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Rakuten Kobo Partners with terrapass to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Advance Global Sustainability

April 22, 2021

Toronto, ON (April 22, 2021): Rakuten Kobo, one of the world’s largest digital booksellers, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with terrapass, a leader in carbon offset and renewable energy options, to confront the urgent issue of climate change. The digital reading company will purchase carbon offsets to reduce the environmental footprint related to its operations which, in turn, will invest in reforestation and sustainable farming programs.

Through terrapass, Rakuten Kobo will purchase enough carbon offsets to offset 100 per cent of the carbon emissions associated with direct shipments of their Kobo eReaders in 2019 and 2020. The carbon reductions funded through this partnership are equivalent to taking over 1,600 cars off the road for an entire year or powering over 900 homes with renewable energy for a year. In addition, Kobo is committed to offsetting carbon emissions related to direct shipments on a yearly basis moving forward.

“When faced with the enormity of the effects of climate change and the magnitude of the issues we face, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But every journey begins with a single step,” said Mark Steen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, who spearheaded the initiative at Kobo. “This is one small step but it’s just our first. We are setting the intention of continually doing more and better.”

The carbon reduction project selected by Rakuten Kobo – TIST Tree Planting Project in Kenya – is a community-led tree planting project covering 10 different areas across the country. The organization encourages small groups of subsistence farmers to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation, erosion, famine, drought and floods by planting and maintaining trees on degraded and/or unused land, restoring what a century ago was dense forest. The project aims to improve the livelihood of Kenyan locals through training, information sharing and capacity building. Along with instruction on tree planting, farmers are trained in conservation farming and health education.

The project adheres to the Verified Carbon Standard and CCB Standards, ensuring quality and transparency and the assurance of meaningful carbon reduction. Like all projects available through terrapass, investment in TIST Kenya will have a real, verifiable and measurable impact.

“We are very proud and excited to be selected by Rakuten Kobo to help them initiate this significant first step in a long-term mission to reduce their environmental impact,” says Karra Marino, Vice President, terrapass. “It is extremely encouraging to see such a pledge to environmental and social responsibility, and through their leadership, a corporate beacon for others in the push for a more sustainable future that will benefit people and the planet.”

From individuals to big business, terrapass empowers everyone to take action against climate change with tools that help people understand their carbon footprint, take action to mitigate it, and support carbon offset and renewable energy projects that are working to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.


About Rakuten Kobo Inc.

Rakuten Kobo Inc. is one of the world’s biggest digital booksellers. Owned by Tokyo-based Rakuten Group Inc. and headquartered in Toronto, Rakuten Kobo enables more than 38 million readers worldwide to read anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With a mission to make reading lives better for all, Rakuten Kobo connects readers to stories using thoughtful and personalized curation of eBooks and audiobooks, and the best dedicated eReaders and apps for reading. With the singular focus of making reading lives the best they can be, Kobo’s open platform allows people to fit reading into more moments in their busy lives. To learn more about Rakuten Kobo, visit

About terrapass
Terrapass, a member of Just Energy Group Inc. (“Just Energy”), works towards a more sustainable planet by pursuing solutions to climate change. We support projects throughout North America that destroy greenhouse gases, produce renewable energy and restore freshwater ecosystems. Our products and services provide individuals and businesses with the ability to reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities. Learn more at

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