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    Make new friends

    The true test of people comes from tragedy. Some may think it is a cliché but I happen to have lived and seen this be true. Candis Terry shows us the true character of the Kincade family in her new series A Sunshine Creek Vineyard. In the first book A Better Man we meet Jordan Kincade, a hockey pro close to winning the Stanly Cup with his team. It is something he has worked for all his life, putting everything including his family, on the back burner. Until the unthinkable happens and he is needed back at home, back with the family he feels like an outsider with. Jordan is determined to fix this, and repair the relationship he doesn’t have with his little sister. He knows his hockey team will need him but his family is more important. Lucy Diamond loves being a teacher; she just wishes she could help her high school students more. Especially Nicole Kincade, the poor girl was suffering in her personal life and Lucy knew it was more than that too. Yes her whole family had suffered a big blow, but Nicole had been doing poorly even before that. Lucy wants to help anyway she can, even if it means putting up with the man that caused her heartache. Jordan and Lucy knew each other from high school, though she tries to hide that fact from Jordan. She doesn’t want to re-live it. I loved Lucy and Jordan, the fact that he does remember her and sees her with new eyes. Candis writes this romance with finesse that in sweet and hot all rolled into one. Lucy is a woman I can relate to, she sees herself as ordinary, not ugly or undesirable, just not the model types Jordan normally dates. I enjoyed the ways Jordan steps up and shows her what he sees when he looks at her. Helping her build her self-confidence and become the women she is on the inside. Watching Lucy grow and bloom was so much fun! Jordan doesn’t have it easy though, he is balancing so much that he struggles not to drop anything or anyone. A choice does have to be made though and you will be surprised how this story ends. Will Jordan go back to hockey; he does have a contract on the line. Or will he choose to stay with his family and continue to mend fences and the wine vineyard? It is a fun, emotional ride you will LOVE! Grab your copy NOW, and curl up for a great evening with new friends.
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    Love The Kincaid Family!!

    I was so excited that the day finally arrived to read the new series, Sunshine Creek by Candis Terry. I'm already in love with this small town and the Kincaid family. A second chance romance between hockey player, Jordan and school teacher, Lucy. Lucy was Jordan's tutor in high school, whom he stood up for senior prom. Jordan returns home after a family tragedy, only to find out Lucy is youngest sister, Nicole's teacher. Jordan has his hands full with his team, rebellious Nicole, the family winery and proving his love to Lucy. Loved the family dynamics, Jordan really stepped up to be Nicole's brother. The chemistry between Lucy and Jordan is hot along with great banter. Jordan is so patient with Nicole and Lucy. Can't wait for more of the Kincaid brothers. I highly recommend this book!!
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    Sure to be a great series!

    This story was so much fun to read. I found it impossible to put down once I started. Jordan and Lucy knew each other in high school, and after he asks her to a dance and never shows, Lucy picks up and moves on with her life. She becomes a teacher and when Jordan's little sister becomes a sullen, angst-ridden teen, Lucy contacts her brother for a conference, but the brother she wasn't expecting appears. Jordan had left his home behind for his NHL career and had not been around much, turning his sister into a brat in his presence. There ends up being quite a few layers to the story to keep your attention. Jordan is pretty yummy, even if at times he does a few bone-headed things. You still cheer for him to do right by his family and Lucy. His NHL career really makes him even yummier; I cannot resist a man in a hockey uniform. Lucy is a character you just want to be your best friend. It's obvious she cares deeply for those in her life. She is the teacher that you wish all of your high school teachers had been, so caring of her students and their well being. There is great chemistry and an interesting story. If you like contemporary romance, you should enjoy this tale. I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

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