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Kobo Launches the All-New Kobo eReader Touch Edition

May 23, 2011

In­tro­duces an Amaz­ing New Real Touch™ Ex­per­i­ence
Beau­ti­ful New Design That Travels Eas­ily Any­where
The Ul­ti­mate in Read­ing Com­fort
Ac­cess to Mil­lions of Titles with Wi Fi
Plus, Read­ing Life So­cial Ex­per­i­ence
First In­ter­na­tional eReader – Avail­able in 6 Lan­guages
Avail­able for Pre-Or­der Today, In Stores for Father’s Day, Sum­mer Va­ca­tion Read­ing

Kobo, a global leader in eRead­ing with more than 3.6 mil­lion users in over 100 coun­tries world­wide, today an­nounced the launch of the all-new Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion. With a re­volu­tion­ary new touch screen ex­per­i­ence, Kobo makes eRead­ing easier than ever and makes it even more ac­cess­ible to people around the world. Cre­ated for read­ers by read­ers, the beau­ti­ful new design provides the ul­ti­mate in read­ing com­fort and is the most port­able eReader – thin and light, it travels eas­ily any­where. The new device also in­cludes Read­ing Life, Kobo’s so­cial ex­per­i­ence, that lets users earn awards just for read­ing.

Start­ing today, the new Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion will be avail­able for pre-or­der at lead­ing re­tail­ers across North Amer­ica in­clud­ing In­digo (www.​indigo.​ca), Best Buy (www.​bestbuy.​ca), Wal­mart (www.​walmart.​ca) and Bor­ders (www.​borders.​com) for an MSRP of $129.99 USD and $139 CAD. The new eReader will ship in early June, in time for Father’s Day and gradu­ation gift­ing, and in­cludes a $10 Gift Card*. The new Kobo eReader Touch comes in an array of new col­ors and de­buts with a line of styl­ish new ac­cessor­ies, mak­ing it the per­fect gift.

As of today, the first gen­er­a­tion Kobo Wi Fi goes to a new every­day low price of $99.99 USD and $109 CAD. Kobo pi­on­eered the af­ford­able eReader in May 2010, and now after re­cord sales, the com­pany is in­tro­du­cing its new­est edi­tion to de­liver an ex­per­i­ence that is easy and en­joy­able for every­one, every­where, now more port­able and com­fort­able, and avail­able in 6 lan­guages – it’s truly the first In­ter­na­tional eReader.
Kobo’s Real Touch™ ex­per­i­ence uses Neonode’s new zForce™ in­frared touch tech­no­logy to make read­ing on Kobo just like that of read­ing a real book. With the latest Pearl E Ink™ tech­no­logy, read­ing on the new Kobo eReader is just like read­ing print on paper – it’s easy on the eyes, even in bright sun­light. The new eReader is powered by the new Frees­cale™ i.​MX508 pro­cessor, a high-per­form­ance en­gine de­signed to en­able fast page turn­ing for elec­tronic paper dis­plays. A read­ing lover’s dream, the new device boasts stor­age of up to 30,000 books with ex­pand­able memory.
“The new Kobo eReader is a major ad­vance for read­ers. We star­ted with a simple, yet power­ful idea – to bring eRead­ing to more people in more places, and in­spire people around the world to spend more time read­ing. At a time when tech­no­logy is dis­rupt­ing all media, Kobo’s focus on the im­port­ance of read­ing has res­ul­ted in a re­volu­tion­ary new ex­per­i­ence for read­ers,” said Mi­chael Serbinis, CEO, Kobo Inc. “This is the first eReader you can put in your pocket, take with you any­where and read for hours just like a real book, with ul­ti­mate com­fort and no dis­trac­tion. The new Kobo eReader is de­signed for people who love to read.”

Named one of the power­houses in eRead­ing by Time.​com¹ in 2011, Kobo has ex­per­i­enced ex­plos­ive growth since its found­ing in Decem­ber 2009, with a cata­log of more than 2.3 mil­lion books, news­pa­pers and magazines. Purely fo­cused on eRead­ing, Kobo has driven many in­dustry firsts such as sup­port for An­droid, eBook gift­ing and its so­cial ex­per­i­ence – Read­ing Life. Kobo has cus­tom­ers in over 100 coun­tries, local stores in Eng­lish speak­ing coun­tries and re­cently an­nounced local stores in Ger­many, Spain, Italy, France and the Neth­er­lands which will launch be­gin­ning this month. Kobo has be­come the part­ner of choice for lead­ing tab­let OEM’s such as Sam­sung and RIM, and powers book re­tail­ers in the US, Canada, Aus­tralia, New Zea­l­and, Hong Kong and the UK.

Visit the Kobo booth (#2102) at Book­Expo Amer­ica (May 24–26) in the Di­gital Zone, to learn about the new Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion. Plus, visit Bor­ders-Man­hat­tan (Colum­bus Circle) on Tues­day, May 24 from 12 noon – 2pm to see a demon­stra­tion of the Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion. Cus­tom­ers who pre-or­der the Kobo eReader Touch will re­ceive free pri­or­ity ship­ping on their order. Read­ers can also pur­chase the Kobo Wire­less eReader for the low price of $79.99 and re­ceive a $10 Bor­ders gift card with their pur­chase. In ad­di­tion, one cus­tomer will win a Kobo Wire­less eReader dur­ing the demon­stra­tion event.

