002) was a revolutionary figure in the Roman Catholic Church and in the wider field of ... Read more

    € 36,91

  • Ideas on the Nature of Science

    di David Cayley

    If science is neither cookery, nor angelic virtuosity, then what is it? Modern societies have tended to take science for granted as a way of knowing, ordering, and controlling the world, where everything was subject to science, but science itself has largely escaped scrutiny. In this fascinating collection of interviews, CBC Radio's Ideas producer David Cayley talks to some of the world's most ... Read more

    € 14,24

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  • Escape from Freedom

    di Erich Fromm

    Why do people choose authoritarianism over freedom? The classic study of the psychological appeal of fascism by a New York Times–bestselling author.The pursuit of freedom has indelibly marked Western culture since Renaissance humanism and Protestantism began the fight for individualism and self-determination. This freedom, however, can make people feel unmoored, and is often accompanied by ... Read more

    € 14,13

  • This Will Make You Smarter

    150 New Scientific Concepts to Improve Your Thinking

    di John Brockman

    serie Edge Question Series
    Featuring a foreword by David Brooks, This Will Make You Smarter presents brilliant—but accessible—ideas to expand every mind.What scientific concept would improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit? This is the question John Brockman, publisher of, posed to the world’s most influential thinkers. Their visionary answers flow from the frontiers of psychology, philosophy, economics, physics, ... Read more

    € 9,35

  • The Sacred Canopy: Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion

    Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion

    di Peter L. Berger

    Influential scholar Peter L. Berger explores the sociological underpinnings of religion and the rise of a modern secular societyAcclaimed scholar and sociologist Peter L. Berger carefully lays out an understanding of religion as a historical, societal mechanism in this classic work of social theory. Berger examines the roots of religious belief and its gradual dissolution in modern times, applying ... Read more

    € 14,13

  • This Explains Everything

    150 Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant Theories of How the World Works

    di John Brockman

    serie Edge Question Series
    Drawn from the cutting-edge frontiers of science, This Explains Everything will revolutionize your understanding of the world.What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation? This is the question John Brockman, publisher of ("The world's smartest website"—The Guardian), posed to the world's most influential minds. Flowing from the horizons of physics, economics, psychology, ... Read more

    € 9,35

  • 50 Philosophy Classics

    Thinking, Being, Acting Seeing - Profound Insights and Powerful Thinking from Fifty Key Books

    di Tom Butler-Bowdon

    For over 2000 years, philosophy has been our best guide to the experience of being human, and the true nature of reality.From Aristotle, Plato, Epicurus, Confucius, Cicero and Heraclitus in ancient times to 17th century rationalists Descartes, Leibniz and Spinoza, from 20th-century greats Jean-Paul Sartre, Jean Baudrillard and Simone de Beauvoir to contemporary thinkers Michael Sandel, Peter ... Read more

    € 3,99

  • The Science Delusion

    Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry (NEW EDITION)

    di Rupert Sheldrake

    The science delusion is the belief that science already understands the nature of reality. The fundamental questions are answered, leaving only the details to be filled in. In this book, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative scientists, shows that science is being constricted by assumptions that have hardened into dogmas. The sciences would be better off without them: freer, more ... Read more

    € 5,49

  • Philosophy and Theology

    di John Caputo

    serie Horizons in Theology
    A highly engaging essay that will draw students into a conversation about the vital relationship between philosophy and theology.In this clear, concise, and brilliantly engaging essay, renowned philosopher and theologian John D. Caputoaddresses the great and classical philosophical questions as they inextricably intersect with theology--past, present, and future. Recognized as one of the leading ... Read more

    € 12,05