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An elegant reading experience.

Kobo Aura's beautiful 6" ClarityScreen and a high res, edge-to-edge low-glare Pearl E Ink screen provides a print on paper reading experience, even in direct sunlight.

The latest E Ink screen technology allows you to transition between pages without those annoying flashes. With pinch to zoom, you'll catch every detail when zooming in to PDFs and select books. Or change font sizes with a simple pinch.

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The ultimate in readability.

Kobo eReaders are carefully crafted to deliver a superior reading experience. The high res, low-glare E Ink screens read just like print on paper – even in direct sunlight to minimize eye strain – so you can keep on reading. Kobo Aura features ComfortLight, the most even front-light. And brightness settings adjust with one simple gesture to set the background light to what’s most comfortable for you.

Click and drag the hand up and down to see how it works!

The ultimate in readability.

Kobo eReaders are carefully crafted to deliver a superior reading experience. The high res, low-glare E Ink screens read just like print on paper – even in direct sunlight to minimize eye strain – so you can keep on reading. Kobo Aura features ComfortLight, the most even front-light. And brightness settings adjust with one simple gesture to set the background light to what’s most comfortable for you.

Click and drag the hand up and down to see how it works!

Tons of reading at your fingertips

Access over 4 million of the best titles in books, comics, and kids. Instantly browse and buy from a selection of best sellers, classics, new releases, and indie reads over Wi Fi. Plus, be the first to discover up and coming authors, titles, and series through Kobo Writing Life.

Be sure to check out our collection of kids' and young adults' titles.

Conveniently portable

Kobo eReaders are designed to move. Lightweight and conveniently portable without compromising on battery life (up to two months) or memory, you'll be able to carry up to 3,000 eBooks with you wherever you go. And if that's not enough storage, most of our eReaders have expandable memory, so you can carry even more - up to 30,000 with a microSD card. Plus, Kobo Aura has a more durable screen than Kindle Paperwhite. **

Kobo Reading Life:
Read. Discover. Collect. Share.

Welcome to Kobo Reading Life - an exclusive reading experience for the best way to read, collect titles, discover your next great title, and share it with others.

Learn more about Kobo Reading Life

Protect and personalize

Kobo Aura covers and accessories are tailored for a perfect fit to ensure the best protection. Choose from a wide range of Bookstyle and Neoprene cases, as well as SleepCover, which not only protects but wakes up your device when opened, so it's always ready to go when you are.

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Get the free Kobo app and read across devices

Download the free Kobo app to your computer, tablet, and smartphone and all your reading - even your bookmarks - is synced so you can start reading on one device and pick up on another.

Learn more about the free Kobo app

Kobo Aura Technical Specs


6" High-res Pearl E Ink ClarityScreen with low-flash waveform; 1024 x 758, 16 level grey scale

Device Size

150 x 114 x 8.1 mm


174 g


Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Micro USB


1 GHz


ComfortLight; the best, most even, built in front-light


Power on/off, light on/off


4 GB
Option to expand up to 32 GB with a microSD card


Over 2 months*


Textured Black, Pink


over 4 million of the best titles the world has to offer in books, comics and kids' titles.

Reading Life

Kobo's exclusive reading experience. Read. Collect. Discover. Share.


11 fonts, 24 sizes, exclusive weight and sharpness settings

Kobo Picks

Personal recommendations based on your feedback and interests.

Advanced Reading

Notes, highlighting, dictionary, and bookmarks

Beyond the Book

Dive deeper into what you're reading by tapping on highlighted words to discover related books, authors, articles, and more.

Kobo Collections

Pre-curated bundles of related authors, eBooks, and articles based around a theme.

Stats and awards

Learn more about yourself as a Reader and track your progress through books with reading stats. Enjoy spontaneous reading awards just for reading.


Share your favourite passages, quotes, and books to Facebook® Timeline.


Chess and Sudoku

Web browsing

Web browser

Supports file formats

eBooks: EPUB, PDF, and MOBI
Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF
Comic Books: CBZ and CBR
Supports ePub and Adobe DRM. Read books borrowed from your public library

Kobo Apps

Free Kobo apps for Mac and PC, Apple®, Android, Blackberry 10 smartphones, and tablets. Your Kobo eBooks are stored safely in the cloud; retrieve them at any time. Your bookmarks and more are seamlessly synced across all your Kobo eReading apps and devices.


