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  • Zombie Fallout 16: Hiraeth

    by Mark Tufo

    Hiraeth: A feeling of longing for a home that no longer exists or for one that never was. Mike and the crew fight for their right to survive, to carve out a new home, even though Mike cannot help but carry with him all the group has lost. He now wonders if he can continue to sacrifice his own for the sake of others. Terrifying new monsters are born amid the chaos, do our heroes have the will and ... Read more

    35,45 TL

  • Zamanda Yolculuk

    Her Şeyin Başlangıcı - Netflix - Dark - Eine Reise durch die Zeit: A Journey through time

    by H. G. Tannhaus

    series Dark Series #1
    “Zamanın doğrusal olduğuna güveniriz. Muntazam şekilde ebediyen ilerlediğini düşünürüz. Sonsuza dek. Ancak geçmiş, şu an ve gelecek arasındaki fark illüzyondan başka bir şey değildir. Dün, bugün ve yarın peş peşe gelmez. Sonsuz bir döngü halinde birbirlerine bağlıdırlar. Her şey birbirine bağlıdır... Hayat bir labirenttir. Bazı insanlar hayatlarını bir çıkış yolu arayarak geçirirler. Ama tek yol ... Read more

    39,25 TL

  • Solarpunk: Ecological and Fantastical Stories in a Sustainable World

    by Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro and 9 more

    Imagine a sustainable world, run on clean and renewable energies that are less aggressive to the environment. Now imagine humanity under the impact of these changes. This is the premise Brazilian editor Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro proposed, and these authors took the challenge to envision hopeful futures and alternate histories. The stories in this anthology explore terrorism against green corporations, ... Read more

    45,54 TL

  • The Rule of Luck

    A Science Fiction Romance

    by Catherine Cerveny

    series A Felicia Sevigny Novel #1
    The first in a steamy science fiction adventure series featuring a Brazilian tarot card reader and a Russian crime lord.Year 2950. Humanity has survived devastating climate shifts and four world wars, coming out stronger and smarter than ever. Advanced technology is available to all, and enhancements to appearance, intelligence, and physical ability are commonplace.In this future, Felicia Sevigny ... Read more

    7,58 TL

  • The Institute

    by Stephen King

    'It does everything you'd expect of a masterpiece - and it is one' Sunday Express'Hums and crackles with delicious unease' Independent'Captivating' The Sunday Times'An absorbing thriller' Mail on SundayNO ONE HAS EVER ESCAPED FROM THE INSTITUTE.<... ... Read more

    90,38 TL

  • The Consuming Fire

    by John Scalzi

    series The Interdependency #2
    New York Times Best SellerUSA Today Best Sellerio9's New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books You Need to Put On Your Radar This Fall**Kirkus' SF/F Books to Watch Out for in 2018Popular Mechanics Best Books of 2018 (So Far)Goodreads' Most Anticipated Fantasy and Science Fiction BooksThe Consuming Fire**—the New York Times and USA Today bestselling sequel to the 2018 Hugo Award Best... ... Read more

    69,84 TL

  • Revan: Star Wars Legends (The Old Republic)

    by Drew Karpyshyn

    series Star Wars: The Old Republic - Legends #1
    There’s something out there:a juggernaut of evil bearing down to crush the Republic—unless one lone Jedi, shunned and reviled, can stop it.Revan: hero, traitor, conqueror, villain, savior. A Jedi who left Coruscant to defeat Mandalorians—and returned a disciple of the dark side, bent on destroying the Republic. The Jedi Council gave Revan his life back, but the price of redemption was high. His ... Read more

    34,41 TL

  • The Last Emperox

    by John Scalzi

    series The Interdependency
    The Last Emperox is the explosive conclusion to John Scalzi’s Interdependency series.Can they escape the end of an empire?Entire star systems, and billions of people, are about to be stranded. The pathways that link the stars are collapsing faster than anyone expected, accelerating the fall of civilization. But though the evidence is insurmountable, many are in denial. And some even attempt to ... Read more

    93,33 TL

  • Nazi Moonbase

    by Graeme Davis and 1 more

    series Dark Osprey
    In the dying days of World War II, Nazi Germany spent increasingly large amounts of its dwindling manufacturing capability on the construction of a small fleet of flying saucers capable of travel beyond the atmosphere. While these saucers were too few in number to affect the eventual outcome of the war, they did allow for a small, but fanatical Nazi group to escape Germany, first to Antarctica, ... Read more

    111,73 TL

  • Tanrı'nın Işıkları

    Çöl'de Başlayan Hikaye

    by Murat Ukray

    series Kıyamet Gerçekliği Külliyatı #13
    Dünya'nın en büyük ve en korkunç Sırrı'nı öğrenmeye hazır mısınız?"Musa, bir gün Çöl'de çok ilginç bir şey gördü.""Ateş topu gibi bir Çalı sürekli yanıyor, ama yanıp bitmiyordu.."(Kutsal Kitap, Mısırdan Çıkış, 3)Arkeolog John Smith, 2036 yılında İtalya'nın antik Pompei kentinde çok ilginç, Antik Roma döneminden kalma, 2000 yıllık bir gümüş sikke bulur. Üzerinde garip figürler ve Roma rakamıy... ... Read more


  • Viyana Gökleri

    by Mehmet Kardaş

    Osmanlı'nın hava gemilerine sahip olduğu alternatif bir geçmişte, donanmanın en özel hava gemisi Bulut, II. Viyana Kuşatması'nın kaderini değiştirebilmek için göreve çıkar. ... Read more