* While quant­it­ies last.
¹ Harry Mc­Cracken, ‘Your Best eReader May Be No eReader,’ Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011, Tech­no­lo­gizer -Time.​com


Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion: Fea­tures Over­view

AMAZ­ING NEW REAL TOUCH™ EX­PER­I­ENCE – Now with new In­frared Touch Tech­no­logy, eRead­ing just got easier! You can swipe to turn pages, just like a real book! With our in­tu­it­ive new Real Touch™ in­ter­face, you can high­light a phrase, lookup a word, zoom into an image, in­crease the font size, or quickly nav­ig­ate through a book as well as your en­tire lib­rary. Find­ing your next read is also quick and easy with a vir­tual key­board. We’ve taken the but­tons out, so you can focus on read­ing.

• New zForce™ In­frared Touch Tech­no­logy – Uses Neonode’s pat­en­ted touch-screen tech­no­logy, zForce™, to de­liver mar­ket-lead­ing fin­ger nav­ig­a­tion in­clud­ing ges­tures, multi-touch, sweeps and much more
• New Pearl 6” E Ink Screen – Equipped with the new­est E Ink Screen fea­tur­ing 16 level grey scale, the Kobo eReader Touch is a highly re­spons­ive and in­tu­it­ive ex­per­i­ence de­signed to help you for­get about the device and focus on read­ing
• High Per­form­ance En­gine – Powered by Frees­cale™ i.​MX508 for ultra fast page turn­ing and low power con­sump­tion
• Tap or Swipe to Turn Pages - Eas­ily read and turn pages by swip­ing or tap­ping the screen – it’s just like read­ing a real book
• Beau­ti­ful Home Screen – A beau­ti­ful, geo­met­ric mo­saic of your most re­cently opened and newly added reads lets you eas­ily find and open what you’re look­ing for with just one touch
• Long Press for High­lights and Look Up – Long press on a word to bring up the high­light­ing tool – save fa­vor­ite pas­sages or look up a word using the built-in Mer­riam-Web­ster Dic­tion­ary
• New Search and Vir­tual Key­board - The Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion vir­tual key­board makes it easy to find the book you’re look­ing for. Plus, the new pre­dict­ive search fea­ture auto­mat­ic­ally of­fers sug­ges­tions that match your query – be­fore you’re even done typ­ing
• New Browse Ex­per­i­ence – Nav­ig­at­ing the new Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion is an in­tu­it­ive ex­per­i­ence – use the book browser to eas­ily nav­ig­ate through an en­tire chapter in a book; use simple page con­trols to move quickly through your lib­rary of books
• Cus­tom­iz­able Fonts – 2 font styles and 12 font sizes al­lows you to enjoy a read that is suited to your pref­er­ences and easy on your eyes
• Book­mark Where You Last Left Off – or book mark sev­eral places. Plus, read across devices and pick up from the last page read with Kobo’s synched book­mark tech­no­logy
• PDF Zoom and Land­scape – Zoom in 200% on im­age-in­tens­ive PDFs with a simple double tap. Drag to pan around im­ages or touch Ro­tate to change from por­trait to land­scape and back

BEAU­TI­FUL NEW DESIGN – With design part­ner IDEO, Kobo spent months listen­ing to users to build a truly ad­vanced reader that de­liv­ers a ‘true to life’ ex­per­i­ence. With the Kobo-sig­na­ture soft quilted back and travel friendly size, the new Kobo eReader Touch of­fers the ul­ti­mate read­ing ex­per­i­ence.
• Iconic, Strik­ing New Design – Now with latest 6” Pearl E Ink screen, Kobo’s latest edi­tion in­tro­duces a con­tem­por­ary design that puts the focus on read­ing
• Single Home But­ton -With our new touch ex­per­i­ence, we’ve elim­in­ated the clut­ter so you can focus on read­ing. The Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion has just one but­ton, mak­ing nav­ig­a­tion easy. Books don’t have key­boards – neither should your eReader
• The Ul­ti­mate in Read­ing Com­fort - With our sig­na­ture quilted soft-touch back, you can read for hours, plus the Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion is light­weight and thin­ner than most pa­per­backs
• The Per­fect Size for Read­ers – Fits in your pocket eas­ily, so you can take it with you every­where
• Read in Style – Comes in an as­sort­ment of styl­ish new col­ors for any oc­ca­sion. Choose from Lilac, Blue, Sil­ver and Black

AC­CESS MIL­LIONS of TITLES: Eas­ily con­nect via Wi Fi or USB to ac­cess more than 2.3 mil­lion books, news­pa­pers and magazines from the Kobo Store. Also bor­row and read books from your local lib­rary.