English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Japanese


Set-up Kobo Aura in just a few simple steps from your computer or directly from your Kobo Aura using Wi Fi.

* Based on 30 minutes of reading a day with ComfortLight turned on or off, and Wi Fi turned off.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What's the difference between Kobo Aura and Kobo Glo?

    The new Kobo Aura is a premium 6" eReader with a beautiful and elegant, edge-to-edge design that is thinner, lighter, and perfect for reading both day and night. The new design is stylish, sleek and features a stunning new edge to edge screen with high resolution and the best, most even front-light: ComfortLight.

  2. Why should I buy Kobo Aura?

    Kobo Aura is designed for the Reader who desires a stylish, premium, and extremely portable eReader with access to over 4 million of the best quality titles the world has to offer in books, comics, and kids' content. Kobo Aura delivers an immersive print on paper reading experience with the addition of pinch to zoom on PDFs and some eBooks, low flash waveform technology (for less annoying flashes between page turns) and a low-glare screen, for reading with ease in direct sunlight. Kobo's ComfortLight is the proven leader in front-lit displays, directing light onto the page and not to the eyes for a comfortable reading experience. Plus, with expandable memory, you can take up to 30,000 eBooks with you - and keep reading with a battery life of over to 2 months.

  3. Where can I buy a Kobo Aura?

    You can buy a Kobo Aura from select retailers, both online and in store. Need more info? The where to buy page has all of the info you could possibly desire.

  4. How much does a Kobo Aura cost?

    Kobo Aura's suggested retail price is $149 in Canada and the US. Of course, due to market fluctuations, exchange rates, and country-specific taxes, prices may differ in other parts of the world. Your local retailer will have details on the price you can expect to pay, so check with them or visit the where to buy page for more information.

  5. Why does Kobo Aura have ridges on the back?

    Books inspire everything we do at Kobo. So why shouldn't our eReaders resemble books? Kobo Aura's design was crafted to fit comfortably in your hand so you can read comfortably for hours.

  6. I find reading on screens super annoying, so why would I like the Kobo Aura? What makes it better?

    Forget everything you ever thought about reading on a screen. The Kobo Aura reading experience on the new edge-to-edge screen has a print on paper feel that is as glare-free as any paper book you've ever read, but has the advantage of crisp, sharp fonts that you can adjust to suit your reading needs. Plus, the Kobo Aura comes with a built-in ComfortLight, which makes lamps obsolete so you can read clearly no matter what time of day. It's the reading experience you already know and love, just with the added advantages of quick tap to turn pages and the ability to comfortably read continually, without having to take breaks.

  7. Where can I find Kobo Aura tech specs, like battery life, storage capacity, weight, and size?

    For a complete list of tech specs, visit the Kobo Aura Tech Specs page.

  8. What file formats does Kobo Aura support?


  9. Which languages does Kobo Aura support?

    Kobo Aura is a truly international eReader. At first launch, the Kobo Aura will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese. We're going to be launching more language support shortly, so stay tuned!

  10. Does a front light cause eyestrain like a backlit screen does?

    Quite simply, no. Kobo Aura's advanced ComfortLight technology cleverly diffuses light across the page, rather than illuminate it from behind, so the light doesn't shine at your face. Backlit screens often cause eyestrain because they shine light outwards, towards your eyes, and because they require screens that reflect light and create harsh glare. The print on paper feel of the Kobo Aura's E Ink no-glare screen with a front light has none of these downfalls so you always have the best reading experience.

  11. What's Kobo Aura's battery life like?

    Kobo Aura's battery lasts over two months with light on or off. This is based on approximately 30 minutes of reading per day and one page turn per minute. Of course, battery life depends on your individual usage.

  12. How many eBooks can the Kobo Aura hold?

    Out of the box, Kobo Aura comes with the storage capacity for up to 3,000 eBooks. Not enough for you? No problem! You can easily expand its memory with a microSD card, giving you storage for up to 30,000 eBooks. If you run out of space, simply delete the eBooks off your microSD card. Don't worry, though! Thanks to Kobo Everywhere, your eBooks are stored safely in the cloud, so you can add them back later if you want!

