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Powerful and pocket-sized

Powerful and pocket-sized

Kobo Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest full-featured* eReader, so it’s great for reading on the go. Complete with a no-glare natural Pearl E Ink touchscreen and built-in Wi Fi, it’s the full Kobo experience at a great value.

All the value, no compromise

At 134 grams (4.73 ounces) and with a 5" touchscreen, Kobo Mini is the lightest, smallest full-featured* eReader on the market. Don’t let its size fool you, though. Kobo Mini is packed with all the features Kobo is famous for, but now they’re pocket-sized for easy reading on the go. Kobo Mini is truly the anywhere eReader.

* Full-featured eReaders are defined as having both a touchscreen and Wi Fi connectivity, along with a suite of advanced reading options.

Sleek and stylish

Its touchscreen might be just 5”, but Kobo Mini is big on style. Customize your Kobo Mini with an interchangeable Kobo SnapBack in your favourite colour in Kobo’s signature quilt pattern. Kobo Mini feels great in your hand and looks great there too!

Sleek and stylish

The natural touch

Kobo Mini is completely streamlined for ultimate portability and ease of use. We've eliminated buttons so all you need to navigate your Kobo Mini is your fingertip! The no-glare Pearl E Ink touchscreen is incredibly responsive for a completely natural reading experience. No lag or waiting! Tap home, tap library, or tap your way through any eBook.

The natural touch
Like print on paper, only better!

Like print on paper, only better!

Kobo Mini is fully equipped with a no-glare Pearl E Ink touchscreen for a print-on-paper reading experience. Because E Ink is actually tiny particles of ink that are mixed in with each pixel on the screen, every word appears sharp and crisp just like a paper book. How’s that for easy reading?

The true convenience of a portable library

Kobo Mini is the palm-sized eReader with carrying capacity for up to 1,000 eBooks. Shop over 4 million eBooks anywhere there’s a hotspot with Kobo Mini’s built-in Wi Fi.

Go anywhere

Take your Kobo Mini with you wherever you go. It’s super portable. Stick Kobo Mini in your pocket or purse for anywhere reading, any time you want.

The true convenience of a portable library
Light as a feather

Light as a feather

Kobo Mini is lighter than a paperback book so you’ll never have to worry about it weighing down your bag. Carry Kobo Mini with you everywhere so you’re never far away from a great read.

A battery that lasts

Never worry about your battery dying mid-chapter; a single charge on the Kobo Mini lasts up to one month** so you can read as long as you want. We’ve included a Micro USB cable in each box so you’re never far from a full battery.

**Actual results may vary depending on individual use.

Experience the ultimate readability

Try it for yourself

Font Face:
Font Size:
Font Size Changes

Experience the ultimate readability

Kobo Mini lets you create you own ideal reading experience, because it’s fully customizable thanks to TypeGenius. Choose from 10 font styles and 24 font sizes, as well as exclusive weight and sharpness settings that let you adjust the text to suit your eyes. Or choose Kobo’s exclusive font. It was expertly designed to leave more ink on the screen so words crisper and sharper than ever before.

No glare, no issue!

For the best reading experience, look no further than Kobo Mini. With a durable 5" no-glare Pearl E Ink screen, text looks crisp and clear, even in the brightest sunlight, so nothing gets between you and your stories.

No glare, no issue!
Intuitive touchscreen technology

Intuitive touchscreen technology

Browse your library, look up words, and switch between screens quickly and intuitively with Kobo Mini’s highly responsive touchscreen. Touch and tap your way through your favourite eBooks!

Touch to turn

SimpleTurn makes it easy to flip pages and jump between chapters. Just use your finger. A simple tap or swipe lets you devour your eBooks as quickly as you want. Tap right to advance, left to return, or switch to your preferred set up. That’s right! You can customize your page turns as easily as you choose your own font. Kobo Mini adjusts to you, not the other way around.

Your eBooks, your way

Make each eBook your own with in-text annotations, bookmarks, and notes. Reading something with a lot of pictures? Zoom in up to 200%, pan around images, or change page orientation all with the tip of your finger.

