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    Secrets Unlocked

    I've always enjoyed amnesia stories and this is a good one! Imagine waking up in a hotel room and the person next to you is dead! This is what happens to "Caroline Johnson"! Of course it isn't her real name but she can't remember what it is so that's what she chooses as her name. She looks around and finds a bucket load of drugs and cash, not to mention when you goes outside, the rental car this dead guy had, has a dead woman in the trunk!!! She knows she has to get out of there fast - but where??? She has a slip of paper in her pocket with a city on it so she heads there. I just can't imagine what I would do in those circumstances! Even when she gets to town, things continue to be crazy & scary! The guy who starts to take interest in her turns out to be a DEA agent - Cole Pierson. Cole knows she has secrets but what are they? Do they pertain to the drug case he's working on? What about the kidnapping case that's haunted this town for 25 years? There's lots of action and mystery and suspense in this book as it wraps up the mystery of the Timberline series. I really enjoyed the outcome and way everything turned out!

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