• Get Free Book Pre­views – Comes pre-loaded with 15 hand-picked FREE pre­views of the hot­test new books – browse and pre­view mil­lions of other titles in the Kobo store
• One of the Largest Stores World­wide – More than 2.3 mil­lion eBooks, with titles ran­ging from the New York Times’ best­seller list, the hot­test new re­leases, thrillers, ro­mance, Oprah’s Picks and more – there is an eBook for every­one
• Pop­u­lar News­pa­pers and Magazines – Enjoy free 2-week tri­als of the most pop­u­lar news­pa­pers and magazines
• Over 1 Mil­lion FREE Titles – Kobo of­fers over 1 mil­lion free and en­ga­ging clas­sics from Anna Karen­ina, to Pride and Pre­ju­dice, to Drac­ula!
• Visit Your Local Lib­rary – With the new Kobo eReader Touch you can eas­ily bor­row and read eBooks from your local pub­lic lib­rary
• Sup­ports the Most Con­tent – In ad­di­tion to read­ing eBooks from the Kobo book­store, you can also read eBooks from other eBook stores that use the ePub format – plus read PDF doc­u­ments, and books
• Buy and Down­load in Minutes - With just a few quick taps, you can browse, buy and down­load eBooks to your Kobo eReader Touch over Wi Fi
• Shop and Read on Any Device With Kobo: Visit kobo.​com, use the Kobo Desktop or use an An­droidÔ phone, iPhoneÒ, iPadÒ, Black­berry® Smart­phone or Black­berry® Play­Book to browse and shop the Kobo store. Your lib­rary will al­ways be kept up to date with Kobo Sync

EARN AWARDS JUST FOR READ­ING: Kobo ex­tends Read­ing Life to the new Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion – Read­ing Life is the most com­pre­hens­ive so­cial eRead­ing ex­per­i­ence and an in­dustry-first so­cial plat­form.

• Dis­cover Your Read­ing Style – Gain in­sight into your unique eRead­ing fin­ger­print with Read­ing Life Stats – you can track the minutes per read­ing ses­sion of your cur­rent read, the num­ber of pages you’ve turned, plus see an over­view of books com­pleted in your lib­rary
• Cel­eb­rate Read­ing with Awards – Earn fun and ex­cit­ing awards! Con­nect and share your Read­ing Life with friends on Face­book. The Twain: read daily for 2 weeks; The Jug­ger­naut: read over 10,000 pages; Kill the Com­mute: read dur­ing your morn­ing com­mute. Com­ing soon – users can earn awards and re­wards just for spend­ing time read­ing!
• Avail­able for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and An­droid in ad­di­tion to the Kobo eReader Touch
Love Read­ing Life? You can sync with your An­droid-en­abled phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and ex­per­i­ence your Read­ing Life across devices

THE FIRST IN­TER­NA­TIONAL EREADER: To bring eRead­ing to people around the world in their own lan­guage, the Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion will be avail­able in mul­tiple lan­guages: Eng­lish, French, Ger­man, Span­ish and Italian. Read­ers will enjoy a loc­al­ized user ex­per­i­ence, local con­tent, re­com­mend­a­tions and a local store.

• Avail­able for pre-or­der start­ing today at lead­ing re­tail­ers across North Amer­ica in­clud­ing In­digo (www.​indigo.​ca), Best Buy (bestbuy.​ca), Wal­mart (www.​walmart.​ca), and Bor­ders (www.​borders.​com) for MSRP of $129.99 USD and $139.99 CAD
• Avail­able for in-store pur­chase be­gin­ning early June
• As of today, the first gen­er­a­tion Kobo Wi Fi goes to a new every­day low price of $99.99 USD and $109 CAD while quant­it­ies last
• The Kobo eReader Touch Edi­tion will ship to re­tail­ers world­wide in July

For more in­form­a­tion, visit www.​kobo.​com/​ereaders.​

About Kobo, Inc.
Kobo is a global eRead­ing ser­vice with more than 2.3 mil­lion eBooks, magazines and news­pa­pers – one of the largest eRead­ing cata­logues in the world. Kobo be­lieves con­sumers should have the free­dom to read any book on any device and has at­trac­ted mil­lions of read­ers from over 100 coun­tries across the globe. Kobo has top ranked eRead­ing ap­plic­a­tions for iPad, iPhone, Black­Berry, An­droid, Win­dows and MacOS, and is the eRead­ing ap­plic­a­tion of choice for lead­ing tab­lets. The Kobo eReader is also avail­able at lead­ing re­tail­ers in­clud­ing In­digo, Wal­mart, Best Buy, Bor­ders, WH­S­mith, Angus & Robertson’s and Whit­coull’s. Kobo’s in­nov­at­ive Read­ing Life is an in­dustry-first com­pre­hens­ive so­cial eRead­ing ex­per­i­ence – Kobo users can earn awards simply for time spent read­ing and en­cour­aging oth­ers to read. Kobo is backed by ma­jor­ity share­holder In­digo Books & Music Inc, Ch­eung Kong Hold­ings, and in­sti­tu­tional in­vestors. For more in­form­a­tion, please visit www.​Kobo.​com

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