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    Jumping jellybeans jasper! Lynn not only brought it she waxed the floor with it, dishing up one incredibly tumultuous, rock-my-world rollercoaster, bringing every emotion into play front and center, tugging on those heartstrings and knocking down walls as secrets are confessed, revelations unmasked and promises pledged, propelling this bad boy to new heights. One action packed, hard hitting, heart pounding, pulse racing, adrenaline pumping, nailbiting, jaw dropping, spine tingling dynamo, revving up the exuberance and vigor, exposing the perilous struggles and thrilling triumphs, while attentive to the dangerous twists and wicked turns unfolding, futures are forged and battle lines are drawn, wrapping this jewel up sleek, shiny and tight. Sparks fly as riveting drama, gripping intrigue, underlying currents, escalating danger and electrifying suspense converge, exhibiting the soaring ups and agonizing downs beautiful in it's simplicity and breathtaking in it's depth, blasting this baby to life spectacularly. The characters are complex, genuine and realistic with traits and qualities that balance and blend, with amazing depth and diversity and enough spice to add an extra kick to the mix. Throw in 100% on point realism, raising the stakes with such graphic scenarios that are so colorfully descriptive and vividly detailed its like you're living it with them instead of on the sidelines, feeling everything the characters feel. Remarkable job Lynn, thanks for sharing this awesome little gem with us.

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