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Exclusief bij Kobo
Exclusief bij Kobo
Alle aanbiedingen
Exclusief bij Kobo
  • BACK-UP As far as the world stretches

    Nothing is what it seems

    door Holtes & Sietsma ...
    Serie Boek 1 - BACK-UP
    An exciting thriller, with the necessary action, plot twists and many surprises.Nothing is what it seemsThis story starts in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, where an attack is committed on the life of the director of UNBI (United Bureau of Investigation).He was summoned to testify at the International Criminal Court in the trial of an international criminal organization.As an investigator, ... Meer lezen


  • BACK-UP Bridge in time

    How an encounter put everything in motion ...

    door Holtes & Sietsma ...
    Serie Boek 2 - BACK-UP
    The continuation of an exciting thriller, with the necessary action, plot twists and many surprises.How an encounter put everything in motion ...In the Peace Palace in The Hague Hakon Torstein Eriksson bumps into a mysterious woman.From the moment he tumbles down the stairs of the Peace Palace with her in his arms, he finds mysterious events taking place.Deeply hidden secrets that cause an ... Meer lezen


  • BACK-UP Perspective


    door Holtes & Sietsma ...
    Serie Boek 3 - BACK-UP
    This is the third book of the trilogy BACK-UP.The continuation and the end of an exciting thriller, with the necessary action, plot twists and many surprises.Breaking NewsMany have been looking forward to it for a long time, and at last the time has come, as the press release from the Dutch authoring duo Holtes & Sietsma lands on the door mat of INN's book editors: the long-awaited news that their ... Meer lezen

    € 2,99 of Gratis met Kobo Plus

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  • The Complete Harvesters Series Collection

    A Post-Apocalyptic Alien Invasion Adventure

    door Luke Mitchell ...
    Serie Boek 1 - Bundles by Luke Mitchell
    He just wanted his exosuit back. She was out to save her brother.What they got were bloodthirsty aliens. And maybe the end of the world.Prepare for 1,600+ pages of rip-roaring sci-fi shenanigans..."Extremely entertaining!""This author KNOWS HOW TO WRITE AN ADVENTURE STORY!!""Suspenseful, funny, and compelling.""Sci-fi, dystopia, vampires, Star Wars references, and style. It has it all."... ... Meer lezen

    € 15,99 of Gratis met Kobo Plus

  • The Nia Rivers Adventures Volume One

    door Ines Johnson ...
    Series series a Nia Rivers Adventure
    Journey with Nia Rivers, archaeologist, fashionista, and an ancient immortal with a serious memory problem, as she digs up secrets buried in a past that is not always what we remember.From ninja assassins in the heart of China, to soul-stealing Greek Gods, and less than honorable knights from the round table, Nia kicks up rocks while kicking butt and stealing hearts.Get three full length books in ... Meer lezen

    € 7,99 of Gratis met Kobo Plus

  • Highlands & Islands Detective Thriller Box Set 1

    door G R Jordan ...
    Serie Boek 100.1 - Highlands & Islands Detective Thriller
    Join stalwart DI Macleod and his burgeoning new DC McGrath as they look into the darker side of the stunningly scenic and wilder parts of the north of Scotland. From the Black Isle to Lewis, from Mull to Harris and across to the small Isles, the Uists and Barra, this mismatched pairing follow murders, thieves and vengeful victims in an effort to restore tranquillity to the remoter parts of the ... Meer lezen

    € 5,99 of Gratis met Kobo Plus

  • Godless Creatures

    door Gabriel Blake ...
    Serie Boek 2 - Godless Creatures
    Don’t Talk. Don’t Scream, Don’t Try To Escape.★★★★★ Dark and unexpected★★★★★ Expect the unexpected...such clever writing!★★★★★ Cleverly written, a real page-turner, highly recommend.★★★★★ Great suspense!Three years have passed and life has slowly returned to normal in the aftermath of the tragic events at Sablefall Farm. Elaine and Harper continue to exact their brutal ... ... Meer lezen

    € 1,99 of Gratis met Kobo Plus

  • Conviction

    A Gritty Crime Thriller with a Romantic Suspense Twist

    door Meghan O'Flynn ...
    Serie Boek 3 - Ash Park
    Ready to dive into a dark mystery that will keep you guessing? Conviction is an addictive serial killer thriller with a romantic suspense twist.A wrongful arrest. A killer who wants the credit."An intense and suspenseful murder mystery. It captured me from the first chapter and held me enthralled until the final page." ~Susan Sewell, Reader's Favorite"A white-knuckled thrill ride from first page ... Meer lezen

    € 6,49 of Gratis met Kobo Plus

  • Draconia World Series

    The Complete Urban Fantasy Collection: Twisted Fate, Hatched, Burned, Lost, Reborn

    Over 1,000 pages sure to delight fans of kickass heroine Urban Fantasy with story of lost dragon egg in this special complete collection of five full length novels written by Author Joanna Mazurkiewicz.Dragon Fever will destroy not one world, but two—unless she can atone for the sins of her past to protect the future.Once upon a time, non-magical warden Fran stole a golden dragon egg.Now her only ... Meer lezen

    € 12,91

  • Witchless in Seattle Cozy Mysteries: Books 1-3

    door Dakota Cassidy ...
    Dive into the wacky, paranormal world of ex-witch Stevie Cartwright, her ex-spy ghost Winterbottom, and beloved bat familiar, Belfry as they solve crimes in small town Ebenezer Falls, Washington!This collection includes: Witch Slapped, Quit Your Witchin', DewitchedWitch SlappedHello. My name is Stevie Cartwright, and I've been witchless for thirty days.If only there was a support group for down-on ... Meer lezen

    € 7,49 of Gratis met Kobo Plus

  • Battle Mars - The Complete Series

    door SD Tanner ...
    Series series Battle Mars
    The Complete Battle Mars SeriesThis omnibus edition of the Battle Mars series contains all four books: Genocide, Fallout, Colony and Reboot.Earth is a write off. Let's move to Mars. What could go wrong?Over 80% of life on Earth is stolen in four weeks, leaving 8 billion humans without food, water, or even viable soil. Weather patterns shift causing tornados, raging fires, and rapid freezing. The ... Meer lezen

    € 0,99

  • Nebula Dream Trilogy

    Books 1-3

    door Veronica Scott ...
    Welcome to the story of the greatest interstellar cruise liner disaster of all time (“Titanic in Space” as the Galaxy Express Blog termed it), one small group of survivors and what befell them in later years, as told in three novels. This box set gathers three of Veronica Scott’s award winning science fiction novels into one collection. Please note each novel has been previously published on its ... Meer lezen

    € 7,85 of Gratis met Kobo Plus