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    To Love Again

    Three novellas of finding love again, after deceit and betrayal. These stories will take you to Paris and Rome, don't you always find love again in those towns. These are short stories but packed full of romance and emotions. I highly recommend this book to all romance readers!
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    Communication gone awry

    All three stories had an underlying theme of an inability to communicate openly and honestly with one another and what that can do to a relationship. If each of the three couples had actually communicated to begin with, these stories may well have been significantly different. These stories bring that theme to the forefront so that we all remember to communicate with our loved ones. CAUGHT OFF GUARD I really enjoyed this story. Riley has been wronged by his wife and he cannot forgive her for her infidelity. Jillian has taken time away after her transgression to self-reflect and find out what drove her to such actions. Before their divorce is final, Jillian returns home with the knowledge and insight into her actions. She knows she still loves her husband and is giving it one last shot to keep her marriage. Now Riley is going to have to search within himself to figure out if his love for his wife can allow him to forgive her. Both parties grow as people and learn that forgiveness must come from within first, before they can forgive each other. I truly loved the wise Mick Sullivan….we should all have a grandfather like him. OPPOSITES ATTRACT Of the three stories, this is the one that left me most unsatisfied, not with the story but with the flow. I suspect I just wanted more of a story and in this short story format, it was not possible. I felt that the flow between time periods within the story a wee bit clunky. Now having said that, I really enjoyed the story, even if at times wanted to shake Jade (and on the rare occasion Molly). When the story begins, we meet Molly (Jillian’s sister from the previous story) and Jase (best friends with Riley). Six weeks previously, Molly and Jase broke up from their short romantic relationship. The biggest reason (at least as far as I see it) is that Jase is inflexible. His upbringing as a minister’s kid instilled the need for an orderly existence, the importance of control and appearances. And Molly is a free spirit, was not what Jase envisioned as a life partner for himself. There were lots of ups and downs and misunderstandings. Luckily for them, Molly’s best friend, Logan, was able to provide “assistance” (unbeknownst to Molly or Jase) and second chances were forthcoming. AN IMPOSSIBLE MISSION In this third story, we see Logan Kane as the main protagonist along with his past amour Bella Sachetti. An Impossible Mission had another story line in addition to the romantic entanglement between Logan and Bella that added a different dimension to this story as compared to the other two. I liked the fact that even though there was animosity after their break up, they acted professionally and still worked together for The Organization, a black-ops group. This then of course afforded the time together to look at and discuss why they did not work. Once again, a good friend (Molly returning the favor), provided an “assist” which helped the two realize that true love can triumph for a happily ever after. This is the second book I have ready by Ms. Shay and I must say, I am impressed with her approach to storytelling. The characters feel real, the problems and struggles are real and the resolutions are heartwarming. *I would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*
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    Could not put down until the end.

    Give a little hope, show some understanding and coat it with love. That is the message of A Love So Strong by Kathryn Shay. Caught Off Guard (Riley Sullivan and Jillian Kimball)- Healing and understanding pave the way for forgiveness and new beginnings. Will pride and anger be the deciding factor for this troubled couple? Opposites Attract (Jase McKay and Molly Sullivan) - The power to overcome the insurmountable can lead to something extraordinary. Will Jase finally see that he is worthy of being loved before he throws away his own happiness? Impossible Mission (Logan Kane and Belle Sachetti) - A tale of redemption, laced with an intriguing romance. Can Logan forgive the woman who broke his heart before it's too late? A Love So Strong is an anthology that was thought out. The intricately woven stories mesh so well together that I forgot I was reading more than one. The vital element in every story is the power of love. Is it strong enough to mend fences. Complicated but well written stories of wisdom that are realistic but uplifting as well. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Could not put down until the end.

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