  • The Legacy Human

    by Susan Kaye Quinn

    series Singularity Series #1
    What would you give to live forever? Elijah Brighton wants to become an ascender—a post-Singularity human/machine hybrid—after all, they’re smarter, more enlightened, more compassionate, and above all, achingly beautiful. But Eli is a legacy human, preserved and cherished for his unaltered genetic code, just like the rainforest he paints. When a fugue state possesses him and creates great art, Eli ... Read more


  • The Breakers Series: Books 1-3

    by Edward W. Robertson

    series Breakers
    In the Breakers series, humanity faces not one apocalypse, but two: first a lethal pandemic, then a war against those who made the virus. This collection includes the first three books and is over 1000 pages (350,000 words) of post-apocalyptic survival.BREAKERS (Book 1)In New York, Walt Lawson is about to lose his girlfriend Vanessa. In Los Angeles, Raymond and Mia James are about to lose their ... Read more


  • Qualify

    by Vera Nazarian

    series The Atlantis Grail
    The Atlantis Grail has been optioned for development as a feature film series and/or TV series.* * *You have two options. You die, or you Qualify.The year is 2047. An extinction-level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help.But there's a catch.They can only take a ti... ... Read more


  • Quantum Tangle

    by Chris Reher

    series Targon Tales - Sethran #1
    Dropping out of sub-space into the wrong galactic sector, Sethran Kada wakes up with a headache and an extraordinary alien aboard his ship. She implores him to help stop the abductions of her people, a newly evolved species emerging from sub-space. Their dangerous potential has caught the attention of rebel factions as well as the ruling Commonwealth. When contact with her kind turns pilots into ... Read more


  • A Game of Thrones

    A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One

    by George R. R. Martin

    series A Song of Ice and Fire #1
    NOW THE ACCLAIMED HBO SERIES GAME OF THRONES—THE MASTERPIECE THAT BECAME A CULTURAL PHENOMENONWinter is coming. Such is the stern motto of House Stark, the northernmost of the fiefdoms that owe allegiance to King Robert Baratheon in far-off King’s Landing. There Eddard Stark of Winterfell rules in Robert’s name. There his family dwells in peace and comfort: his proud wife, Catelyn; his sons Robb, ... Read more

    79,40 TL

  • The Superhero's Test

    by Lucas Flint

    series The Superhero's Son #1
    Seventeen-year-old Kevin Jason starts his first day at his new school by unintentionally punching the local bully through the cafeteria wall. When Kevin's father, a legendary superhero, learns of this, he insists on training Kevin to master his new powers, though Kevin finds his father's training methods a lot less exciting than he thought they were going to be.But Kevin's training takes on new ... Read more


  • Fall to Earth

    by Ken Britz

    series Pillars of Fire and Light Sci-Fi #1
    A desperate athlete. A super-soldier experiment. Will cutting-edge technology change the world or destroy it? Indiana Beckham’s lifelong goal has just been cut down. Banned from competing in Olympic fencing, she jumps at the chance to join a research project that could make her the best. But to unlock the promise of her unlimited potential, Indiana must endure a risky, life-altering transformation ... Read more


  • Transmission (The Invasion Chronicles—Book One): A Science Fiction Thriller

    by Morgan Rice

    series The Invasion Chronicles #1
    “TRANSMISSION is riveting, unexpected, and firmly rooted in strong psychological profiles backed with thriller and sci-fi elements: what more could readers wish for? (Just the quick publication of Book Two, Arrival.)”--Midwest Book ReviewFrom #1 worldwide bestselling fantasy author Morgan Rice comes a long-anticipated science fiction series debut. When SETI finally receives a signal from an alien ... Read more


  • The Martian

    A Novel

    by Andy Weir

    Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American ReadSix days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars.Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there.After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he ... Read more

    84,83 TL

  • The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Five Novels in One Outrageous Volume

    by Douglas Adams

    series Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    In one complete volume, here are the five classic novels from Douglas Adams’s beloved Hitchhiker series.The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read)Seconds before the Earth is demolished for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is saved by Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised Guide. Together they stick out their thumbs to ... Read more

    115,86 TL

  • Contributor

    by Nicole Ciacchella

    series Contributor #1
    Book 1 of the ya dystopian/ya post apocalyptic Contributor trilogy.When the Great Famine brought the world to the brink of an apocalypse, threatening mankind's existence, the Creators saved humanity. Humanity has been their loyal subject ever since.This history has been ingrained in seventeen-year-old Dara Morrow since her first day of Creator-sponsored school. Grateful for the life-giving ... Read more


  • Genesis Code

    Dystopian Science Fiction

    by Eliza Green

    series Genesis #1
    *NEW EDITION 2020* First an alien species emerged from the shadows. Then his wife disappeared...Bill Taggart is done following the rules. After losing his wife and last shred of happiness on humanity’s new utopia, the jaded investigator focuses on the hostile alien race living there. Sent to observe them before a population transfer from a ravaged Earth, Bill hopes to find a clue to explain his ... Read more


  • Apocalypse

    by Kyle West

    series The Wasteland Chronicles #1
    A world-ending meteor. An invasion of monsters. A desperate fight for survival...Alex Keener has lived all of his sixteen years in Bunker 108. He's walked the same metal halls, seen the same faces, has followed the same rules. But everything changes when a viral outbreak forces him to flee the safety of his bunker.Outside, he discovers a barren world twisted by the impact of Ragnarok. Alone, he ... Read more