Only registered users of the Kobo website can purchase device(s) online. You will be charged the total amount of your order (plus any applicable taxes or shipping and handling charges) to the credit card provided. Kobo accepts payment only by Visa or MasterCard.

Online purchases may not exceed $650 USD. You may not cancel your order once it has been received by Kobo.

Order Status:

Kobo will confirm your purchase by emailing you an electronic receipt that outlines the details of your order and your order identification number. A second email will be sent to you confirming that payment has been made to Kobo, and that your credit card has been charged accordingly. Once your order leaves Kobo’s warehouse, Kobo will send you a third email with details as to how to track the delivery of your order.

For any questions or concerns with regards to your purchase or its delivery, please contact help@kobobooks.com.


For any purchase that is $79 USD or higher, before taxes, the cost of standard delivery will be paid by Kobo.

Your order will usually be delivered to you within 10 to 14 days of the date of purchase. All deliveries will be made by standard ground transportation.

If a device cannot be delivered due to inaccurate or incomplete delivery information provided by you, then the device will be returned to Kobo and you will be charged for all delivery charges incurred.


If you are dissatisfied with your device for any reason, you have thirty (30) days after the date of purchase to return the device to Kobo. All delivery charges required to return the device are at your expense. Upon receipt of the returned device, Kobo will refund the cost of the device to the credit card charged at the time of purchase, less any applicable delivery charges.

Warranty & Help

If you encounter problems with your device, please contact Kobo’s Customer Care centre to resolve the issue (1-855-732-3662 or //www.kobo.com/help). If, within the warranty period, the issue cannot be resolved, you may exchange your defective device in accordance with Kobo’s warranty. Kobo will require a copy of your receipt if you make a warranty claim for your device.

Warranty information can be found at //www.kobo.com/userguides