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    It's a good story

    A puzzling murder mystery to be solved, the real culprit to be caught, and family drama to be dissolved all at the same time is not too tall order for the bounty hunter Cord Maxwell. If only his aging friend wouldn't get seriously ill, he could solve the financial problems his having, find his niece and not fall for his childhood crush who happens to be in his guest room hiding from the world, he could get his work done. Piper and Cord have a great chemistry and their connection goes way back to their childhood at the Colton ranch. Either of their childhood memories isn't all that sweet, except those shy moments they had with each other. The relationship between them is natural and easy, they boast with honesty and deliver it as well. I liked both them, the calm of their relationship was serene. The Coltons I find rather high-handed and highly annoying. I understand that in some parts of the world the class system is still alive and in practice, but I have a hard time understanding or even accepting it in the western world. Each for its own, of course, but I didn't care for their attitude. The story is good, there's little excitement about it. The mysteries are solved with few steps, the ones that are solved. The family problems with Cord were gone with a snap, the Coltons are, of corse, a different matter. Piper and Cord find a tune and their way as long as they stay focused on each other and not listening to the outside influences. It is a good, nice story, a low-key tale with little romance, little mystery, drama, living and loving, all in a small town Texas ~ Three Spoons

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