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  • 6 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    6 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    6 / 6 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    My favorite office romance!

    While calling her best friend, Jules, so she can save her from an horrific blind date, Reese's phone call is overheard by Chase. He berates her for what she's doing but Reese walks away from him. Reese goes back to her date while Chase goes back to his. However, they can't keep their eyes from each other. Chase decides to approach Reese and her date, and Reese's night totally changes. At the end of the night, Reese, Chase and their dates go their own ways. Reese believes that she'll never meet Chase again, but when she least expects it, their paths cross again: Chase is her new boss! I loved Bossman! The story hooked me from the first page and took me in a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It has lots of laughter, lots of sexy scenes, and a little bit of drama and angst. This book has everything! I really loved the bantering between Reese and Chase! And their sexual chemistry... of the charts! And the epilogue! Amazing!!! Reese is a very strong and independent woman. She is sassy and fierce, but also very sweet and kind. She knows what she wants and will fight for it. At first, she doesn't want to have a personal relationship with Chase. She got burned in the past because of an office relationship and that cost her job. But soon she realizes that Chase is who she wants. Chase is your typical playboy: he has the looks, the attitude and the wealth. He only has one night stands. But that changes when he meets Reese. He is so sweet and persistent, but also very protective and possessive. He made me swoon! Once again, Vi Keeland gives us an incredible book with an amazing story and awesome characters. Her writing style is flawless and you'll easily connect with the story and the characters. This is now my favorite office romance!
  • 5 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    5 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    5 / 5 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    The perfect balance of humor and romance

    This book had the perfect balance of humor and romance. The chemistry between Chase and Reese had me hooked from the very beginning. I loved their playful banter and the flirty (and dirty) innuendo between them. It was a bit of a slow burn for them to take their relationship to the next level, but it was the perfect build-up for me and really helped develop the characters and get me invested in them. It also made the ending all the more enjoyable and sweet. Chase was a huge reason (if not the reason) for why I enjoyed this book so much. His dialogue was hilarious and sexy. His little "stories" had me giggling and smiling like a fool while reading this book. I was definitely rooting for him and Reese and I liked how his past was slowly revealed. *SPOILER* Sadly, Chase is also the reason why this isn't a 5 star read for me. In general, I'm not a fan of the dead ex storyline, and I felt that it was a little over the top in this book. The whole revelation about the origin of the murder weapon and then Chase's guarding/stalking of Reese's apartment was melodramatic. I understand there needed to be a deeply emotional/traumatic event in his past to explain his current situation, but it still felt like too much. Overall, this was a fantastically fun and sexy read that I could not put down. Having to look at the cover wasn't terrible either ;) It's the first book that I've read by Vi Keeland, but I'm sure it won't be my last.
  • 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!


    A new to me author. The plot line of this story ran the whole gamut of emotions. Qwirky, funny, sad, serious, in love, happy with steamy romance thrown in. Love the character and hope others will get a story. Would read more
  • 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    Loved this office romance

    Reese and Chase are two incredibly likeable characters. Lots of humour, great sex and a fab storyline. Whether you're a fan of office romance or not I promise you'll love this book! Has a HEA.
  • 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    4.25 stars-Bossman by Vi Keeland

    4.25 stars-- BOSSMAN is the first installment in Vi Keeland’s adult, contemporary Dirty Office erotic, romance series This is business entrepreneur Chase Parker, and advertising and promotions executive Reese Annesley’s story line Told from dual first person perspectives (Chase and Reese) using present day and memories from the past, BOSSMAN looks at the forbidden relationship between Chase Parker and Reese Annesley. Reese is desperate to escape her current employer-a failed office ‘romance’, and being overlooked for promotion meant Reese was on the fast track, going nowhere. An accidental meeting at a local bar with Chase Parker found our heroine on the receiving end of a night filled with stories and sexual attraction leading Reese to an interview and the possibility of a new job at Parker’s company. What ensues is the forbidden relationship between boss and employee, and Chase’s struggle to let go of the past. Both Reese and Chase have suffered tragedy in their pasts. Reese’s inability to feel safe is a reminder of what happened years before; Chase’s guilt and grief prevent our story line hero from moving forward in his personal life-in this, Chase begins to push Reese away but not before breaking her heart one last time. The attraction and chemistry between Chase and Reese is immediate and palpable but our couple are at odds about what they want going into the future. Chase owns the company for which Reese works, and Reese has already suffered through a failed, office fling. There is plenty of sexual banter and sinful innuendo, and of course the requisite curious concerns when Reese’s fellow employees become aware of her office romance with the bossman. The $ex scenes are intimate, sexy and seductive. We are introduced to several secondary and supporting characters including Reese’s best friend Jules, her brother Owen, and a number of employees at Parker Industries. Samantha Richmond, Chase’s best friend since childhood, is a font of information about Chase’s past; and Reese’s immediate boss Josh Lange has too many concerns about Reese’s relationship with the company owner. BOSSMAN is a fun and sexy read. There are moments of heartbreak and sorrow when Chase’s past becomes his present. The angst is grounded in grief and guilt-an emotion Chase has a difficult time letting go. The premise is entertaining, thoughtful and humorous; the characters are animated, lively and real; the romance is steamy and provocative. BOSSMAN is a wonderful summer read for a lazy afternoon – beside the pool or in bed with your own ‘boss man’.

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