  13. How do I buy eBooks? How much do they cost?

    Like any bricks-and-mortar bookstore, browsing and buying eBooks is simple. The Kobo eBookstore gives you access to over 4 million of the best quality books, comics, and kids’ content globally, including new releases, bestsellers, and newspapers. All eBooks are organized into easy to browse categories and are competitively priced with paper books. Once you've found the eBook you want, click 'Buy Now' and, after the payment has been processed, the eBook will be downloaded to your library where it can be accessed from your Kobo Aura and any of our free Kobo eReading apps!

  14. Can I use my existing Kobo account with my new Kobo Aura?

    Absolutely! If you are already a Kobo user, simply use your account to sign into your new device, access your library, buy new eBooks, and earn awards on Reading Life.

  15. Where can I get the Kobo desktop app?

    Downloading is easy! Visit to get the free Kobo Desktop software. The Kobo desktop app comes in handy for setting up your new Kobo Aura, shopping the Kobo eBookstore, reading on your computer, and managing your growing eBook library.

  16. Are there any accessories that can help protect my Kobo Aura?

    There sure are! Not only does our range of accessories protect your Kobo Aura, but they're pretty stylish and functional, too. The Kobo SleepCover, for instance, comes in a luxurious leather finish and instantly wakes up your Kobo eReader and tucks it back in to sleep, so it's always ready when you are.

    Kobo designers are hard at work designing more great accessories, so keep your eyes peeled for the cover or case that suits your lifestyle! Check out Kobo Accessories here.

  17. Where can I find out more information on Corporate Sales?

    We have a whole page dedicated to corporate sales. Click here.

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Kobo Reading Life

Read. Discover. Collect. Share.

Kobo Reading Life is an enriched reading experience designed to enhance your passion for reading and help you get more out of your books. Unique to Kobo, there’s no better way to read, discover your next great title, collect and organize your books and articles, and share what you’re reading with others.

Read your way

Personalize your reading experience with TypeGenius. Choose from 11 adjustable font styles, 24 font sizes, plus exclusive text weight and sharpness settings to create a reading experience that’s uniquely yours.

Advanced reading features give you more out of your reading experience. Explore in-text annotations to get more of the story, expand your vocabulary with the built-in dictionary, create bookmarks, and add notes. Plus, zoom in on images and text to see every detail. You can even read PDFs.

Organize your eBooks by author, title, or alphabetically — just like your very own personal bookshelf!

Your reading dashboard

Easily access an overview of all of your key reading related activities in one dynamic view from your Kobo Homepage. Check out your recent reading activity, and news articles you’ve been reading lately, get personalized recommendations for new reading, and receive special offers from Kobo.

Beyond the Book

Connect with the story like never before. Simply tap highlighted words within a body of text and get web articles, related books, and authors that are thematically linked to the subject of the highlighted word.

Get more of what you love

Kobo Picks analyzes your reading activity and feedback and sends you recommendations based on your personal interests.

Get more from the story with Collections. Dive deeper with carefully curated content experiences that revolve around a theme such as an author, genre, or subject matter.

Featured Collections provide you with recommended content experiences from leading literary voices. You’ll discover amazing new titles and enrich your literary life. All Featured Collections have been lovingly assembled and reviewed by Kobo to deliver a unique experience that pushes your passion further. And if there’s something that really fires your passion, build your own Collections around it.

Read it later with Pocket

The Internet is a big place. If you find something that interests you but don’t have time to read it, save it to read later. You can even read it offline on your eReader, for an optimized reading experience.

Your stats and awards

Discover interesting facts and stats about your reading habits and track your progress. Get spontaneous awards just for reading.

Share what you're reading

The only thing better than reading something amazing, is sharing it with others. Post what you’re reading, your favourite passages, and reviews to Facebook® Timeline.

Kobo SleepCover

Kobo SleepCover is the perfect partner for your Kobo Aura. This stylish yet ingenious book-style cover turns your eReader on and off when you open and close the case. Exclusive integrated clips provide a perfect, secure fit and keeps your eReader/tablet in place.

Grey Purple Black Aqua

Kobo Classic Cover

Thin and lightweight, Kobo Classic Cover is a book-style cover that protects your device from bumps and scratches using integrated clips and a secure elastic closure. The patterned interior lining adds a hint of style.

Black Purple Silver
Blue Snakeskin Gold

Neoprene Case

Take your library wherever you go - your eReader is safe from scratches and scrapes with the durable and form-fitting Neoprene Case.

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