Curate your collection

Sort your eBooks alphabetically, by title, or by author name just as you would a physical bookshelf. Plus, it’s super easy to keep track of your favourites with large cover images, multiple views, and custom lists. Now you just have to fill your library!

Your eBooks, your way
Intuitive touchscreen technology

Millions of books are just a tap away

Searching for your next favourite read? Step right up! The Kobo eBookstore is jam-packed with over 4 million eBooks and they’re all accessible from your Kobo Mini with built-in Wi Fi. You’re bound to love our selection of bestsellers, not-so-guilty pleasures, and the best indie reads.

See what's in the shop

Shop anywhere

Whether you’re at home, at school, your local coffee shop, or even a brick-and-mortar store (we won’t tell), connect your Kobo Mini to a Wi Fi hotspot and shop away!

Tons of free eBooks

Fill your Kobo Mini with tons of incredible free eBooks. From classics to new titles and previews, there’s a free eBook for every reader. Great reads don’t have to cost a fortune!

Shop anywhere
Discover a more personal shopping experience

Discover a more personal shopping experience

Kobo Picks makes finding the perfect read a no-brainer. Based on your actual preferences and feedback, Kobo Picks brings you fantastic personalized eBook recommendations and previews you’ll love, including things you never knew existed. Need help finding something specific? Then you’ll love our intuitive predictive search. It knows just what you’re looking for, even before you’ve finished typing. It’s the perfect pint-sized personal shopper that’s just a little bit psychic.

To be or not to be

Your eBooks move with you

Left your Kobo eReader at home? No problem! Read on your smartphone, tablet, or computer with free Kobo eReading apps. When you sync, your entire library comes with you, including all your bookmarks! Pick up right where you left off, wherever you are.

Download free eReading Applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktops.

Kobo Mini Technical Specs


102 x 133 x 10 mm (4 x 5.2 x 0.4 in)


134 g (4.73 oz)


800 MHz processor


5" E Ink touchscreen; 800x600; 16-level grey scale


Responsive touchscreen for glare-free, fingerprint-resistant reading


Power on/off


Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Micro USB


2 GB*


Over 1 month with Wi Fi turned off**


Available in black or white
Three interchangeable backs are available for purchase: ruby, purple, and teal


over 4 million eBooks, newspapers, and magazines
Over 1 million free titles

Kobo Everywhere

Kobo eBooks are stored safely in the cloud – retrieve them at anytime
Bookmarks and settings are seamlessly synced across all your Kobo eReading apps and devices

Social Reading

Includes Reading Life — Track your reading stats and share what you're reading, favourite passages, and Reading Life awards to Facebook and Twitter

Kobo Picks

Brings readers personalized recommendations based on their feedback and preferences


8 font styles with 24 font sizes and exclusive weight and sharpness settings


Built-in dictionary

Notes, Quotes

Highlight text, type notes, and share to Facebook

Advanced Features

Library personalization, predictive search, brightness controls, double-tap PDF zoom in, SimpleTurn™ page turning


Read almost any eBook on your Kobo Mini
Supports ePub and Adobe DRM

File Types


*1 GB available to store content (over 1,000 eBooks).
**Actual results are based on individual usage and may vary. Battery life is measured with Wi Fi turned off.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why should I buy a Kobo Mini?

    Well, that’s easy! Kobo Mini is the smallest, lightest full-featured* eReader. With a 5” screen, weighing only 134 grams, Kobo Mini is super portable, so it’s great for reading on the go. But don’t worry! Kobo Mini has all of the features Kobo is famous for, including a no-glare E Ink touchscreen, built-in Wi Fi, and access to over 4 million eBooks in the Kobo eBookstore – only now these features are pocket-sized. Plus, with Kobo Mini you can match your mood or outfit with interchangeable Kobo SnapBacks.

    *Full-featured is defined as having a touchscreen, Wi Fi connectivity and a suite of advanced reading features.

