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    Historical Romance

    Sinless by Lynne Connolly The Shaws #1.5 What if the person you were attracted to was: * forbidden * made you “perverted” in society’s eyes * was considered to be “sinful” * could get you put in jail…or even hung Well…Lord Darius Shaw is a man that tried to suppress his “desires” but finally felt freer once they were admitted to those closest to him. Andrew Graham, however, is of a lower status and thus less protected should he ever be found to have an interest in someone of the same gender. Laws in England were unyielding and remained difficult for those that did not conform to the standard male-female couple choice expected by society. Add in the fact that Andrew is a widow with a young daughter and the stakes are even higher. Darius and Andrew have seen one another previously during the trial of Darius’s brother Val…in fact…Andrew was the lawyer defending Val. Awhile after the trial ends the two meet again in a Molly House raid and the spark remains. The two have a mystery to solve – who is the spy and who might be committing treason by providing the spy with documents being sent to the enemy? – They work together, test the waters between them, remain steadfast for most of the book in avoiding a liaison and finally find a way to a HEA together. I was once again impressed by the Shaw family and their loving support of both sons – no matter what – and wished all who find themselves in uncomfortable situations would have such support when they needed it. Is it believable? Mostly Is it a good story? Yes Did I like it? Yes Do I want to read the next book in the series? Definitely Thank you to Net Galley and Kensington Books – Lyrical Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4.5 Stars
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    A Hidden Love

    When I requested this book to read from NetGallery, I did not realize it was a m/m story. But much to my surprise it was more about emotions and love than anything else and you could feel it coming through the pages. In historical times, the law forbade this type of relationship with penalty of death. So to actually step out and find someone that felt as you did and maintain that relationship was very scary. But as love will find a way it does in Lord Darius Shaw and Andrew Graham. This series is about the Shaw family and with Darius he is fortunate to have the support of his family. Andrew on the other hand is not as fortunate. He has a child to protect and his job as a lawyer depend upon his discretion. The two had met years ago when Andrew defended Darius's brother. Coming in contact again they begin to have feelings for each other. With a mystery to solve and a relationship to keep quiet, the author leads you through a winding path or strong emotions. You will enjoy this novella as the rest of Lynne Connolly's stories!

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