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Everything you wanted to know about Kobo Aura HD

  1. Where can I buy a Kobo Aura HD?

    You can buy a Kobo Aura HD from select retailers, both online and in store. Need more info? The where to buy page has all of the info you could possibly desire.

  2. How much does a Kobo Aura HD cost?

    Kobo Aura HD's suggested retail price is $169.99 in Canada and the US. Of course, due to market fluctuations, exchange rates, and country-specific taxes, prices may differ in other parts of the world. Your local retailer will have details on the price you can expect to pay, so check with them or visit the where to buy page for more information.

  3. How is Kobo Aura HD's screen better than other E Ink screens?

    We've taken the E Ink screen to the next level on Kobo Aura HD. ClarityScreen+ is the only tablet-grade screen on an E Ink eReader with 265 dpi and 1440 x 1080 resolution, making Kobo Aura the highest resolution E Ink eReader on the market. It's actually 20% better than other eReader screens, so you get the crispest, clearest eReading experience. ClarityScreen+ is also an incredibly responsive touchscreen with Infrared Touch (IR Touch). IR Touch requires fewer layers on the screen, so there's less between you and your stories.

  4. Why does Kobo Aura HD have a sculpted back?

    Books inspire everything we do at Kobo. So why shouldn't our eReaders resemble books? Kobo Aura HD's design was crafted to mimic the look and feel of a hardcover book. The iconic design fits comfortably in your hand – just like a print book.

  5. Where can I find Kobo Aura HD tech specs, like battery life, storage capacity, weight, and size?

    For a complete list of tech specs, visit the Kobo Aura HD Tech Specs page.

  6. What file formats does Kobo Aura HD support?


  7. Where can I get Kobo Aura HD technical support and help?

    A great place to start is the Kobo Support portal. If you're looking for support on Kobo Aura HD in particular, visit the Kobo Aura HD Support page that includes information on Getting Started, Troubleshooting, and Video Tutorials. Finally, the Kobo Aura HD User Guide and Safety information can be found on the Kobo Support Guides page.

  8. Which languages does Kobo Aura HD support?

    Kobo Aura HD is a truly international eReader. At first launch, the Kobo Aura HD will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese. We're going to be launching more language support shortly, so stay tuned!

  9. Does a front light cause eyestrain like a backlit screen does?

    Quite simply, no. Kobo Aura HD's advanced ComfortLight technology cleverly diffuses light across the page, rather than illuminate it from behind, so the light doesn't shine at your face. Backlit screens often cause eyestrain because they shine light outwards, towards your eyes, and because they require glass screens that reflect light and create harsh glare. The print-on-paper feel of the Kobo Aura HD's E Ink no-glare screen with a front light, has none of these downfalls so you always have the best reading experience.

  10. I find reading on screens super annoying, so why would I like the Kobo Aura HD? What makes it better?

    Forget everything you ever thought about reading on a screen. The Kobo Aura HD reading experience has a print-on-paper feel that is as glare-free as any paper book you've ever read, but has the advantage of crisp, sharp fonts that you can adjust to suit your reading needs. Plus, no print book comes with a built-in ComfortLight, which makes lamps obsolete and reading clear, no matter what time of day. It's the reading experience you already know and love, just with the added advantages of quick taps to turn pages and the ability to read continually, without putting it down.

  11. What's Kobo Aura HD's battery life like?

    Kobo Aura HD’s battery lasts up to two months with light on or off. This is based on approximately 30 minutes of reading per day and one page turn per minute. Of course, battery life depends on your individual usage.

  12. How many eBooks can the Kobo Aura HD hold?

    Out of the box, Kobo Aura HD comes with the storage capacity for up to 3,000 eBooks. Not enough for you? No problem! You can easily expand its memory with a Micro SD card, giving you storage for up to 30,000 eBooks. If you run out of space, simply delete the eBooks off your Micro SD card. Don't worry, though! Thanks to Kobo Everywhere, your eBooks are stored safely in the cloud, so you can add them back later if you want!

  13. How do I buy eBooks? How much do they cost?

    Like any bricks-and-mortar bookstore, browsing and buying eBooks is simple. The Kobo eBookstore gives you access to over 4 million eBooks globally, including new releases, bestsellers, newspapers, and magazines! All eBooks are organized into easy to browse categories and are competitively priced with paper books. Once you've found the eBook you want, click buy and, after the payment has been processed, the eBook will be downloaded to your library where it can be accessed from your Kobo Aura HD and any of our free Kobo eReading apps!

  14. Can I use my existing Kobo account with my new Kobo Aura HD?

    Absolutely! If you are already a Kobo user, simply use your account to sign into your new device, access your library, buy new eBooks, and earn awards on Reading Life.

  15. Where can I get the Kobo desktop app?

    Downloading is easy. Visit kobosetup.com to get the free Kobo Desktop software. The Kobo desktop app comes in handy for setting up your new Kobo Aura HD, shopping the Kobo eBookstore, reading on your computer, and managing your growing eBook library.

  16. Are there any accessories that can help protect my Kobo Aura HD?

    There sure are! Not only does our range of accessories protect your Kobo Aura HD, but they're pretty stylish and functional, too. The Kobo SleepCover, for instance, instantly wakes up your Kobo eReader and tucks it back in to sleep and comes in a luxurious leather finish. The Kobo SleepCover also secures your device with exclusive Kobo FitClips and magentic front closures. Buy one of the Kobo SleepCovers at your local retailer.

    If you're in the market for a padded case, you'll love the Kobo Aura HD Leather Folio. It's a stylish, full-grain leather folio in Ebony. Tote your Kobo Aura HD anywhere in this beautifully designed, dual-zippered folio with an interior pocket to store your documents and cards.

    Kobo designers are hard at work designing more great accessories, so keep your eyes peeled for the cover or case that suits your lifestyle!

  17. Where can I find out more information on Corporate Sales?

    We have a whole page dedicated to corporate sales. Click here.

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