  2. Where can I buy a Kobo Mini?

    Anywhere you can buy a Kobo! You can order a Kobo Mini directly from us or from select retailers, both online and in store. Need more info? Head over to the where to buy page for all the info you could possibly desire.

  3. Where can I find Kobo Mini tech specs, like battery life, storage capacity, weight, size, supported file formats, etc.?

    For a complete list of tech specs, visit the Kobo Mini Tech Specs page.

  4. Where can I get Kobo Mini technical support and help?

    A great place to start is the Kobo Support portal. If you're looking for support on Kobo Mini in particular, visit the Kobo Mini Support page that includes information on Getting Started, Troubleshooting, and Video Tutorials. Finally, the Kobo Mini User Guide, Warranty and Safety information can be found on the Kobo Support Guides page.

  5. Which languages does Kobo Mini support?

    Kobo Mini is a truly international eReader. At first launch, the Kobo Mini will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese. We're going to be launching more language support shortly, so stay tuned!

  6. What's Kobo Mini's battery life like?

    The Kobo Mini battery lasts for up to one month on a single charge, based on approximately 30 minutes of reading per day, one page turn per minute, and Wi Fi off. Of course, battery life depends on your individual usage.

  7. How many eBooks can the Kobo Mini hold?

    Out of the box, Kobo Mini comes with the storage capacity for up to 1,000 eBooks. If you run out of space, simply delete the eBooks. Don’t worry, though! Thanks to Kobo Everywhere, your eBooks are stored safely in the cloud, so you can add them back later if you want!

  8. How do I buy eBooks? How much do they cost?

    Like any bricks-and-mortar bookstore, browsing and buying eBooks is simple. The Kobo eBookstore gives you access to over 4 million eBooks globally, including new releases, bestsellers, newspapers, and magazines! All eBooks are organized into easy-to-browse categories and are competitively priced with paper books. Once you've found the eBook you want, click buy, and, after the payment has been processed, the eBook will be downloaded to your library where it can be accessed from your Kobo Mini and any of our free Kobo eReading apps!

  9. Can I use my existing Kobo account with my new Kobo Mini?

    Absolutely! If you are already a Kobo user, simply use your account to sign in to your new device, access your library, buy new eBooks, and earn awards on Reading Life.

  10. Where can I get the Kobo desktop app?

    Downloading is easy. Visit to get the free Kobo Desktop software. The Kobo Desktop app comes in super handy for setting up your new Kobo Mini, shopping the Kobo eBookstore, reading on your computer, and managing your growing eBook library.

  11. When will Kobo Pulse come to Kobo Mini? Is it going to be available on Kobo Touch?

    Unfortunately, we're not currently planning to support Kobo Pulse on either the Kobo Mini or Kobo Touch. But don't worry, you can enjoy great social features on your Kobo Mini, like earning and sharing your Reading Life awards and stats, and sharing your favourite passages to your Facebook Timeline and Twitter. Learn More

  12. Where can I find out more information on Corporate Sales?

    We have a whole page dedicated to corporate sales. Learn more

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Kobo Reading Life

Read. Discover. Collect. Share.

Kobo Reading Life is an enriched reading experience designed to enhance your passion for reading and help you get more out of your books. Unique to Kobo, there’s no better way to read, discover your next great title, collect and organize your books and articles, and share what you’re reading with others.

Read your way

Personalize your reading experience with TypeGenius. Choose from 10 adjustable font styles, 24 font sizes, plus exclusive text weight and sharpness settings to create a reading experience that’s uniquely yours.

Advanced reading features give you more out of your reading experience. Explore in-text annotations to get more of the story, expand your vocabulary with the built-in dictionary, create bookmarks, and add notes. Plus, zoom in on images and text to see every detail. You can even read PDFs.

Organize your eBooks by author, title, or alphabetically — just like your very own personal bookshelf!

Your stats and awards

Discover interesting facts and stats about your reading habits and track your progress. Get spontaneous awards just for reading.

Share what you're reading

The only thing better than reading something amazing, is sharing it with others. Post what you’re reading, your favourite passages, and reviews to Facebook® Timeline.